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please refer Mirai if you join!

✩✩✩ to trade: please comment or send me an e-mail at x.mir4i@gmail.com

>> player info
player name; Mirai
join date; April 28th, 2015
current level; master
card count; 2477
next level at; 2501

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forgemasters02, braves02, hinamizawa19, vongola14, labyrinth06,
oaktree13, alrevis12, reaching106, ab12, kanto118

< #2 >

labyrinth04, monsterhigh22, falling11, insummer20, jewel08,
spyrix05, palladium11, blastia11, highjump215, nonary11

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none right now! x96 x73
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February 17th, 2016
Warped: kingdoms10, mooncell22, preciousstone14, stepbrothers103
Who Drew: carnelian119, dresspheres14, lily215
Relationships: carnelian204, greatking04, memoria05
Re-Cover: oneyearwar15, 1 coupon
So Vain: captive16, hunterexam01, thevirgin07
Trivia: ambition105, blackpearl21, blancetnoir24
Puzzle: perfect05, reaching115, thevirgin24
Freebies: mvpbattle121, sixstars24, insignia07, storyeater105
Slots (2 matches): onevoice16, oni09
War (Win): ikuramoto07, tinkerbell203
Pickpocket: blackmail17, bookofpictures321, clones123
Lottery: pose220
Patron Bonus: checkmate08, 1 coupon, 1 Fame / spyrix05
Update freebies: perceive02, hitsuzen114 / 1 Fame / reaching106
New decks: poison13, sixthsense07, captive05, garnet17, lovers23, horologium111, horologium219
Mini Mastery: pact01, nostalgia14, pandora212, lcie125, void105, 1 Fame, custom badge
Trade with Amber: my thevirgin01, perceive16 for fiore219, gaisokyu202

February 4th, 2016
Mastered captivehearts: hitsuzen122, hitsuzen125, graph01, huke19, detective106, 1 Fame
Mastered bladechildren: captivehearts10, captivehearts18, vivid21, konpeito01, nightdwellers122, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 2 coupons for bladechildren19, captivehearts19
Star (purple): deathlines15, eternal07, ruckus109, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: alicegame102, attribute02
Fallen Phrases: crossroad10, lucifer11, marriage24, nightmare125, unwound10, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): hoenn217, lookingglass11, sixteen11, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: behelit08, happiness17
Puzzle Series: shikonjewel115, unwound13
Puzzle Series: cosmic10, dhampir23
Puzzle Series: madoka24, seven16
Freebies: ab08, igura211, lostcanvas07, outbreak03
Freebies: exorcists204, highjump101, fourknights06, venus20
Slots (2 matches): diabolical13, jewel19
War (Ace): reaching209, redhair19, 1 coupon
Pickpocket: kaiden107, lucius05
Lottery: musashi17, onewish02
Patron Bonus: zero10, 1 coupon, 1 Fame / highjump215
New decks: nightdwellers104, nightdwellers223, classmates10, outbreak17, fourknights14, lostcanvas25, venus23
Wish freebies: perceive20, captivehearts16 / 5 Fame

January 30th, 2016
Trade with LiCobra: my artificial116, artificial119, vampirehunter08, umbrella05, umbrella06, umbrella11 for butler122, happiness07, nirvana01, northside08, onewish16, pirates209
Autograph Book: weather05, hoenn103, fantasia18, 1 Fame

January 27th, 2016
Mastered royalguard: bladechildren09, bladechildren21, johto210, millennium13, bookofpictures102, 1 Fame
Mastered hitsuzen2: royalguard04, royalguard16, pirates406, fourdragons22, god21, 1 Fame
Mastered flowers: hitsuzen218, royalguard09, ab24, bellone210, romantic207, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 4 coupons for flowers07, flowers18, hitsuzen206, hitsuzen216
Cursed Cards (end): journey210, shiru21, stepbrothers209, 3 coupons, 5 Fame
Cursed Cards A: kronosheaven07, mgn22, unlucky205
Cursed Cards B: sweetdreams14, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: ashiato25, checkmate20, musashi09
Cursed Cards B: divinemove107, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: redhair11, stepbrothers108, stride125
Cursed Cards B: cradle12, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: elsior123, sinners23, watase10
Cursed Cards B: titans02, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: fiore217, icecold20, void224
Cursed Cards B: falselove14, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: mayonaka20, mvpbattle209, truehistory07
Cursed Cards B: ronin09, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: hoenn122, maigo113, nightmare224
Cursed Cards B: pirates208, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: loveworks02, samurai122, sevenstars225
Cursed Cards B: diabolical14, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: fantasia15, juliet11, sapphire13
Cursed Cards B: elemental03, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: bamboo22, oneyearwar13, spira20
Cursed Cards B: void111, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: ashiato04, diplomat220, dokidoki20
Cursed Cards B: ephinea25, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: blastia01, millennium08, sevencolors15
Cursed Cards B: andhesaid16, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: eorzea117, fruit218, nonary12
Freebies: pandora214, reaching108, dusksea15, vampirehunter16
Freebies: goddess207, voice01, shaman03, shaman21
Slots (2 matches): foodwars10, pirates204
War (Win): unlucky119, vampirehunter01
Pickpocket: journey210, undine124
Lottery: kanto406, pact17
Patron Bonus: unlucky122, 1 coupon, 1 Fame / monsterhigh22
Update freebies: kanto118 / bladechildren16, flowers23, hitsuzen224, royalguard01, dragonkings09

January 26th, 2016
Trade with Suuhime: my alicegame105, alicegame222, astraeahill08, keyblade11, marriage04, marriage21, oddsandends108, oddsandends111, sweetdreams14, undine107, undine121 for brs19, dragonkings25, feathers121, magi106, magi121, onewish09, onewish21, perceive14, rebellion01, roseprincess08, spring01 + membercards
Trade with Natsu: my foodwars08, loveme109, loveme120 for brs02, royalguard20, southside10 + membercards
Trade with Gosia: my goddess118, goddess121, goddess201, goddess203, goddess215, exorcists118, exorcists214, hagoromo04, hagoromo19, kronosheaven04, lotiswords12, monado108, pirates222, ronin08, shikonjewel204 for dragonkings02, dragonkings17, dragons17, feathers214, northside14, onmyouji205, silvereyed08, silvereyed16, southside25, spring03, spring07, spring23, spring25, wonderland08, yumeno209 + membercards
Trade with Nejana: my curse113, eorzea118, eorzea122, eorzea201, eorzea208, fourgods16, fourgods18, goddess223, hayagami04, hayagami09, pampuru05, renewal09 for brs15, dragonkings03, dragons14, feathers108, feathers218, flowers04, flowers22, happiness19, onewish18, perceive21, southside22, spring08 + membercards
Trade with Jaga: my persocom09, phantomthief17 for dragons18, pact09 + membercards
Trade with Mimi: my darkhour119, etoile08, planets09, planets12, planets15, planets17 for my clover08, flowers03, jellyfish02, persocom13, persocom25, yumeno117 + membercards
Trade with Deanna: my falselove12, falselove21, noa18, monsterhigh01 for feathers212, flowers14, magickiss01, magickiss05 + membercards
Trade with Fin: my ouroboros18, ouroboros19, ouroboros20, sasshi14, sasshi15, seven24, seven25, spira02, spira04 for cephiro204, cephiro224, flowers25, happiness20, northside05, onewish05, shito104, southside17, zero10 + membercards
Trade with Crystal: my alicegame218, alicegame225, crusnik117, crusnik205 for dragons06, magickiss04, magickiss24, onewish03 + membercards

January 21st, 2016
Freebies: clow112, falling08, shaman10, vampirehunter08
Slots (2 matches): blackpearl14, undine107
War (Win): sasshi11, southside24
Pickpocket: divinemove114, sparrow24
Lottery: kazuaki119, norn101
Patron Bonus: vampirekiller13, 1 coupon, 1 Fame / blastia11

January 16th, 2016
Freebies: aya02, pieces105, kronosheaven04, oddjobs121
Slots (2 matches): magicviolin19, schoollife12
War (Lose): ladybug08
Pickpocket: alrevis04, strongwill03
Lottery: sapphire14, vampirekiller05
Patron Bonus: lesson16, 1 coupon, 1 Fame / nonary11
Trade with Kaz: my darkhour211, darkhour218, dreamworld108, dreamworld122, dreamworld212, dungeon07, nightmare210, pieta05 for bladechildren04, bladechildren06, brs21, huke13, pirates221, pirates225, rebound106, spring09

January 12th, 2016
Freebies: memoria19, schoollife12, oddjobs209, shaman07
Slots (2 matches): contractkiss06, keyblade11
War (Ace): dollars22, repeat123, 1 coupon
Pickpocket: playgirl22, sern117
Lottery: gaisokyu109, vongola18
Patron Bonus: forgemasters11, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Mini Mastery: exorcists118, whiterose05, lotiswords12, hayagami04, keigarou14, 1 Fame, custom badge
Trade with Hotaru: my hoenn306, kronosheaven21 for captivehearts03, captivehearts12

January 4th, 2016
Recycle Bin: captivehearts15, feathers122, palladium11
Star (purple): dance23, moonprincess04, dokidoki03, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: girlfriend25, glasses22
Fallen Phrases: artificial221, darkfate04, girlinthesky15, void113, wisewolf12, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): humanflesh08, shoujo09, stepbrothers201, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: onevoice04, stepbrothers214
Puzzle Series: fonons13, memoryofjade104
Puzzle Series: deathscythe01, ruckus212
Puzzle Series: johto113, magitek18
Freebies: sern112, thebelow24, kronosheaven21, oddjobs210
Slots (2 matches): onewish10, sweetdreams15
War (Win): clover07, oddsandends108
Pickpocket: darkhour211, deathscythe16
Lottery: clover12
Patron Bonus: revolution205, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: flowers06, hitsuzen117, royalguard19 / hitsuzen210, captivehearts02, bladechildren15 / whiterose19, exile117, innocent19, sapphire12, lcie214, clover16, amaterasu15, seven24, mistletoe14, nightmare123, hoenn306, elsior121
Update freebies: oddjobs101, oddjobs222, shaman08, watase23, kronosheaven07
Trade with Amber: my samurai102, alicegame107 for bladechildren01, braves04

