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please refer Mirai if you join!

✩✩✩ to trade: please comment or send me an e-mail at x.mir4i@gmail.com

>> player info
player name; Mirai
join date; April 28th, 2015
current level; master
card count; 2477
next level at; 2501

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forgemasters02, braves02, hinamizawa19, vongola14, labyrinth06,
oaktree13, alrevis12, reaching106, ab12, kanto118

< #2 >

labyrinth04, monsterhigh22, falling11, insummer20, jewel08,
spyrix05, palladium11, blastia11, highjump215, nonary11

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none right now! x96 x73
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February 17th, 2016
Warped: kingdoms10, mooncell22, preciousstone14, stepbrothers103
Who Drew: carnelian119, dresspheres14, lily215
Relationships: carnelian204, greatking04, memoria05
Re-Cover: oneyearwar15, 1 coupon
So Vain: captive16, hunterexam01, thevirgin07
Trivia: ambition105, blackpearl21, blancetnoir24
Puzzle: perfect05, reaching115, thevirgin24
Freebies: mvpbattle121, sixstars24, insignia07, storyeater105
Slots (2 matches): onevoice16, oni09
War (Win): ikuramoto07, tinkerbell203
Pickpocket: blackmail17, bookofpictures321, clones123
Lottery: pose220
Patron Bonus: checkmate08, 1 coupon, 1 Fame / spyrix05
Update freebies: perceive02, hitsuzen114 / 1 Fame / reaching106
New decks: poison13, sixthsense07, captive05, garnet17, lovers23, horologium111, horologium219
Mini Mastery: pact01, nostalgia14, pandora212, lcie125, void105, 1 Fame, custom badge
Trade with Amber: my thevirgin01, perceive16 for fiore219, gaisokyu202

February 4th, 2016
Mastered captivehearts: hitsuzen122, hitsuzen125, graph01, huke19, detective106, 1 Fame
Mastered bladechildren: captivehearts10, captivehearts18, vivid21, konpeito01, nightdwellers122, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 2 coupons for bladechildren19, captivehearts19
Star (purple): deathlines15, eternal07, ruckus109, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: alicegame102, attribute02
Fallen Phrases: crossroad10, lucifer11, marriage24, nightmare125, unwound10, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): hoenn217, lookingglass11, sixteen11, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: behelit08, happiness17
Puzzle Series: shikonjewel115, unwound13
Puzzle Series: cosmic10, dhampir23
Puzzle Series: madoka24, seven16
Freebies: ab08, igura211, lostcanvas07, outbreak03
Freebies: exorcists204, highjump101, fourknights06, venus20
Slots (2 matches): diabolical13, jewel19
War (Ace): reaching209, redhair19, 1 coupon
Pickpocket: kaiden107, lucius05
Lottery: musashi17, onewish02
Patron Bonus: zero10, 1 coupon, 1 Fame / highjump215
New decks: nightdwellers104, nightdwellers223, classmates10, outbreak17, fourknights14, lostcanvas25, venus23
Wish freebies: perceive20, captivehearts16 / 5 Fame

January 30th, 2016
Trade with LiCobra: my artificial116, artificial119, vampirehunter08, umbrella05, umbrella06, umbrella11 for butler122, happiness07, nirvana01, northside08, onewish16, pirates209
Autograph Book: weather05, hoenn103, fantasia18, 1 Fame