December 27th, 2015
Warped: goldenwitch12, hoenn206, planeptune106, tinkerbell113
Who Drew: happiness02, knightsofiris07, zodiac21
Relationships: buffclan20, huke08, memoryofjade220
Re-Cover: armband06, 1 coupon
So Vain: adamandeve01, leamonde03, sotano24
Puzzle: gamers17, reiatsu17, tinkerbell220
Freebies: bodyguards107, flowertown11, stride103, stride204
Slots (3 matches): einherjar08, moonprincess15, sixteen17, 1 coupon
War (Win): icecold12, pieta05
Pickpocket: darkhour218, glasses13
Lottery: neotokyo19, remnants13
Patron Bonus: poyoyon10, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: 2 Fame / captivehearts04, flowers09, royalguard18 / hitsuzen112, hitsuzen225 / feathers224, shito101
Update freebies: hayagami09, futurediary04, magickiss07
Trade with Hotaru: my keyblade07, keyblade13, mayutan15, romance08 for royalguard10, ab01, braves13, butler104
Trade with LiCobra: my ambition104, flowertown04, flowertown10 for brs17, dragonkings08, flowers01 + membercards
Trade with Kaz: my darkhour208, feathers202, parasite122 for royalguard14, captivehearts24, dragons16

December 20th, 2015
Mini Mastery: persocom24, marriage21, sparrow17, johto311, artificial117, 1 Fame, custom badge
No Template: alchemy12, hydeland204, neotokyo23
Lost Brush: bodyguards210, curious25, goddess223, resonance12
Police Report: hagoromo19, heartegg210, juliet21
Soundtrack: bookofpictures116, loveme109, 1 coupon
Voices: fiore117, mindbreaker14, witches12
Game World: bamboo08, curse120, thevirgin01
Novel-ty Game: fruit213, rivalworkshops24, undine121
Freebies: inautumn08, letsrock11, bamboo20, flowertown10
Slots (2 matches): darkhour119, igura224
War (Win): bookofpictures219, sotano06
Pickpocket: kymg13, orion19, quartetnight04
Lottery: hostclub120, pose224
Patron Bonus: moondreams206, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: flowers12, hitsuzen120 / bladechildren17, captivehearts11, royalguard08
Update freebies: bamboo06, diplomat109, diplomat221, sweepers20, alchemy24, flowertown04

December 12th, 2015
Mastered battledoll: hitsuzen214, hitsuzen219, traceon121, sparrow24, umbrella10, 1 Fame
Mastered exorcists1: battledoll09, battledoll18, eorzea201, demons14, pirates421, 1 Fame
Level Up: exorcists116, exorcists125, battledoll17, battledoll22, contractkiss22, planeptune120, stepbrothers214, scholar17, millennium11, parasite117, 3 Fame
Star (pink): pirates222, perfect16, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Warped: compileheart107, fonons04, hoenn306, sevencolors24
Who Drew: dollars18, parasite117, planets09
Relationships: rainbownotes15, umbrella17, unlucky212
Re-Cover: redprince01, 1 coupon
So Vain: deathlines14, goddess104, monsterhigh08
Trivia: akademeia05, pure23, shinigami25
Puzzle: graph23, moondreams201, shito107
Freebies: fashion03, igura120, juliet15, renewal15
Slots (2 matches): moonprincess19, theoutsider17
War (Lose): ambition211
Pickpocket: darkhour208, sevencolors04
Lottery: romance06, shikonjewel204
Patron Bonus: captivehearts01, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Recycle Bin: captivehearts08, captivehearts14, captivehearts25
Wish freebies: exorcists109, perceive05, captivehearts23 / bladechildren11, royalguard17, battledoll20
Update freebies: romantic103, romantic221, renewal09, kanzenban15, music11, mitochondria17, mystica12

December 9th, 2015
No Template: astraeahill08, igura206, loveworks22
Lost Brush: alicegame105, bahamut107, pure25, pureblood14
Police Report: kazuaki209, oni23, reiatsu25
Soundtrack: anatolia03, pure19, 1 coupon
Voices: heavenandearth21, planets12, wired12
Game World: dhampir01, onmyouji110, silvereyed21
Novel-ty Game: eorzea201, god07, letsrock06
Freebies: brs14, deathscythe10, gashuu23, hoenn203
Slots (2 matches): genos03, inautumn01
War (Lose): forgemasters14
Pickpocket: god05, planeptune102
Lottery: family18, lesson18, reaching204, southside11
Patron Bonus: hinamizawa14, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: hitsuzen203, battledoll05, hitsuzen107, flowers13, 1 coupon
Update freebies: hoenn116, hoenn201, hoenn315, briefs07, mayutan15, gashuu22, ronin08

December 1st, 2015
Art Challenge (10 cards): mgn11, carnelian121, suplex12, chicago10, captivehearts01, 2 coupons, 5 Fame
Recycle Bin: my hurricane22, romance11, ruinedworld21 for bladechildren02, palladium11, perceive06
Odd Job #1: igura123, reaching119, southside07, alchemist12, demons22, tyrant23, 2 Fame
Star (pink): clow311, prism19, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: blastia23, sweetdreams15
Fallen Phrases: bookofpictures317, chicago23, crusnik205, musashi12, poyoyon03, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): bellliberty120, kymg11, pirates105, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: amaterasu05, loveworks03
Puzzle Series: alicegame222, traceon121
Puzzle Series: justice12, monsterhigh25
Puzzle Series: hidari122, reaching202

November 29th, 2015
Mastered shito2: exorcists119, exorcists124, fiore212, mayonaka25, johto210, 1 Fame
Mastered kaoriyuki: shito203, shito225, blueprince10, sumaru06, battle24, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 2 coupons for shito209, crisis23
Warped: clones203, deathlines08, mysidian09, persocom16
Who Drew: garakuta02, ikuramoto24, ingrids15
Relationships: blancetnoir15, chronicle17, sparrow01
Re-Cover: diabolical19, 1 coupon
So Vain: monsterhigh01, perfect01, sparrow05
Trivia: chicago21, dhampir16, landmark20
Puzzle: ambition104, aya19, gaisokyu110
Freebies: assassins20, nirvana21, bookofpictures217, fantasia25
Slots (2 matches): demons11, sacrifice13
War (Lose): highschool214
Pickpocket: moonprincess11, sern111
Lottery: dragonkings20, strongwill24
Patron Bonus: demonking123, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: feathers111, hitsuzen113 / shito208, royalguard03 / bladechildren25, labyrinth04, flowers20, insummer20 / brs24
Update freebies: bookofpictures115, bookofpictures202, bookofpictures321, wonderland17, fantasia05, serenade14
Trade with Amber: my energynede18, sheep01, sheep19 for flowers15, heartegg224, magi208 + membercards
Trade with Kaz: my stormriders16 for heartegg214

November 19th, 2015
Autograph Book: flourish16, nostalgia22, divinemove202, 1 Fame
No Template: onewish19, phantomthief17, planeptune114
Lost Brush: elsior123, forgemasters06, hunterexam21, umbrella11
Police Report: adventurer09, monado108, seven25
Soundtrack: feathers112, graph17, 1 coupon
Voices: foodwars08, naifu19, planeptune218
Game World: nuhe12, parade221, shito105
Novel-ty Game: clones110, sern224, whiteflower08
Freebies: onmyouji117, perceive18, amaterasu05, maigo124
Slots (2 matches): energynede18, esteria17
War (Lose): ruinedworld22
Pickpocket: alicegame107, pose114, sevenstars108
Lottery: lily122, pureblood16, revolution118
Patron Bonus: romance07, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: battledoll06, umbrella06, exorcists111, hitsuzen108, kaoriyuki12, 2 Fame
Update freebies: clover06, amaterasu23, repeat101, repeat219, maigo116, maigo212, kanto311
Trade with Hotaru: my lucifer05, lucifer21, platinum09 for ab23, butler111, butler124
Trade with Samichan: my dresspheres15, dresspheres21, dresspheres23, dungeon25, phantomthief04, phantomthief17, phantomthief18 for ab06, ab17, braves06, braves08, brs09, brs16, butler204

November 13th, 2015
Mastered garakuta: kaoriyuki02, kaoriyuki20, millennium21, redprince14, elsior111, 1 Fame
Mastered oddsandends1: garakuta03, garakuta09, ruckus209, roseprincess01, loveme120, 1 Fame
Warped: crusnik117, landmark05, parasite204, rivalworkshops24
Who Drew: checkmate04, dragonkings12, tinkerbell205
Relationships: kaoriyuki19, nirvana07, pastry05
Re-Cover: hitsuzen124, 1 coupon
So Vain: despair08, lucifer21, tyrant16
Trivia: orion21, traceon202, tyrant13
Puzzle: fruit123, perceive13, whiterose10
Freebies: ladybug23, unlucky216, hidari120, lucifer16
Slots (3 matches): crossroad06, goddess121, leamonde25, 1 coupon
War (Lose): guardians211
Pickpocket: brs20, undine214, yumeno214
Lottery: kaoriyuki09
Patron Bonus: platinum09, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Mini Mastery: tinkerbell113, sinners08, rings219, perceive16, hurricane22, 1 Fame, custom badge
Wish freebies: kaoriyuki11, shito212 / bladechildren07, exorcists105, captivehearts22 / garakuta20, battledoll14 / 3 Fame
Update freebies: hidari101, hidari219, lucifer05, norn118, norn202, shiru16, ab13
Trade with Kairi: my pastry25, lcie121, lcie125, lcie202, lcie205, pandora221, stardrops109 for bladechildren18, bladechildren23, exorcists108, spring16, stepbrothers108, stepbrothers109, wired12
Trade with Marge: my amefuto111, firstlove19, furies103, furies215, furies223, ladybug11 for butler219, gaisokyu113, gaisokyu209, innocent09, insummer06, goldenwitch24 + membercards