January 27th, 2016
Mastered royalguard: bladechildren09, bladechildren21, johto210, millennium13, bookofpictures102, 1 Fame
Mastered hitsuzen2: royalguard04, royalguard16, pirates406, fourdragons22, god21, 1 Fame
Mastered flowers: hitsuzen218, royalguard09, ab24, bellone210, romantic207, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 4 coupons for flowers07, flowers18, hitsuzen206, hitsuzen216
Cursed Cards (end): journey210, shiru21, stepbrothers209, 3 coupons, 5 Fame
Cursed Cards A: kronosheaven07, mgn22, unlucky205
Cursed Cards B: sweetdreams14, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: ashiato25, checkmate20, musashi09
Cursed Cards B: divinemove107, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: redhair11, stepbrothers108, stride125
Cursed Cards B: cradle12, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: elsior123, sinners23, watase10
Cursed Cards B: titans02, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: fiore217, icecold20, void224
Cursed Cards B: falselove14, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: mayonaka20, mvpbattle209, truehistory07
Cursed Cards B: ronin09, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: hoenn122, maigo113, nightmare224
Cursed Cards B: pirates208, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: loveworks02, samurai122, sevenstars225
Cursed Cards B: diabolical14, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: fantasia15, juliet11, sapphire13
Cursed Cards B: elemental03, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: bamboo22, oneyearwar13, spira20
Cursed Cards B: void111, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: ashiato04, diplomat220, dokidoki20
Cursed Cards B: ephinea25, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: blastia01, millennium08, sevencolors15
Cursed Cards B: andhesaid16, 1 Fame
Cursed Cards A: eorzea117, fruit218, nonary12
Freebies: pandora214, reaching108, dusksea15, vampirehunter16
Freebies: goddess207, voice01, shaman03, shaman21
Slots (2 matches): foodwars10, pirates204
War (Win): unlucky119, vampirehunter01
Pickpocket: journey210, undine124
Lottery: kanto406, pact17
Patron Bonus: unlucky122, 1 coupon, 1 Fame / monsterhigh22
Update freebies: kanto118 / bladechildren16, flowers23, hitsuzen224, royalguard01, dragonkings09

January 26th, 2016
Trade with Suuhime: my alicegame105, alicegame222, astraeahill08, keyblade11, marriage04, marriage21, oddsandends108, oddsandends111, sweetdreams14, undine107, undine121 for brs19, dragonkings25, feathers121, magi106, magi121, onewish09, onewish21, perceive14, rebellion01, roseprincess08, spring01 + membercards
Trade with Natsu: my foodwars08, loveme109, loveme120 for brs02, royalguard20, southside10 + membercards
Trade with Gosia: my goddess118, goddess121, goddess201, goddess203, goddess215, exorcists118, exorcists214, hagoromo04, hagoromo19, kronosheaven04, lotiswords12, monado108, pirates222, ronin08, shikonjewel204 for dragonkings02, dragonkings17, dragons17, feathers214, northside14, onmyouji205, silvereyed08, silvereyed16, southside25, spring03, spring07, spring23, spring25, wonderland08, yumeno209 + membercards
Trade with Nejana: my curse113, eorzea118, eorzea122, eorzea201, eorzea208, fourgods16, fourgods18, goddess223, hayagami04, hayagami09, pampuru05, renewal09 for brs15, dragonkings03, dragons14, feathers108, feathers218, flowers04, flowers22, happiness19, onewish18, perceive21, southside22, spring08 + membercards
Trade with Jaga: my persocom09, phantomthief17 for dragons18, pact09 + membercards
Trade with Mimi: my darkhour119, etoile08, planets09, planets12, planets15, planets17 for my clover08, flowers03, jellyfish02, persocom13, persocom25, yumeno117 + membercards
Trade with Deanna: my falselove12, falselove21, noa18, monsterhigh01 for feathers212, flowers14, magickiss01, magickiss05 + membercards
Trade with Fin: my ouroboros18, ouroboros19, ouroboros20, sasshi14, sasshi15, seven24, seven25, spira02, spira04 for cephiro204, cephiro224, flowers25, happiness20, northside05, onewish05, shito104, southside17, zero10 + membercards
Trade with Crystal: my alicegame218, alicegame225, crusnik117, crusnik205 for dragons06, magickiss04, magickiss24, onewish03 + membercards

January 21st, 2016
Freebies: clow112, falling08, shaman10, vampirehunter08
Slots (2 matches): blackpearl14, undine107
War (Win): sasshi11, southside24
Pickpocket: divinemove114, sparrow24
Lottery: kazuaki119, norn101
Patron Bonus: vampirekiller13, 1 coupon, 1 Fame / blastia11

January 16th, 2016
Freebies: aya02, pieces105, kronosheaven04, oddjobs121
Slots (2 matches): magicviolin19, schoollife12
War (Lose): ladybug08
Pickpocket: alrevis04, strongwill03
Lottery: sapphire14, vampirekiller05
Patron Bonus: lesson16, 1 coupon, 1 Fame / nonary11
Trade with Kaz: my darkhour211, darkhour218, dreamworld108, dreamworld122, dreamworld212, dungeon07, nightmare210, pieta05 for bladechildren04, bladechildren06, brs21, huke13, pirates221, pirates225, rebound106, spring09

January 12th, 2016
Freebies: memoria19, schoollife12, oddjobs209, shaman07
Slots (2 matches): contractkiss06, keyblade11
War (Ace): dollars22, repeat123, 1 coupon
Pickpocket: playgirl22, sern117
Lottery: gaisokyu109, vongola18
Patron Bonus: forgemasters11, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Mini Mastery: exorcists118, whiterose05, lotiswords12, hayagami04, keigarou14, 1 Fame, custom badge
Trade with Hotaru: my hoenn306, kronosheaven21 for captivehearts03, captivehearts12

January 4th, 2016
Recycle Bin: captivehearts15, feathers122, palladium11
Star (purple): dance23, moonprincess04, dokidoki03, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: girlfriend25, glasses22
Fallen Phrases: artificial221, darkfate04, girlinthesky15, void113, wisewolf12, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): humanflesh08, shoujo09, stepbrothers201, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: onevoice04, stepbrothers214
Puzzle Series: fonons13, memoryofjade104
Puzzle Series: deathscythe01, ruckus212
Puzzle Series: johto113, magitek18
Freebies: sern112, thebelow24, kronosheaven21, oddjobs210
Slots (2 matches): onewish10, sweetdreams15
War (Win): clover07, oddsandends108
Pickpocket: darkhour211, deathscythe16
Lottery: clover12
Patron Bonus: revolution205, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: flowers06, hitsuzen117, royalguard19 / hitsuzen210, captivehearts02, bladechildren15 / whiterose19, exile117, innocent19, sapphire12, lcie214, clover16, amaterasu15, seven24, mistletoe14, nightmare123, hoenn306, elsior121
Update freebies: oddjobs101, oddjobs222, shaman08, watase23, kronosheaven07
Trade with Amber: my samurai102, alicegame107 for bladechildren01, braves04

December 27th, 2015
Warped: goldenwitch12, hoenn206, planeptune106, tinkerbell113
Who Drew: happiness02, knightsofiris07, zodiac21
Relationships: buffclan20, huke08, memoryofjade220
Re-Cover: armband06, 1 coupon
So Vain: adamandeve01, leamonde03, sotano24
Puzzle: gamers17, reiatsu17, tinkerbell220
Freebies: bodyguards107, flowertown11, stride103, stride204
Slots (3 matches): einherjar08, moonprincess15, sixteen17, 1 coupon
War (Win): icecold12, pieta05
Pickpocket: darkhour218, glasses13
Lottery: neotokyo19, remnants13
Patron Bonus: poyoyon10, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: 2 Fame / captivehearts04, flowers09, royalguard18 / hitsuzen112, hitsuzen225 / feathers224, shito101
Update freebies: hayagami09, futurediary04, magickiss07
Trade with Hotaru: my keyblade07, keyblade13, mayutan15, romance08 for royalguard10, ab01, braves13, butler104
Trade with LiCobra: my ambition104, flowertown04, flowertown10 for brs17, dragonkings08, flowers01 + membercards
Trade with Kaz: my darkhour208, feathers202, parasite122 for royalguard14, captivehearts24, dragons16

December 20th, 2015
Mini Mastery: persocom24, marriage21, sparrow17, johto311, artificial117, 1 Fame, custom badge
No Template: alchemy12, hydeland204, neotokyo23
Lost Brush: bodyguards210, curious25, goddess223, resonance12
Police Report: hagoromo19, heartegg210, juliet21
Soundtrack: bookofpictures116, loveme109, 1 coupon
Voices: fiore117, mindbreaker14, witches12
Game World: bamboo08, curse120, thevirgin01
Novel-ty Game: fruit213, rivalworkshops24, undine121
Freebies: inautumn08, letsrock11, bamboo20, flowertown10
Slots (2 matches): darkhour119, igura224
War (Win): bookofpictures219, sotano06
Pickpocket: kymg13, orion19, quartetnight04
Lottery: hostclub120, pose224
Patron Bonus: moondreams206, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: flowers12, hitsuzen120 / bladechildren17, captivehearts11, royalguard08
Update freebies: bamboo06, diplomat109, diplomat221, sweepers20, alchemy24, flowertown04