November 6th, 2015
Birthday: feathers113, musashi22, southside02, stormriders16, 3 coupons, 3 Fame
Star (pink): bahamut103, igura105, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: magi215, sasshi14
Fallen Phrases: contractkiss16, eorzea208, fruit223, jellyfish14, johto319, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): cosmic04, despair03, memoryofjade205, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: artificial116, exorcists214
Puzzle Series: guardians213, mvpbattle103
Puzzle Series: battledoll04, nonary23
Puzzle Series: artificial205, blastia25
No Template: detective101, lesson20, voice25
Lost Brush: goldenwitch10, ingrids01, monado216, nightmare210
Police Report: akademeia25, romance11, sasshi15
Soundtrack: lcie202, umbrella05, 1 coupon
Game World: happiness24, ladybug11, romance13
Freebies: heartegg116, huke14, elemental22, firstlove19
Freebies: playgirl11, pure20, johto307, rebound108
Slots (2 matches): amefuto111, mvpbattle219
War (Lose): energynede24
Pickpocket: exile112, fiore124, voice08
Lottery: diabolical05, suplex24
Patron Bonus: fourdragons12, fruit207, sheep03, 1 Fame
Update freebies: johto103, johto222, johto302, voidgenome08, rebound122, rebound204, elemental12
Trade with Hotaru: my icecold22, panisangelics25 for braves05, brs13
Trade with Kaz: my darkhour101, darkhour115, hydeland110, pure15 for garakuta07, battledoll03, divinemove123, traceon217

November 2nd, 2015
Warped: eorzea201, kirito10, pieces123, tinkerbell115
Who Drew: heartegg102, highschool219, vampirekiller07
Relationships: eorzea118, igura108, nirvana19
Re-Cover: revolution117, 1 coupon
Trivia: dracula10, rainbownotes17, vampirekiller10
Puzzle: ashiato01, energynede25, fourdragons20
Freebies: diabolical10, keyblade07, artificial216, nuhe08
Slots (2 matches): onevoice20, planets17
War (Lose): checkmate02
Pickpocket: goddess104, stardrops109
Lottery: nostalgia20, yumeno119
Patron Bonus: adonis24, pandora115, thebelow15, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: oddsandends102, exorcists123, shito217 / garakuta16, kaoriyuki07
Update freebies: nuhe04, samurai102, samurai217, artificial119, artificial221

October 29th, 2015
Odd Job #1: shikonjewel225, detective224, pirates302, onevoice12, spring22, mana17, 2 Fame
Halloween (Friends): darkhour115, fiore210, inwinter08, 1 coupon, 3 Fame
Halloween (Durak): perceive16, truth215, 2 coupons, 3 Fame
Halloween (Student Council): dresspheres23, firstlimit11, sacrifice04, 1 coupon, 3 Fame
Halloween event (Yagami): sasshi20, compileheart110, crossroad12
Halloween event (Tomo): jusenkyo07, whiteflower24, stepbrothers222
Halloween event (Arata): wildflower18, girlfriend23, sapphire15
Halloween event (Chiba): chronicle24, furies215, magitek05
Halloween event (Sonoda): hunterexam12, persocom09, witches22
Halloween event (Joker): sakuratree05, naifu09, bellone106, shards11, brs23
Halloween event (Takato): redprince07, sasshi21, tinkerbell324
Halloween event (Kuya): phantomthief04, knightsofiris21, girlfriend09
Halloween event (Yuki): armband25, highschool204, kazuaki105

October 28th, 2015
Mastered exorcists2: oddsandends105, oddsandends120, wired22, pact23, unspacy24, 1 Fame
Mastered journey1: oddsandends116, oddsandends122, psypher08, energynede11, dragons23, 1 Fame
Level Up: journey118, exorcists202, exorcists219, exorcists222, phantomthief18, chicago14, photograph19, mysidian18, soma13, diabolical20, 3 Fame
No Template: lesson19, pieces110, recovery217
Lost Brush: ambition210, gaisokyu221, pirates506, tyrant09
Police Report: loveworks24, metalheart07, senka20
Soundtrack: bahamut117, parade106, 1 coupon
Voices: innocent14, nonary08, nonary15
Game World: ashiato10, redhair19, unlucky215
Jigsaw: furies223, memoryofjade122, persocom06
Freebies: flourish22, lily104, magi123, magi216
Slots (2 matches): dresspheres21, princesses03
War (Lose): aberration01
Pickpocket: contractkiss06, dragonkings16, studentcouncil23
Lottery: diabolical25, inautumn11
Patron Bonus: aya09, dungeon07, voice22, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: demonking206, exorcists217, battledoll19 / garakuta12 / oddsandends113, exorcists101
Update freebies: shito202, hitsuzen209

October 21st, 2015
Warped: behelit15, compileheart107, designworks04, knightsofiris24
Who Drew: adonis23, guardians106, recovery215
Relationships: fourdragons06, ikuramoto25, strongwill08
So Vain: inwinter08, karin11, perfect23
Puzzle: cephiro203, deathscythe14, pirates122
Freebies: designworks16, sacrifice12, magi205, magi221
Slots (3 matches): carnelian214, moondreams121, wildflower08, 1 coupon
War (Ace): bodyguards123, ephinea20, 1 coupon
Pickpocket: guardians210, highschool219
Lottery: lily201
Patron Bonus: akaneiro207, royalguard12, royalguard25, 1 Fame
Mini Mastery: prism22, ashiato03, guardians222, ouroboros18, bellone223, 1 Fame, custom badge
Wish freebies: pureblood02, bladechildren13 / flowers11, journey105, garakuta19 / letsrock15, tinkerbell307
Update freebies: dungeon25, magi109, magi217

October 12th, 2015
Mastered shinigami: journey109, journey112, kirito24, konpeito23, royalguard05, 1 Fame
Mastered resonance: shinigami10, shinigami12, lucius22, bahamut101, garakuta05, 1 Fame
Mastered fourdragons: resonance09, resonance20, undine121, bladechildren08, theguardian24, 1 Fame
Mastered undine2: fourdragons04, fourdragons17, tyrant09, humanflesh01, wisewolf05, 1 Fame
Mastered oddsandends2: undine208, undine214, demonking222, bellliberty122, exorcists114, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 1 coupon for oddsandends216
No Template: gamers07, igura104, memoria01
Lost Brush: hostclub115, shoujo12, windrider11, witches21
Police Report: adventurer02, magitek17, parade222
Soundtrack: goddess118, revolution221, 1 coupon
Voices: bellliberty108, kirito19, marriage03
Game World: kazuaki211, oneyearwar20, perfect02
Jigsaw: blackmail18, keigarou04, memories113
Freebies: fourdragons09, traceon102, butler209, icecold22
Slots (2 matches): crusnik216, pandora221
War (Win): ladybug19, onewish24
Pickpocket: goddess201, pure18
Lottery: spring22, undine222
Patron Bonus: bathtub14, igura217, romance08, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: fourdragons13, oddsandends209, journey102, resonance05, shito224, anatolia16

October 6th, 2015
Star (pink): nirvana23, lookingglass05, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: family10, planeptune109
Fallen Phrases: insummer18, rain18, schoollife22, sevenstars122, thanatos13, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): bahamut202, landmark08, lily202, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: deathlines01, signofzeta15
Puzzle Series: darkhour101, hagoromo04
Puzzle Series: pose221, zodiac07
Puzzle Series: parasite116, silvereyed22
Warped: dhampir20, gaisokyu112, ladybug25, oaktree11
Who Drew: photograph02, revolution116, rings103
Relationships: adamandeve04, bathtub09, neighbor18
Re-Cover: pirates123, 1 coupon
Trivia: hydeland204, orion04, wisewolf09
Puzzle: flowers02, humanflesh18, prism04
Freebies: mgn04, thanatos14, blackpearl01, butler115
Slots (2 matches): guardians108, signofzeta06
War (Lose): fiore112
Pickpocket: feathers202, god04
Lottery: goddess203
Patron Bonus: exorcists223, kymg14, oddsandends115, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: oddsandends221, exorcists220, shito201, fourdragons06, oddsandends223
Update freebies: butler116, butler213, blackpearl11

September 28th, 2015
No Template: crystal04, elsior120, royalguard21
Lost Brush: buffclan15, designworks24, flowers10, sevenstars221
Police Report: crossroad23, crystal18, goldenwitch22
Soundtrack: dracula01, southside20, 1 coupon
Voices: fonons20, kaoriyuki05, sern213
Game World: dusk03, oddsandends111, revolution120
Jigsaw: bodyguards113, dragons08, ladybug09
Freebies: blancetnoir06, graph22, neotokyo17, planeptune106
Slots (2 matches): pirates107, unlucky121
War (Lose): unwound22
Pickpocket: highjump209, inverted07, onmyouji108
Lottery: ingrids13, moondreams212, traceon222
Recycle Bin: magicviolin05, pieta01, romance12 -> journey213, journey215, clow216
Patron Bonus: buffclan24, elsior101, fourdragons08
Odd Job #1: recovery206, schoollife02, shinigami08, waltz01, hurricane22, fonons16, 2 Fame
Wish freebies: shinigami17, resonance11, 2 coupons
Update freebies: goddess113, goddess215, planeptune116, planeptune204, neotokyo21, fonons01, sweetdreams14
Trade with Evey: my chronicle02, akaneiro204, akaneiro224, blueprince13, einherjar09, einherjar24 for kaoriyuki04, oddsandends109, oddsandends110, oddsandends118, resonance01, shito210 + membercards
Trade with Hotaru: my clow219, kirito03, marmalade18, marmalade22, senka15, senka18 for braves09, cephiro117, dragons02, exorcists117, heartegg123, heartegg225