December 12th, 2015
Mastered battledoll: hitsuzen214, hitsuzen219, traceon121, sparrow24, umbrella10, 1 Fame
Mastered exorcists1: battledoll09, battledoll18, eorzea201, demons14, pirates421, 1 Fame
Level Up: exorcists116, exorcists125, battledoll17, battledoll22, contractkiss22, planeptune120, stepbrothers214, scholar17, millennium11, parasite117, 3 Fame
Star (pink): pirates222, perfect16, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Warped: compileheart107, fonons04, hoenn306, sevencolors24
Who Drew: dollars18, parasite117, planets09
Relationships: rainbownotes15, umbrella17, unlucky212
Re-Cover: redprince01, 1 coupon
So Vain: deathlines14, goddess104, monsterhigh08
Trivia: akademeia05, pure23, shinigami25
Puzzle: graph23, moondreams201, shito107
Freebies: fashion03, igura120, juliet15, renewal15
Slots (2 matches): moonprincess19, theoutsider17
War (Lose): ambition211
Pickpocket: darkhour208, sevencolors04
Lottery: romance06, shikonjewel204
Patron Bonus: captivehearts01, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Recycle Bin: captivehearts08, captivehearts14, captivehearts25
Wish freebies: exorcists109, perceive05, captivehearts23 / bladechildren11, royalguard17, battledoll20
Update freebies: romantic103, romantic221, renewal09, kanzenban15, music11, mitochondria17, mystica12

December 9th, 2015
No Template: astraeahill08, igura206, loveworks22
Lost Brush: alicegame105, bahamut107, pure25, pureblood14
Police Report: kazuaki209, oni23, reiatsu25
Soundtrack: anatolia03, pure19, 1 coupon
Voices: heavenandearth21, planets12, wired12
Game World: dhampir01, onmyouji110, silvereyed21
Novel-ty Game: eorzea201, god07, letsrock06
Freebies: brs14, deathscythe10, gashuu23, hoenn203
Slots (2 matches): genos03, inautumn01
War (Lose): forgemasters14
Pickpocket: god05, planeptune102
Lottery: family18, lesson18, reaching204, southside11
Patron Bonus: hinamizawa14, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: hitsuzen203, battledoll05, hitsuzen107, flowers13, 1 coupon
Update freebies: hoenn116, hoenn201, hoenn315, briefs07, mayutan15, gashuu22, ronin08

December 1st, 2015
Art Challenge (10 cards): mgn11, carnelian121, suplex12, chicago10, captivehearts01, 2 coupons, 5 Fame
Recycle Bin: my hurricane22, romance11, ruinedworld21 for bladechildren02, palladium11, perceive06
Odd Job #1: igura123, reaching119, southside07, alchemist12, demons22, tyrant23, 2 Fame
Star (pink): clow311, prism19, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: blastia23, sweetdreams15
Fallen Phrases: bookofpictures317, chicago23, crusnik205, musashi12, poyoyon03, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): bellliberty120, kymg11, pirates105, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: amaterasu05, loveworks03
Puzzle Series: alicegame222, traceon121
Puzzle Series: justice12, monsterhigh25
Puzzle Series: hidari122, reaching202

November 29th, 2015
Mastered shito2: exorcists119, exorcists124, fiore212, mayonaka25, johto210, 1 Fame
Mastered kaoriyuki: shito203, shito225, blueprince10, sumaru06, battle24, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 2 coupons for shito209, crisis23
Warped: clones203, deathlines08, mysidian09, persocom16
Who Drew: garakuta02, ikuramoto24, ingrids15
Relationships: blancetnoir15, chronicle17, sparrow01
Re-Cover: diabolical19, 1 coupon
So Vain: monsterhigh01, perfect01, sparrow05
Trivia: chicago21, dhampir16, landmark20
Puzzle: ambition104, aya19, gaisokyu110
Freebies: assassins20, nirvana21, bookofpictures217, fantasia25
Slots (2 matches): demons11, sacrifice13
War (Lose): highschool214
Pickpocket: moonprincess11, sern111
Lottery: dragonkings20, strongwill24
Patron Bonus: demonking123, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: feathers111, hitsuzen113 / shito208, royalguard03 / bladechildren25, labyrinth04, flowers20, insummer20 / brs24
Update freebies: bookofpictures115, bookofpictures202, bookofpictures321, wonderland17, fantasia05, serenade14
Trade with Amber: my energynede18, sheep01, sheep19 for flowers15, heartegg224, magi208 + membercards
Trade with Kaz: my stormriders16 for heartegg214