September 18th, 2015
Warped: artthieves111, deathgame12, magicviolin05, sevenstars101
Who Drew: energynede24, family01, hinamizawa03
Relationships: parade110, sakuratree13, undine204
Re-Cover: memories119, 1 coupon
So Vain: fruit225, heartegg118, strongwill09
Trivia: clow219, reaching103, shoujo19
Puzzle: huke11, nonary04, prism09
Freebies: braves19, truth220, braves15, panisangelics05
Slots (2 matches): blackmail17, theoutsider01
War (Lose): lcie112
Pickpocket: assassins23, flowers16, truehistory08
Lottery: marmalade22, ouroboros19, rumors17
Recycle Bin: my jewel01, lcie204, memoryofjade120 for shinigami24, journey216, onmyouji123
Patron Bonus: brs10, magicviolin05, unspacy16
Wish freebies: journey103 / deathlines06, despair16 / fourdragons18, shinigami02, exorcists213
Update freebies: braves16, windrider09, panisangelics25, neighbor01
Trade with Kaz: my amefuto223, vongola09 for resonance21, goldenwitch02
Trade with Lenamii: my ephinea02, hurricane10, soma16, soma24 for ashiato04, curse116, journey117, family12
Trade with Mina: my aya22, aya23, deathgame06, deathgame15, highjump108, imanity15, whiteflower09, rumors21 for exorcists103, hitsuzen104, journey108, journey110, kaoriyuki05, kaoriyuki21, kaoriyuki25, resonance18 + membercards

September 11th, 2015
Patron Bonus: lucius09, 1 Fame
No Template: checkmate08, sacrifice15, sern111
Lost Brush: mayonaka21, parade224, perceive11, spira02
Police Report: armband01, cephiro210, jewel24
Soundtrack: eorzea122, ingrids12, 1 coupon
Voices: deathlines04, royalguard13, shikonjewel123
Game World: cradle11, sapphire21, whiteflower15
Jigsaw: kirito03, pastry25, shito114
Freebies: inspring03, nightmare105, battle05, poyoyon25
Slots (2 matches): ingrids15, silvereyed20
War (Win): assassins14, konpeito22
Pickpocket: reaching210, senka18
Lottery: demonking124, vongola22
Recycle Bin: my bellliberty103, glasses06, guardians111 for fourdragons03, oddsandends112, assassins03
Wish freebies: fourdragons21, fourdragons15 / fourdragons10, garakuta04 / dreamworld122, romance15 / shinigami09, shinigami21
Update freebies: amefuto111, amefuto223, loveme105, loveme216, titans15, marmalade18, poyoyon13
Autograph Book: queencandidates05, landmark18, hinamizawa21, 1 Fame
Trade with Aku: my ingrids10, knightsofiris16 for journey123, oddsandends217 + membercards
Trade with Reno: my cosmic12 for resonance10 + membercards

September 9th, 2015
Trade with Sarah: my alicegame123, feathers209, mysidian21 for fourdragons16, oddsandends212, shinigami01 + membercards
Trade with Melissa: my fashion16, fashion22, ladybug23, mirai, deathgame06, justice21, kirito21, memoria19, memoria20, pastry12, voice06, planets16 for fourdragons01, fourdragons23, hitsuzen116, hitsuzen204, journey120, kaoriyuki24, oddsandends101, oddsandends219, resonance02, shinigami08, shinigami14 + membercards
Trade with Ouji: my letsrock01, letsrock17, letsrock21, memoria17, perceive25 for battledoll11, fourdragons25, garakuta06, garakuta08, resonance17 + membercards
Trade with Lex: my highjump117, mayonaka01, mayonaka19, mayonaka20, nonary11, northside04, revolution119 for exorcists115, exorcists214, exorcists225, kaoriyuki14, kaoriyuki17, oddsandends123, shito220 + membercards
Trade with Bommiie: my apprentice02, pampuru01, pampuru12 for kaoriyuki01, shito207, shito223 + membercards
Trade with Akito: my dollars19, dollars20, dollars22, mooncell19 for exorcists203, kaoriyuki03, shinigami03, shinigami11 + membercards

September 8th, 2015
Trade with Sujini: my blancetnoir02, fiore121, hitsuzen102, reiatsu18 for fourdragons14, garakuta17, resonance24, shinigami06 + membercards
Patron Bonus: lcie204, 1 Fame
Mini Mastery: detective108, akaneiro222, ouroboros20, landmark06, shito219, 1 Fame, custom badge
Trade with Hotaru: my moonprincess24 for captivehearts05

September 3rd, 2015
Mastered umbrella: undine206, undine219, ambition104, inspring02, sonsofsatan03, 1 Fame
Level Up: umbrella13, umbrella22, umbrella25, undine209, shinigami07, furies103, alicegame218, armband12, rivalworkshops22, phantomthief02, 3 Fame
Deck replacement: greenglass111, greenglass201, greenglass203, greenglass207, greenglass207, greenglass215, greenglass218, greenglass225 -> umbrella01, umbrella02, umbrella05, umbrella08, umbrella14, umbrella16, umbrella23, umbrella24
Trade with Kairi: my rainbownotes15 for oddsandends210
Odd Job #1: lily116, pastry12, dragons24, lightmusic12, cradle23, alicegame123, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: attribute16, northside03
Fallen Phrases: bahamut206, deathgame15, sevenstars125, soma16, tiger23, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): flourish18, oni01, stepbrothers222, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: deathgame06, voice06
Puzzle Series: ingrids02, konpeito05
Puzzle Series: aya22, wildflower02
Puzzle Series: inverted02, kirito17
Star (pink): unlucky213, kirsche09, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Warped: blueprince01, dreamchasers23, justice01, stardrops107
Who Drew: bellone112, crystal24, journey106
Relationships: crusnik215, pirates306, stepbrothers207
Re-Cover: aya15, 1 coupon
So Vain: bellliberty223, moonprincess13, palladium04
Trivia: compileheart208, lily213, shinigami19
Puzzle: ashiato10, chicago10, memoryofjade120
Freebies: deathgame06, feathers209, elsior109, hurricane10
Slots (2 matches): palladium10, soma24
War (Ace): artthieves205, memoryofjade113, 1 coupon
Pickpocket: keyblade13, northside04, shito215
Lottery: divinemove104, pose206
Mega Memory: lcie125, sparrow23, unlucky214
Update freebies: dresspheres15, elsior116, elsior204, hurricane21, umbrella09, oddsandends204, 1 coupon, 2 Fame

August 30th, 2015
Mastered konpeito: undine213, undine221, thebelow01, clow111, captivehearts06, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 3 coupons for konpeito02, konpeito12, konpeito16
No Template: dragons01, parade107, spira04
Lost Brush: gaisokyu115, guardians111, shards15, theoutsider11
Police Report: apprentice02, loveworks11, pureblood17
Soundtrack: fiore220, oddsandends214, 1 coupon
Voices: bahamut105, crusnik108, rainbownotes15
Game World: heartegg220, pact03, pose110
Jigsaw: akaneiro204, crystal16, romance12
Freebies: formcode21, ruinedworld21, diabolical17, unwound11
Freebies: huke18, onevoice05, musashi09, paladin13
Slots (2 matches): flourish07, highjump117
War (Win): pirates501, romance05
Pickpocket: blastia07, mayonaka01
Lottery: eden06, family09, moondreams123, shito109
Mega Memory: cephiro122, imanity15, magicviolin22
Update freebies: hunterexam11, curious17, diabolical01, unwound07, musashi18, 1 coupon
Trade with Chives: my fruit105, gamers09 for konpeito21, happiness25
Trade with Kairi: my fashion22, pastry05, seven21 for exorcists120, captivehearts09, captivehearts17

August 20th, 2015
Warped: attribute24, compileheart108, moonprincess24, oneyearwar22
Who Drew: darkfate20, unspacy18, vampirekiller06
Relationships: deathlines19, dreamworld108, schoollife02
Re-Cover: fourgods16, 1 coupon
So Vain: fashion11, hydeland209, stardrops125
Trivia: hydeland213, sonsofsatan10, strongwill13
Puzzle: formcode02, moondreams124, mysidian21
Freebies: bellone120, eternal02, feathers202, kirito21
Slots (2 matches): strongwill25, yumeno209
War (Win): artthieves207, suplex10
Pickpocket: alrevis08, ashiato18, targetnights07
Lottery: clow316, contract09, kaoriyuki18
Mega Memory: dreamworld119, god23, sevenstars204
Update freebies: contract11, yumeno106, yumeno219, gamers09, battledoll21, garakuta14, flowers02
Random cards: ouroboros07, studentcouncil16, onevoice22, akaneiro224, seven21
Trade with Jannet: my kirito06 for bladechildren05 + membercards

August 13th, 2015
No Template: alicegame225, karin11, sevenstars203
Lost Brush: fashion07, fashion16, redhair01, sotano10
Police Report: akaneiro110, glasses13, ikuramoto02
Soundtrack: memoryofjade203, rain16, 1 coupon
Voices: armband18, esteria13, thevirgin15
Game World: deathscythe09, justice04, malice16
Jigsaw: bodyguards206, ephinea02, sonsofsatan08
Freebies: hydeland214, phantomthief17, tinkerbell322, unspacy07
Freebies: alchemist11, pastry05, psypher24, pure15
Slots (2 matches): bathtub19, pirates112
Slots (2 matches): demonking207, energynede17
War (Win): memoryofjade210, sevencolors16
War (Win): southside09, whiterose13
Pickpocket: nonary11, perfect08
Pickpocket: nirvana03, pandora121, rumors15
Lottery: jellyfish18
Lottery: princesses13, shinigami13, traceon124
Mega Memory: hitsuzen102, justice21, kirito06
Mega Memory: falselove12, pose215, theguardian10
Update freebies: devil03, senka15, sheep19, remnants13, reaching111, reaching204, greatking13, justice17, konpeito09, undine202
Mini Mastery: whiteflower15, god08, soma18, shito206, divinemove216, 1 Fame, custom badge
Trade with Hotaru: my rivalworkshops03 for undine216

August 6th, 2015
Star (green): happiness23, crystal25, cephiro208, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: pureblood15, unlucky101
Fallen Phrases: contractkiss01, crusnik101, fairytales25, nostalgia08, rhyme10, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: fruit105, oddsandends111, gaisokyu105, garakuta21, bellliberty124, magitek06, glasses06, undine114, queencandidates11, rumors02, suplex21, 1 coupon
Warped: blancetnoir12, hydeland110, schoollife18, void225
Who Drew: bellone207, hinamizawa18, unspacy24
Relationships: dragonkings16, loveworks10, suplex11
Re-Cover: tinkerbell309, 1 coupon
So Vain: bellliberty103, designworks11, ingrids06
Trivia: dhampir12, igura122, memoryofjade120
Puzzle: akademeia12, landmark14, shoujo12
Freebies: dreamchasers10, goldenwitch17, sotano11, zodiac14
Slots (2 matches): fiore223, oaktree18
War (Win): kao21, vampirekiller18
Pickpocket: letsrock01, magitek20
Lottery: fourdragons24, onmyouji104, romance12
Mega Memory: bellone225, guardians111, rings201
Update freebies: oddsandends225, lotiswords10, despair22, ingrids10, pose124, pose216, hostclub119, hostclub207, suplex10

August 2nd, 2015
Odd Job #1: mysidian01, dreamworld120, fairytales21, mistletoe16, witches02, behelit19, 2 Fame
Trade with Samichan: my bahamut215, behelit15, behelit19, darkhour104, darkhour221, spira11, monsterhigh04, voice01, voice02, crusnik109, crusnik212 for undine211, ashiato16, bladechildren14, captivehearts07, captivehearts20, designworks07, designworks11, dollars04, dracula10, dracula20, dragonkings21 Trade with Mymy: my millennium24, nightmare224, queencandidates14, queencandidates15, unspacy20, unspacy21 for divinemove117, dracula19, inspring10, inwinter16, persocom09, wired06 + membercards

July 30th, 2015
Feed Yuki (savory): mayonaka19, wildflower08
Feed Yuki (savory): magicviolin25, voice02
Feed Yuki (sweet): darkhour104, rings221, sapphire12
Feed Yuki (other): blueprince21, clow214, lcie204, 1 coupon
Feed Yuki (sweet): highjump108, perfect03, stardrops209
No Template: huke05, pieta01, wisewolf13
Lost Brush: adventurer10, feathers115, fourdragons20, thebelow14
Police Report: sapphire02, stepbrothers103, truehistory15
Soundtrack: silvereyed15, thanatos01, 1 coupon
Voices: chronicle12, graph13, playgirl02
Game World: adonis13, behelit15, thanatos01
Jigsaw: bellliberty119, memories123, whiteflower08
Freebies: cephiro209, inspring01, reiatsu18, targetnights16
Freebies: adamandeve23, feathers220, happiness11, unlucky115
Slots (2 matches): blastia25, innocent10
War (Lose): kirsche18
Pickpocket: chicago22, compileheart225
Lottery: blancetnoir02, inautumn19
Mega Memory: fourgods18, oni10, sapphire06
Update freebies: battledoll07, undine204, dollars20, unspacy03

July 27th, 2015
Trade with Kou: my bahamut103, bahamut120, imanity11, spring11 for clow219, dollars07, southside23, truth224 + membercards
Trade with Lethe: my dreamchasers11 for inautumn01
Trade with Roax: my akademeia20, ephinea02, soma19 for ashiato22, brs03, brs05

July 23rd, 2015
Mastered bathtub: konpeito08, konpeito14, parasite123, rumors07, noa18, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 2 coupons for bathtub20, bathtub24
Level Up: bathtub01, bathtub10, bathtub16, bathtub19, innocent22, contractkiss25, monsterhigh04, behelit20, memoryofjade114, sacrifice02, 3 Fame
Feed Yuki (other): buffclan03, kaoriyuki15, vampirekiller04
Feed Yuki (sweet): akademeia20, tyrant09
Feed Yuki (sweet): akaneiro121, pure15
Feed Yuki (other): lcie121, sevenstars220, shikonjewel204
Feed Yuki (savory): greenglass207, shikonjewel124, voice16, 1 coupon
Warped: buffclan11, dreamworld212, signofzeta25, weather11
Who Drew: crusnik208, falselove21, knightsofiris16
Relationships: hitsuzen111, psypher04, rhyme08
Re-Cover: dokidoki16, 1 coupon
So Vain: littleprince17, sakuratree02, sixteen08
Trivia: dreamchasers11, fashion09, rumors21
Puzzle: contractkiss04, igura208, shito213
Freebies: artthieves112, bellliberty103, loveworks03, moondreams207
Slots (2 matches): parade216, tyrant11
War (Win): loveworks02, orion15
Pickpocket: gaisokyu203, jewel18, royalguard07
Lottery: kymg22, pirates319, sern222
Mega Memory: feathers225, jewel23, sevenstars106
Update freebies: ruckus109, ruckus211, schoollife10, jellyfish19, ephinea02, soma19, pastry05, konpeito04, undine205, bathtub23, exorcists216
Autograph Book: revolution211, vongola05, kazuaki125, 1 Fame
Trade with Sepia: my carnelian224, chronicle08, karin03 for heartegg206, princesses23, shito204 + membercards

July 22nd, 2015
Trade with Cassidy: my darkfate04, darkfate19, imanity06, imanity18, magicviolin17, memories119, rainbownotes07, rainbownotes14, rainbownotes23 for battledoll15, captivehearts21, crisis19, exorcists104, happiness18, northside04, onewish15, redhair07, silvereyed18 + membercards
Trade with NeeNee: my alicegame203, alicegame213, muse09, theoutsider15, thevirgin08 for fourdragons12, journey116, resonance12, shinigami18, umbrella19 + membercards
Trade with Todoke: my akademeia06, highjump108, preciousstone18, thebelow02, void123 for hitsuzen223, northside07, perceive10, pharmacy09, pharmacy15 + membercards
Trade with Woody: my deathlines10, sevenstars117, sevenstars210 for bathtub25, journey107, journey125 + membercards

July 21st, 2015
Trade with Kerri: my cradle05, cradle13, cradle16, dreamworld121, dreamworld125, tinkerbell202 for hinamizawa13, inverted04, inwinter12, northside24, oddsandends103, umbrella21 + membercards
Trade with Laluune: my apprentice24, dusksky06, dusksky19, furies123, furies209, sevenstars106, sevenstars115, sparrow09 for bathtub06, dollars10, oddsandends203, oddsandends208, shinigami05, sinners17, sixstars12, undine201 + membercards

July 20th, 2015
Trade with Chives: my lesson16, monsterhigh01, monsterhigh12, monsterhigh14, monsterhigh15, monsterhigh19 for divinemove107, flowers08, kaoriyuki16, nirvana17, shinigami15, southside14 + membercards
Trade with Chuya: my ambition205, attribute01, bahamut118, bathtub12, dreamworld203, sevencolors12, stardrops201, stardrops224, studentcouncil09 for captivehearts01, clow102, clow112, crisis14, eternal18, garakuta11, greenglass111, parade212, persocom10 + membercards

July 18th, 2015
Special Birthday Coupon: bathtub04, konpeito23, exorcists206, exorcists211, journey101, +3 fame, +2 coupons
Feed Yuki (sweet): energynede03, sparrow09, thevirgin08
Feed Yuki (sweet): darkfate19, memoria20, parade210
Feed Yuki (savory): igura107, northside12
Feed Yuki (other): cradle16, einherjar23, furies123, 1 coupon
Feed Yuki (savory): compileheart116, tinkerbell202
No Template: lily206, monsterhigh14, parade218
Lost Brush: perceive25, rebellion20, spring11, voice04
Police Report: buffclan01, memoria19, sevenstars115
Soundtrack: bahamut103, guardians112, 1 coupon
Voices: artthieves120, etoile08, insummer14
Game World: detective211, memoryofjade118, sapphire02
Jigsaw: cephiro109, sasshi15, targetnights16
Freebies: captivehearts13, dragonkings06, monsterhigh15, moondreams208
Freebies: apprentice24, contractkiss19, fashion22, furies209
Slots (2 matches): adonis23, memoria17
War (Win): aya23, highjump108
Pickpocket: ambition205, stormriders09
Lottery: family13
Mega Memory: lcie104, loveworks09, pampuru01
Update freebies: feathers118, fourdragons02, oddsandends107, gaisokyu114, gaisokyu204, fiore121, fiore208
Trade with Hotaru: my happiness11 for bathtub21 + membercards
Trade with Vanja: my memoria16 for flowers17