November 19th, 2015
Autograph Book: flourish16, nostalgia22, divinemove202, 1 Fame
No Template: onewish19, phantomthief17, planeptune114
Lost Brush: elsior123, forgemasters06, hunterexam21, umbrella11
Police Report: adventurer09, monado108, seven25
Soundtrack: feathers112, graph17, 1 coupon
Voices: foodwars08, naifu19, planeptune218
Game World: nuhe12, parade221, shito105
Novel-ty Game: clones110, sern224, whiteflower08
Freebies: onmyouji117, perceive18, amaterasu05, maigo124
Slots (2 matches): energynede18, esteria17
War (Lose): ruinedworld22
Pickpocket: alicegame107, pose114, sevenstars108
Lottery: lily122, pureblood16, revolution118
Patron Bonus: romance07, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: battledoll06, umbrella06, exorcists111, hitsuzen108, kaoriyuki12, 2 Fame
Update freebies: clover06, amaterasu23, repeat101, repeat219, maigo116, maigo212, kanto311
Trade with Hotaru: my lucifer05, lucifer21, platinum09 for ab23, butler111, butler124
Trade with Samichan: my dresspheres15, dresspheres21, dresspheres23, dungeon25, phantomthief04, phantomthief17, phantomthief18 for ab06, ab17, braves06, braves08, brs09, brs16, butler204

November 13th, 2015
Mastered garakuta: kaoriyuki02, kaoriyuki20, millennium21, redprince14, elsior111, 1 Fame
Mastered oddsandends1: garakuta03, garakuta09, ruckus209, roseprincess01, loveme120, 1 Fame
Warped: crusnik117, landmark05, parasite204, rivalworkshops24
Who Drew: checkmate04, dragonkings12, tinkerbell205
Relationships: kaoriyuki19, nirvana07, pastry05
Re-Cover: hitsuzen124, 1 coupon
So Vain: despair08, lucifer21, tyrant16
Trivia: orion21, traceon202, tyrant13
Puzzle: fruit123, perceive13, whiterose10
Freebies: ladybug23, unlucky216, hidari120, lucifer16
Slots (3 matches): crossroad06, goddess121, leamonde25, 1 coupon
War (Lose): guardians211
Pickpocket: brs20, undine214, yumeno214
Lottery: kaoriyuki09
Patron Bonus: platinum09, 1 coupon, 1 Fame
Mini Mastery: tinkerbell113, sinners08, rings219, perceive16, hurricane22, 1 Fame, custom badge
Wish freebies: kaoriyuki11, shito212 / bladechildren07, exorcists105, captivehearts22 / garakuta20, battledoll14 / 3 Fame
Update freebies: hidari101, hidari219, lucifer05, norn118, norn202, shiru16, ab13
Trade with Kairi: my pastry25, lcie121, lcie125, lcie202, lcie205, pandora221, stardrops109 for bladechildren18, bladechildren23, exorcists108, spring16, stepbrothers108, stepbrothers109, wired12
Trade with Marge: my amefuto111, firstlove19, furies103, furies215, furies223, ladybug11 for butler219, gaisokyu113, gaisokyu209, innocent09, insummer06, goldenwitch24 + membercards

November 6th, 2015
Birthday: feathers113, musashi22, southside02, stormriders16, 3 coupons, 3 Fame
Star (pink): bahamut103, igura105, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: magi215, sasshi14
Fallen Phrases: contractkiss16, eorzea208, fruit223, jellyfish14, johto319, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): cosmic04, despair03, memoryofjade205, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: artificial116, exorcists214
Puzzle Series: guardians213, mvpbattle103
Puzzle Series: battledoll04, nonary23
Puzzle Series: artificial205, blastia25
No Template: detective101, lesson20, voice25
Lost Brush: goldenwitch10, ingrids01, monado216, nightmare210
Police Report: akademeia25, romance11, sasshi15
Soundtrack: lcie202, umbrella05, 1 coupon
Game World: happiness24, ladybug11, romance13
Freebies: heartegg116, huke14, elemental22, firstlove19
Freebies: playgirl11, pure20, johto307, rebound108
Slots (2 matches): amefuto111, mvpbattle219
War (Lose): energynede24
Pickpocket: exile112, fiore124, voice08
Lottery: diabolical05, suplex24
Patron Bonus: fourdragons12, fruit207, sheep03, 1 Fame
Update freebies: johto103, johto222, johto302, voidgenome08, rebound122, rebound204, elemental12
Trade with Hotaru: my icecold22, panisangelics25 for braves05, brs13
Trade with Kaz: my darkhour101, darkhour115, hydeland110, pure15 for garakuta07, battledoll03, divinemove123, traceon217

November 2nd, 2015
Warped: eorzea201, kirito10, pieces123, tinkerbell115
Who Drew: heartegg102, highschool219, vampirekiller07
Relationships: eorzea118, igura108, nirvana19
Re-Cover: revolution117, 1 coupon
Trivia: dracula10, rainbownotes17, vampirekiller10
Puzzle: ashiato01, energynede25, fourdragons20
Freebies: diabolical10, keyblade07, artificial216, nuhe08
Slots (2 matches): onevoice20, planets17
War (Lose): checkmate02
Pickpocket: goddess104, stardrops109
Lottery: nostalgia20, yumeno119
Patron Bonus: adonis24, pandora115, thebelow15, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: oddsandends102, exorcists123, shito217 / garakuta16, kaoriyuki07
Update freebies: nuhe04, samurai102, samurai217, artificial119, artificial221

October 29th, 2015
Odd Job #1: shikonjewel225, detective224, pirates302, onevoice12, spring22, mana17, 2 Fame
Halloween (Friends): darkhour115, fiore210, inwinter08, 1 coupon, 3 Fame
Halloween (Durak): perceive16, truth215, 2 coupons, 3 Fame
Halloween (Student Council): dresspheres23, firstlimit11, sacrifice04, 1 coupon, 3 Fame
Halloween event (Yagami): sasshi20, compileheart110, crossroad12
Halloween event (Tomo): jusenkyo07, whiteflower24, stepbrothers222
Halloween event (Arata): wildflower18, girlfriend23, sapphire15
Halloween event (Chiba): chronicle24, furies215, magitek05
Halloween event (Sonoda): hunterexam12, persocom09, witches22
Halloween event (Joker): sakuratree05, naifu09, bellone106, shards11, brs23
Halloween event (Takato): redprince07, sasshi21, tinkerbell324
Halloween event (Kuya): phantomthief04, knightsofiris21, girlfriend09
Halloween event (Yuki): armband25, highschool204, kazuaki105

October 28th, 2015
Mastered exorcists2: oddsandends105, oddsandends120, wired22, pact23, unspacy24, 1 Fame
Mastered journey1: oddsandends116, oddsandends122, psypher08, energynede11, dragons23, 1 Fame
Level Up: journey118, exorcists202, exorcists219, exorcists222, phantomthief18, chicago14, photograph19, mysidian18, soma13, diabolical20, 3 Fame
No Template: lesson19, pieces110, recovery217
Lost Brush: ambition210, gaisokyu221, pirates506, tyrant09
Police Report: loveworks24, metalheart07, senka20
Soundtrack: bahamut117, parade106, 1 coupon
Voices: innocent14, nonary08, nonary15
Game World: ashiato10, redhair19, unlucky215
Jigsaw: furies223, memoryofjade122, persocom06
Freebies: flourish22, lily104, magi123, magi216
Slots (2 matches): dresspheres21, princesses03
War (Lose): aberration01
Pickpocket: contractkiss06, dragonkings16, studentcouncil23
Lottery: diabolical25, inautumn11
Patron Bonus: aya09, dungeon07, voice22, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: demonking206, exorcists217, battledoll19 / garakuta12 / oddsandends113, exorcists101
Update freebies: shito202, hitsuzen209