July 9th, 2015
Feed Yuki (other): carnelian224, seven18
Feed Yuki (savory): highschool213, memoria16, oddsandends125, 1 coupon
Feed Yuki (savory): forgemasters17, rainbownotes07, vongola11, 1 coupon
Feed Yuki (sweet): happiness04, pirates222, rumors08
Feed Yuki (sweet): designworks02, imanity18, undine225
Warped: pampuru05, princesses16, recovery103, sakuratree18
Who Drew: buffclan15, rainbownotes14, stardrops224
Relationships: mgn07, onmyouji101, tinkerbell114
Re-Cover: imanity11, 1 coupon
So Vain: bellliberty123, greenglass201, quartetnight16
Trivia: darkhour221, guardians220, nightmare224
Puzzle: dusksky19, mistletoe02, pirates512
Freebies: family22, paperdolls03, queencandidates15, wisewolf23
Slots (3 matches): cradle13, lily213, spring13, 1 coupon
War (Lose): crossroad08
Pickpocket: bellone109, memoryofjade217
Lottery: heartegg114, vongola06
Mega Memory: bladechildren12, blueprince13, dreamworld219
Update freebies: falling11, muse09, pampuru12, cradle05, pact19, sotano18, foodwars11, undine207, oddsandends115, 2 coupon

July 6th, 2015
Trade with Roax: my blastia13 for resonance04

July 5th, 2015
Mini Mastery: weather11, memories119, rivalworkshops16, esteria07, blastia13, 1 Fame, custom badge
Autograph Book: planets16, blancetnoir13, highjump115, 1 Fame
Trade with Ajisaitea: my contractkiss11, contractkiss12, lookingglass21, metalheart23, paperdolls04, paperdolls22, paperdolls24, phantomthief10 for dollars19, heartegg222, kazuaki204, ladybug11, ladybug23, perceive08, royalguard15, undine218
Trade with Marfisa: my adventurer14, adventurer15, adventurer17, etoile23, genos07, lucius15, mvpbattle103, queencandidates03, redprince18 for battledoll10, feathers123, fourdragons11, journey223, resonance19, roseprincess20, royalguard06, royalguard11, umbrella17
Trade with Jun: my demons14, eorzea109, lcie117, sumaru12, sumaru19 for bathtub22, exorcists210, garakuta15, garakuta21, hitsuzen207
Trade with Cate: my recovery217, tyrant03 for garakuta18, resonance07

July 3rd, 2015
Trade with Cami: my bellliberty214, bellliberty223, deathgame09, deathgame20, deathgame25, memoryofjade113, memoryofjade116, memoryofjade118, memoryofjade202, memoryofjade218, moonprincess09, moonprincess10, moonprincess18, nightmare203, nightmare217 for brs07, brs12, cephiro114, crisis13, divinemove215, feathers115, garakuta10, greenglass215, greenglass218, ladybug22, perceive07, resonance13, shito218, spring02, zero18
Trade with Bunny: my dhampir14, fourgods14, fourgods25, highjump106, madoka04, rumors22 for journey201, perceive22, roseprincess22, roseprincess24, shinigami19, spring11 + membercards

July 2nd, 2015
Trade with Kairi: my platinum01 for hitsuzen105
Mastered undine1: konpeito07, konpeito25, lucius09, feathers117, exorcists114, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 4 coupons for undine109, undine112, undine116, undine117
No Template: bathtub12, cephiro108, highschool117
Lost Brush: exorcists207, magicviolin17, magitek09, onewish22
Police Report: bodyguards102, bodyguards225, paperdolls04
Soundtrack: behelit19, millennium24, 1 coupon
Voices: deathgame20, dreamworld125, girlinthesky25
Game World: contractkiss11, highjump106, lucius15
Jigsaw: fashion22, metalheart23, umbrella04
Freebies: adonis16, dreamworld203, sevenstars117, undine122
Slots (2 matches): cephiro121, pharmacy13
War (Lose): whiteflower09
Pickpocket: imanity06, pharmacy11
Lottery: clow211, dragons10, inverted11, onewish21
Mega Memory: dragonkings18, genos07, lcie205
Star (green): pirates125, sixstars08, royalguard24, 2 Fame
Update freebies: sevenstars106, sevenstars210, sinners24, kymg12, pharmacy08, strongwill02, dragonkings07, innocent17, sos17, deathlines10, undine224, oddsandends215

July 1st, 2015
Odd Job #1: marriage04, jewel01, garakuta02, whiterose25, flowers24, objection05, 2 Fame
Star (green): stardrops201, dragons05, weather11, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: crusnik120, sonsofsatan01
Fallen Phrases: adventurer15, alicegame203, memoryofjade116, parasite116, weather24, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): deathgame25, etoile23, mindbreaker01, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: akademeia06, ruinedworld12
Puzzle Series: glasses06, objection07
Puzzle Series: jewel08, platinum01
Puzzle Series: rumors22, zodiac17

June 30th, 2015
Trade with Lethe: my checkmate19, dreamchasers05, dreamchasers16, dreamchasers24, sasshi25, sparrow11 for bathtub14, exorcists208, garakuta22, garakuta23, garakuta24, kaoriyuki23
Trade with Roax: my falselove14, faaselove17 for bladechildren24, undine102

June 25th, 2015
Warped: buffclan18, falselove14, fourdragons22, memoryofjade218
Who Drew: dreamworld121, garakuta05, revolution119
Relationships: lesson16, sacrifice22, sakuratree17
Re-Cover: southside20, 1 coupon
So Vain: hydeland103, paperdolls24, void123
Trivia: bahamut215, jewel01, ladybug13
Puzzle: nightmare203, studentcouncil09, voice01
Freebies: azel15, designworks20, inverted14, nightmare217
Slots (2 matches): keigarou06, resonance14
War (Win): chronicle08, glasses07
Pickpocket: princesses20, sasshi25
Lottery: pirates509, shito122
Mega Memory: eorzea109, nirvana13, queencandidates03
Update freebies: tyrant03, flourish14, falselove17, crossroad05, paperdolls22, 1 coupon

June 19th, 2015
Level Up: undine106, undine111, undine123, undine124, stormriders17, ikuramoto15, contractkiss12, thanatos14, lucius14, god10, 3 Fame
Trade with Cami: my sakuratree17, spyrix11, lightmusic16 for garakuta25, exorcists110, umbrella10
Trade with Rahenna: my contractkiss04 for garakuta13
Trade with Kairi: my checkmate22, shoujo22 for bathtub07, resonance16
Trade with Kaz: my pirates518, ladybug13, highjump211, darkhour108, darkhour111, highjump104, highjump123, highjump207, psypher10 for bathtub12, bathtub15, fourdragons07, oddsandends104, onmyouji214, resonance06, roseprincess19, shito216, spring20 + membercards
Update freebies: sakuratree17, garakuta01, demons14, contractkiss04, sumaru12, spyrix11, lightmusic16, bahamut118, bahamut202, stardrops101

June 18th, 2015
No Template: blackmail10, redprince18, stormriders17
Lost Brush: bahamut120, platinum23, sern221, unspacy11
Police Report: checkmate19, phantomthief10, preciousstone18
Soundtrack: mvpbattle103, vampirekiller08, 1 coupon
Jigsaw: checkmate22, letsrock17, vampirekiller13
Freebies: cephiro206, dreamchasers05, kingdoms13, lcie117
Slots (2 matches): dreamchasers24, lookingglass21
War (Win): mooncell19, sumaru19
Pickpocket: bellliberty214, stepbrothers224, zodiac12
Lottery: divinemove201, shito124
Mega Memory: fourgods14, undine114, voice06
Game World: detective208, royalguard22, vongola09
Voices: battledoll02, mistletoe20, parasite112
Update freebies: undine120, journey115, 1 coupon, 1 Fame

June 16th, 2015
Trade with Wing: my nonary06, void225 for exorcists212, hitsuzen213 + membercards

June 14th, 2015
Trade with Eimii: my fourgods17, fourgods25, knightsofiris01, konpeito10, konpeito11, perceive15, redhair03, redhair07, redhair19, redhair20, shards03, wisewolf09 for bathtub03, exorcists118, exorcists121, exorcists204, exorcists218, hitsuzen102, hitsuzen202, hitsuzen220, journey122, journey124, journey222, shito107 + membercards
Trade with Kayori: my armband02, assassins01, assassins18, bellone204, eden06, eden17, etoile17, karin05, karin11, karin25, lesson14, millennium04, mvpbattle103, mvpbattle222, sixteen12, unlucky121 for bathtub09, cephiro219, hitsuzen123, konpeito06, onmyouji104, resonance25, shinigami04, shinigami22, shinigami23, shinigami25, shito110, shito222, sixstars15, sixstars22, spring14, umbrella03 + membercards

June 13th, 2015
Trade with Renako: my brs17, huke15, ikuramoto15, theguardian07, wildflower09, wildflower19 for bathtub11, fourdragons08, fourdragons19, journey113, journey119, konpeito01
Mini Mastery: waltz01, bellliberty223, onmyouji107, spira11, alicegame213, 3 Fame, custom badge
Autograph Book: lookingglass13, objection23, jusenkyo03, 1 Fame
Trade with Jun: my behelit19, dracula11, dracula20, dracula23, lily210, recovery225, vampirekiller19, voice16, eorzea118 for battledoll01, exorcists113, exorcists122, kaoriyuki06, oddsandends108, oddsandends121, oddsandends224, rebellion25, resonance13 + membercards
Trade with Ajisaitea: my azel15, glasses07, glasses12, igura216, jewel03, jewel16, jewel25, lookingglass02, studentcouncil04, studentcouncil12 for divinemove122, feathers209, flowers21, oddsandends206, oddsandends220, prism08, traceon105, traceon113, umbrella06, umbrella07
Trade with Marfisa: my bellliberty106, blackmail13, blueprince24, blueprince25, etoile15, etoile24, firstlimit23, labyrinth12, littleprince11, ruins21, unspacy07, unspacy20 for battledoll12, exorcists107, exorcists215, happiness09, journey205, journey207, kaoriyuki13, konpeito19, oddsandends207, oddsandends213, shito205, shito219
Trade with Cami: my ambition114, ambition222, bodyguards118, compileheart222, detective112, detective219, furies214, memories204, nightmare119, nightmare206, whiterose13, whiterose17 for battledoll23, exorcists201, fairytales15, hitsuzen106, journey220, princesses07, princesses12, rebellion24, shito103, shito221, umbrella11, umbrella12
Trade with Vanja: my mysidian13, moondreams224 for undine114, konpeito24