October 21st, 2015
Warped: behelit15, compileheart107, designworks04, knightsofiris24
Who Drew: adonis23, guardians106, recovery215
Relationships: fourdragons06, ikuramoto25, strongwill08
So Vain: inwinter08, karin11, perfect23
Puzzle: cephiro203, deathscythe14, pirates122
Freebies: designworks16, sacrifice12, magi205, magi221
Slots (3 matches): carnelian214, moondreams121, wildflower08, 1 coupon
War (Ace): bodyguards123, ephinea20, 1 coupon
Pickpocket: guardians210, highschool219
Lottery: lily201
Patron Bonus: akaneiro207, royalguard12, royalguard25, 1 Fame
Mini Mastery: prism22, ashiato03, guardians222, ouroboros18, bellone223, 1 Fame, custom badge
Wish freebies: pureblood02, bladechildren13 / flowers11, journey105, garakuta19 / letsrock15, tinkerbell307
Update freebies: dungeon25, magi109, magi217

October 12th, 2015
Mastered shinigami: journey109, journey112, kirito24, konpeito23, royalguard05, 1 Fame
Mastered resonance: shinigami10, shinigami12, lucius22, bahamut101, garakuta05, 1 Fame
Mastered fourdragons: resonance09, resonance20, undine121, bladechildren08, theguardian24, 1 Fame
Mastered undine2: fourdragons04, fourdragons17, tyrant09, humanflesh01, wisewolf05, 1 Fame
Mastered oddsandends2: undine208, undine214, demonking222, bellliberty122, exorcists114, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 1 coupon for oddsandends216
No Template: gamers07, igura104, memoria01
Lost Brush: hostclub115, shoujo12, windrider11, witches21
Police Report: adventurer02, magitek17, parade222
Soundtrack: goddess118, revolution221, 1 coupon
Voices: bellliberty108, kirito19, marriage03
Game World: kazuaki211, oneyearwar20, perfect02
Jigsaw: blackmail18, keigarou04, memories113
Freebies: fourdragons09, traceon102, butler209, icecold22
Slots (2 matches): crusnik216, pandora221
War (Win): ladybug19, onewish24
Pickpocket: goddess201, pure18
Lottery: spring22, undine222
Patron Bonus: bathtub14, igura217, romance08, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: fourdragons13, oddsandends209, journey102, resonance05, shito224, anatolia16

October 6th, 2015
Star (pink): nirvana23, lookingglass05, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: family10, planeptune109
Fallen Phrases: insummer18, rain18, schoollife22, sevenstars122, thanatos13, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): bahamut202, landmark08, lily202, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: deathlines01, signofzeta15
Puzzle Series: darkhour101, hagoromo04
Puzzle Series: pose221, zodiac07
Puzzle Series: parasite116, silvereyed22
Warped: dhampir20, gaisokyu112, ladybug25, oaktree11
Who Drew: photograph02, revolution116, rings103
Relationships: adamandeve04, bathtub09, neighbor18
Re-Cover: pirates123, 1 coupon
Trivia: hydeland204, orion04, wisewolf09
Puzzle: flowers02, humanflesh18, prism04
Freebies: mgn04, thanatos14, blackpearl01, butler115
Slots (2 matches): guardians108, signofzeta06
War (Lose): fiore112
Pickpocket: feathers202, god04
Lottery: goddess203
Patron Bonus: exorcists223, kymg14, oddsandends115, 1 Fame
Wish freebies: oddsandends221, exorcists220, shito201, fourdragons06, oddsandends223
Update freebies: butler116, butler213, blackpearl11