June 11th, 2015
Coupon Exchange: 1 coupon for aberration08
Warped: highschool120, memoryofjade118, shards03, traceon220
Who Drew: ashiato12, graph22, moonprincess10
Relationships: recovery217, ruins21, sern113
Re-Cover: etoile24, 1 coupon
So Vain: hitsuzen101, mvpbattle222, vongola16
Trivia: blueprince25, clow121, perceive12
Puzzle: phantom24, pirates110, sern111
Freebies: memoryofjade202, mysidian13, photograph10, princesses19
Slots (2 matches): fairytales16, zodiac20
War (Lose): einherjar24
Pickpocket: darkfate04, recovery225, wildflower09
Lottery: hinamizawa06, vongola25
Mega Memory: einherjar09, letsrock23, rhyme17
Update freebies: kao09, ashiato25, tiger17, waltz23, rain17, wildflower19, family14 / lily214, darkhour102, highschool208, 1 Fame
Trade with Ets: my eorzea108, nonary02 for journey111, redhair19
Trade with Lethe: my guardians217, kirsche08, kirsche25 for goldenwitch14, highschool209, konpeito20

June 4th, 2015
No Template: assassins01, clow225, memories204
Lost Brush: feathers215, forgemasters01, furies214, onmyouji125
Police Report: inautumn05, insummer16, sonsofsatan08
Soundtrack: feathers110, hitsuzen208, 1 coupon
Voices: eden17, glasses07, thebelow02
Game World: bathtub05, igura216, umbrella18
Jigsaw: romance21, void225, zodiac12
Freebies: dusksky06, fashion12, ruinedworld12, theoutsider15
Slots (2 matches): heartegg117, konpeito11
War (Win): dragons07, guardians217
Pickpocket: jewel03, kingdoms18, shikonjewel207
Lottery: bathtub08, dracula20
Mega Memory: behelit19, greenglass203, unspacy07
Star (blue): alicegame212, curse113, kaoriyuki08, chronicle19, 1 Fame
Update freebies: nirvana14, spring12, keigarou25, jusenkyo05, sixstars06, landmark16, stepbrothers113, stepbrothers213, sparrow11, deathgame09
Wishing Well: jewel16, phantom10
Fallen Phrases: clow321, dragons01, nonary06, planets15, redhair07, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): darkhour108, firstlimit23, pirates514, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: flowers19, kirsche08
Puzzle Series: blueprince25, crusnik109
Puzzle Series: formcode09, graph20
Puzzle Series: lesson14, phantom03
Card replacement: gamers02 -> lookingglass02

May 29th, 2015
Trade with Lethe: my truehistory15 for bathtub18
Trade with Roax: my thebelow16 for undine223
Trade with Kairi: my alicegame120, alicegame206, seven17 for exorcists205, hitsuzen221, resonance03
Trade with Cami: my whiterose06 for kaoriyuki10
Warped: jewel25, madoka04, mistletoe08, studentcouncil04
Error Report: lily210, glasses12

May 28th, 2015
Who Drew: demonking103, perceive15, seven17
Relationships: cephiro216, monsterhigh12, zodiac18
Re-Cover: konpeito10, 1 coupon
So Vain: hitsuzen109, inspring08, whiterose17
Trivia: dracula11, hitsuzen118, kazuaki210
Puzzle: bathtub02, exorcists102, studentcouncil09
Freebies: eorzea118, hitsuzen205, royalguard02, shoujo22
Slots (2 matches): parasite122, rumors15
War (Ace): nightmare119, pieta19, 1 coupon
Pickpocket: fourgods17, greenglass207, rebellion03
Lottery: dragons25, southside18
Mega Memory: adventurer14, exorcists221, karin03
Update freebies: traceon124, traceon209, shikonjewel118, shikonjewel213, alicegame120, alicegame206, romance11, thebelow16, nightmare109, nightmare206, undine105, 1 coupon
Odd Job #1: pirates214, feathers206, witches20, unspacy20, hitsuzen217, witches13, 2 Fame
Trade with Lenamii: my adventurer03, adventurer12, alchemist03, phantomthief23 for bathtub13, battledoll04, battledoll25, bladechildren03 + membercards

May 22nd, 2015
Trade with Vanja: my behelit19, hydeland119, hydeland207, memoria01, memoria24 for konpeito10, konpeito15, konpeito17, resonance22, resonance23 + membercards
No Template: formcode24, mistletoe19, perceive15
Lost Brush: highjump104, millennium05, moonprincess09, sixteen15
Police Report: adventurer03, bellone204, fashion09
Soundtrack: einherjar01, littleprince02, 1 coupon
Voices: greenglass225, highschool109, nostalgia09
Game World: queencandidates14, sonsofsatan14, theguardian07
Jigsaw: demonking110, phantomthief23, weather10
Freebies: highjump207, prism16, psypher10, rainbownotes23
Slots (2 matches): truth117, whiterose06
War (Lose): dracula05
Pickpocket: alchemist03, mvpbattle103
Lottery: huke02, pureblood21
Mega Memory: nonary02, pureblood17, resonance15
Update freebies: flowers05, bathtub17, sern105, sern211, loveworks14, sapphire10, hydeland119, hydeland207, detective112, detective219, shards08, attribute01, studentcouncil12, ambition114, ambition222, undine104, undine215
Trade with Kairi: my heartegg125, platinum20, platinum23, spira13, stormriders10 for heartegg212, redhair03, vampirekiller14, hitsuzen215, dollars22

May 15th, 2015
Level Up: undine110, undine118, undine122, undine125, eorzea108, exorcists112, blueprince24, crystal16, moonprincess09, exorcists209, 3 Fame
Warped: cosmic12, formcode07, fourdragons05, monsterhigh19
Who Drew: bladechildren10, goldenwitch02, karin25
Relationships: journey104, memoria24, pirates511
Re-Cover: weather04, 1 coupon
So Vain: adventurer12, azel15, eternal01
Trivia: bellliberty106, memoryofjade113, unlucky121
Puzzle: feathers101, feathers109, sasshi09
Freebies: goldenwitch20, inwinter17, photograph17, spira13
Freebies: heartegg125, royalguard23, umbrella20, wisewolf09
Slots (2 matches): jewel14, vampirekiller15
War (Win): fourgods25, happiness11
Pickpocket: highschool225, lookingglass02
Lottery: clow220, kaoriyuki22, truth103
Mega Memory: humanflesh17, platinum23, vampirekiller19
Update freebies: sonsofsatan10, brs17, knightsofiris01, curse122, curse206, ikuramoto15, vampirereign17, reincarnation04, inwinter02, buffclan09, crusnik116, crusnik212, dhampir14, highjump123, highjump211

May 11th, 2015
Autograph Book: blackmail13, heartegg213, karin11, 1 Fame
Trade with Ets: my magitek01 for wired13
Trade with Samichan: my shoujo05, theguardian12 for bladechildren20, inautumn03 + membercards

May 7th, 2015
Mini Mastery: stormriders10, assassins18, memoria01, compileheart222, behelit19, 2 Fame, custom badge
Trade with Mysti: my einherjar04 for shito125 + membercards
Wishing Well: kirsche25, lily210
Fallen Phrases: cephiro123, guardians204, monsterhigh01, prism15, sevencolors12, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): crisis20, eden06, feathers102, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: karin05, ruinedworld21
Puzzle Series: pieta01, rivalworkshops03
Puzzle Series: littleprince11, moonprincess18
Puzzle Series: kazuaki216, magitek01
No Template: crystal13, shito121, unspacy20
Lost Brush: crystal07, heartegg125, sixteen02, umbrella15
Police Report: northside11, oddsandends114, redprince23
Soundtrack: highschool206, truehistory15, 1 coupon
Voices: bodyguards118, cosmic15, memoryofjade107
Game World: clow109, darkhour111, whiterose13
Jigsaw: moondreams224, sixteen05, unspacy21
Freebies: armband02, etoile17, mayonaka20, perceive25
Slots (2 matches): oneyearwar21, truth202
War (Lose): battledoll16
Pickpocket: huke15, jewel16, shoujo05
Lottery: dollars15, pirates518, voice16
Mega Memory: fourgods25, hitsuzen110, palladium12
Star (blue): etoile15, theguardian12, gamers02, adventurer17, 1 Fame
Update freebies: exorcists106, exorcists224, blancetnoir08, roseprincess09, nonary01, unspacy08, fashion09, spira10, goldenwitch12, iloveyou13, millennium16, sasshi17, guardians119, glasses25, wired17
Trade with Nammy: my inverted19 for undine217 + membercards

May 2nd, 2015
Trade with Kairi: my stormriders06 for kaoriyuki06 + membercards
Trade with Mousey: my thevirgin06 for konpeito22 + membercards
Trade with Marfisa: my bellliberty222, bellone219, unlucky107, unlucky224 for konpeito13, oddsandends117, oddsandends122, oddsandends205 + membercards

May 1st, 2015
Trade with Cami: my bodyguards205, bodyguards225, thanatos10 for my hitsuzen201, konpeito18, shito214 + membercards
Trade with Cate: my aya11, objection12, rhyme04, lily112 for oddsandends124, oddsandends202, oddsandends211, oddsandends218 + membercards
Trade with Rahenna: my psypher17, vampirekiller04 for undine113, undine212 + membercards
Trade with Roax: my aberration06 for happiness11 + membercards
Trade with Kearin: my moondreams120, psypher06, psypher24 for hitsuzen211, undine101, undine108 + membercards
Trade with Ajisaitea: my cronicle06, mindbreaker04, mvpbattle120, parasite122, parasite204 for battledoll08, battledoll13, oddsandends222, undine203, undine210 + membercards
Trade with Jessica: my highschool220 for undine220 + membercards
Trade with Renako: my witches19 for konpeito05 + membercards
Trade with Ets: my magitek19 for oddsandends201 + membercards
Trade with Lethe: my checkmate07, checkmate09, noa18 for konpeito11, quartetnight25, shinigami20 + membercards

April 30th, 2015
Warped: highschool220, psypher17, redhair20, stormriders06
Who Drew: labyrinth12, mindbreaker04, unlucky224
Relationships: cephiro202, lily112, platinum20
Re-Cover: oddsandends106, 1 coupon
So Vain: bladechildren22, hitsuzen212, psypher06
Trivia: psypher24, thanatos10, undine119
Puzzle: mvpbattle120, rebellion12, unlucky107
Freebies: bellone219, inspring22, journey121, phantom11
Slots (2 matches): resonance08, southside06
War (Ace): shito211, witches19, 1 coupon
Pickpocket: magitek19, sixteen12
Lottery: feathers102, konpeito03
Mega Memory: alrevis24, bellliberty222, rhyme04, vampirekiller04
Star (blue): einherjar04, chronicle06, checkmate07, inverted19, 1 Fame
New decks: battledoll24, aberration11, divinemove118, divinemove225, vongola09, objection12, inautumn08, insummer19, quartetnight17, hitsuzen115, hitsuzen202, shinigami16, aya11, noa18, ladybug13
Update freebies: oddsandends119, clow201, happiness03, undine107, hitsuzen222, divinemove115, journey114

April 28th, 2015
Starter pack: undine103, undine115, undine121, thevirgin06, clow203, bodyguards205, checkmate09, sixteen05, moondreams120, dracula23, bodyguards225, happiness17, parasite122, onewish01, parasite204, dreamchasers16

1. Hotaru 9.
2. Kaz 10.
3. Natsu 11.
4. Suuhime 12.
5. LiCobra 13.
6. Amber 14.
7. 15.
next book: n/a
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Trade Request

Date: 2015-08-14 01:38 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hi, Jannet ~ Would you trade your kirito06 for my bladechildren05 & member cards? Thanks for your time ~


Re: Trade Request

Date: 2015-08-14 01:39 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
dope, that should be Jannet here ~

Re: Trade Request

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2015-08-22 10:19 pm (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2015-08-22 04:33 pm (UTC)
nicolitis: (pic#6840311)
From: [personal profile] nicolitis
Hi Mirai, this is Kairi! Would you consider trading your fashion22, pastry05, seven21 for my exorcists120, captivehearts09, captivehearts17?

(no subject)

From: [personal profile] nicolitis - Date: 2015-09-02 04:20 pm (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2015-08-25 09:20 am (UTC)
fortuneparty: (minami LOVES this water bottle)
From: [personal profile] fortuneparty
hello, it's Chives! would you like konpeito21, happiness25 for your fruit105, gamers09?

Date: 2015-09-02 05:11 pm (UTC)
nicolitis: (pic#6840305)
From: [personal profile] nicolitis
Hi, it's Kairi! I have arrived to propose a trade again ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)

Would you trade your rainbownotes15 for my oddsandends210?

Edited Date: 2015-09-02 05:12 pm (UTC)

(no subject)

From: [personal profile] nicolitis - Date: 2015-09-05 02:03 pm (UTC) - Expand

Me again <3

Date: 2015-09-05 11:16 pm (UTC)
hotaru1991: (Default)
From: [personal profile] hotaru1991
Hi again, Mirai! Would you please trade your moonprincess24 for my captivehearts05? <3

Re: Me again <3

From: [personal profile] hotaru1991 - Date: 2015-09-08 09:29 pm (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2015-09-12 04:44 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hello, Kaz here.
Would you trade your amefuto223, vongola09 for my bladechildren20, goldenwitch02?

(no subject)

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2015-09-17 09:07 pm (UTC) - Expand

Trade? (from lenamii)

Date: 2015-09-14 03:56 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hiii~ Would you like to trade your ephinea02, hurricane10, soma16, soma24 cards for my ashiato04, curse116, journey117, family12 cards? :3

- http://lenamii.carbonbeauty.net/

Re: Trade? (from lenamii)

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2015-09-19 04:24 pm (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2015-09-23 10:01 pm (UTC)
hotaru1991: (Default)
From: [personal profile] hotaru1991
Hi Mirai, me again! You're probably sick of me by now XD

My braves09, cephiro117, dragons02, exorcists117, heartegg123, heartegg225 for your clow219, kirito03, marmalade18, marmalade22, senka15, senka18? <3

(no subject)

From: [personal profile] hotaru1991 - Date: 2015-09-28 10:54 pm (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2015-11-03 09:09 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hello, Kaz here! Would you trade your darkhour101, darkhour115, hydeland110, pure15 for my garakuta07, battledoll03, divinemove123, traceon217?


Date: 2015-11-04 03:01 am (UTC)
hotaru1991: (Default)
From: [personal profile] hotaru1991
Hi again! My braves05, brs13 for your icecold22, panisangelics25? <3

Re: ^_^<3

From: [personal profile] hotaru1991 - Date: 2015-11-06 11:14 pm (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2015-11-07 12:31 am (UTC)
suguro: (Default)
From: [personal profile] suguro
Hello Mirai! Would you like butler219, gaisokyu113, gaisokyu209, innocent09, insummer06, goldenwitch24 for amefuto11, firstlove19, furies103, furies215, furies223, ladybug11 + MC trade?

Date: 2015-11-08 01:15 am (UTC)
nicolitis: (Default)
From: [personal profile] nicolitis
Hi Mirai, this is Kairi! Would you consider trading your pastry25, lcie121, lcie125, lcie202, lcie205, pandora221, stardrops109 for my bladechildren18, bladechildren23, exorcists108, spring16, stepbrothers108, stepbrothers109, wired12?

(no subject)

From: [personal profile] nicolitis - Date: 2015-11-15 12:43 am (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2015-11-14 05:52 am (UTC)
samichan: (killua)
From: [personal profile] samichan
Hi Mirai, trade your dresspheres15, dresspheres21, dresspheres23, dungeon25, phantomthief04, phantomthief17, phantomthief18 for my ab06, ab17, braves06, braves08, brs09, brs16, butler204?

Trade? <3

Date: 2015-11-14 08:19 pm (UTC)
hotaru1991: (Default)
From: [personal profile] hotaru1991
Hi Mirai! It's Hotaru again! Would you please trade your lucifer05, lucifer21, platinum09 for my ab23, butler111, butler124? <3

Re: Trade? <3

From: [personal profile] hotaru1991 - Date: 2015-11-22 02:31 pm (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2015-11-20 01:13 am (UTC)
samichan: (hiyori)
From: [personal profile] samichan
Thanks! <3

Date: 2015-11-24 12:38 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hello, it's Kaz :3 Would you trade your stormriders16 for my heartegg214?


Trading Academy Trade

Date: 2015-11-29 10:37 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hi Mirai, this is Amber! Would you be interested in trading your energynede18, sheep01, and sheep19 for my flowers15, heartegg224 and magi208 (+ member cards)?

Thank you!!

Date: 2015-12-21 07:11 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hello, Kaz here. Would you trade your darkhour208, feathers202, parasite122 for my royalguard14, captivehearts24, dragons16? Thanks for your time!


(no subject)

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2015-12-28 04:01 am (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2015-12-22 06:39 am (UTC)
licobra: (Default)
From: [personal profile] licobra
Hi Mirai! Would you like to trade your ambition104, flowertown04 and flowertown10 for my brs17, dragonkings08 and flowers01? And member cards? ^^
Edited Date: 2015-12-26 10:20 pm (UTC)


Date: 2015-12-27 03:13 pm (UTC)
hotaru1991: (Default)
From: [personal profile] hotaru1991
Hi Mirai, it's Hotaru! Would you please trade your keyblade07, keyblade13, mayutan15, romance08 for my royalguard10, ab01, braves13, butler104? <3

Re: Trade

From: [personal profile] hotaru1991 - Date: 2015-12-27 10:41 pm (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2016-01-03 06:54 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hey Mirai, this is Amber! Would you be interested in trading your samurai102 and alicegame107 for my bladechildren01 an braves04?


Date: 2016-01-09 03:12 am (UTC)
hotaru1991: (Default)
From: [personal profile] hotaru1991
Hi again, Mirai!

My captivehearts03 & captivehearts12 for your hoenn306 & kronosheaven21?

Thanks as always! <3


Re: Hi!

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2016-01-12 11:55 am (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2016-01-13 01:23 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hellooo, Kaz here. Would you be willing to trade your darkhour211, darkhour218, dreamworld108, dreamworld122, dreamworld212, dungeon07, nightmare210, pieta05 for my bladechildren04, bladechildren06, brs21, huke13, pirates221, pirates225, rebound106, spring09?

Thanks for your time!

(no subject)

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2016-01-19 11:10 am (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2016-01-28 10:06 am (UTC)
licobra: (Default)
From: [personal profile] licobra
Hi Mirai,

Would you like to trade your artificial116, artificial119, vampirehunter08, umbrella05, umbrella06 and umbrella11 for my butler122, happiness07, nirvana01, northside08, onewish16 and pirates209? ^^

Date: 2016-02-14 02:48 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hey Mirai, this is Amber! Would you be interested in trading your thevirgin01 and perceive16 for my fiore219 and gaisokyu202? :) Thank you!
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