September 28th, 2015
No Template: crystal04, elsior120, royalguard21
Lost Brush: buffclan15, designworks24, flowers10, sevenstars221
Police Report: crossroad23, crystal18, goldenwitch22
Soundtrack: dracula01, southside20, 1 coupon
Voices: fonons20, kaoriyuki05, sern213
Game World: dusk03, oddsandends111, revolution120
Jigsaw: bodyguards113, dragons08, ladybug09
Freebies: blancetnoir06, graph22, neotokyo17, planeptune106
Slots (2 matches): pirates107, unlucky121
War (Lose): unwound22
Pickpocket: highjump209, inverted07, onmyouji108
Lottery: ingrids13, moondreams212, traceon222
Recycle Bin: magicviolin05, pieta01, romance12 -> journey213, journey215, clow216
Patron Bonus: buffclan24, elsior101, fourdragons08
Odd Job #1: recovery206, schoollife02, shinigami08, waltz01, hurricane22, fonons16, 2 Fame
Wish freebies: shinigami17, resonance11, 2 coupons
Update freebies: goddess113, goddess215, planeptune116, planeptune204, neotokyo21, fonons01, sweetdreams14
Trade with Evey: my chronicle02, akaneiro204, akaneiro224, blueprince13, einherjar09, einherjar24 for kaoriyuki04, oddsandends109, oddsandends110, oddsandends118, resonance01, shito210 + membercards
Trade with Hotaru: my clow219, kirito03, marmalade18, marmalade22, senka15, senka18 for braves09, cephiro117, dragons02, exorcists117, heartegg123, heartegg225

September 18th, 2015
Warped: artthieves111, deathgame12, magicviolin05, sevenstars101
Who Drew: energynede24, family01, hinamizawa03
Relationships: parade110, sakuratree13, undine204
Re-Cover: memories119, 1 coupon
So Vain: fruit225, heartegg118, strongwill09
Trivia: clow219, reaching103, shoujo19
Puzzle: huke11, nonary04, prism09
Freebies: braves19, truth220, braves15, panisangelics05
Slots (2 matches): blackmail17, theoutsider01
War (Lose): lcie112
Pickpocket: assassins23, flowers16, truehistory08
Lottery: marmalade22, ouroboros19, rumors17
Recycle Bin: my jewel01, lcie204, memoryofjade120 for shinigami24, journey216, onmyouji123
Patron Bonus: brs10, magicviolin05, unspacy16
Wish freebies: journey103 / deathlines06, despair16 / fourdragons18, shinigami02, exorcists213
Update freebies: braves16, windrider09, panisangelics25, neighbor01
Trade with Kaz: my amefuto223, vongola09 for resonance21, goldenwitch02
Trade with Lenamii: my ephinea02, hurricane10, soma16, soma24 for ashiato04, curse116, journey117, family12
Trade with Mina: my aya22, aya23, deathgame06, deathgame15, highjump108, imanity15, whiteflower09, rumors21 for exorcists103, hitsuzen104, journey108, journey110, kaoriyuki05, kaoriyuki21, kaoriyuki25, resonance18 + membercards

September 11th, 2015
Patron Bonus: lucius09, 1 Fame
No Template: checkmate08, sacrifice15, sern111
Lost Brush: mayonaka21, parade224, perceive11, spira02
Police Report: armband01, cephiro210, jewel24
Soundtrack: eorzea122, ingrids12, 1 coupon
Voices: deathlines04, royalguard13, shikonjewel123
Game World: cradle11, sapphire21, whiteflower15
Jigsaw: kirito03, pastry25, shito114
Freebies: inspring03, nightmare105, battle05, poyoyon25
Slots (2 matches): ingrids15, silvereyed20
War (Win): assassins14, konpeito22
Pickpocket: reaching210, senka18
Lottery: demonking124, vongola22
Recycle Bin: my bellliberty103, glasses06, guardians111 for fourdragons03, oddsandends112, assassins03
Wish freebies: fourdragons21, fourdragons15 / fourdragons10, garakuta04 / dreamworld122, romance15 / shinigami09, shinigami21
Update freebies: amefuto111, amefuto223, loveme105, loveme216, titans15, marmalade18, poyoyon13
Autograph Book: queencandidates05, landmark18, hinamizawa21, 1 Fame
Trade with Aku: my ingrids10, knightsofiris16 for journey123, oddsandends217 + membercards
Trade with Reno: my cosmic12 for resonance10 + membercards

September 9th, 2015
Trade with Sarah: my alicegame123, feathers209, mysidian21 for fourdragons16, oddsandends212, shinigami01 + membercards
Trade with Melissa: my fashion16, fashion22, ladybug23, mirai, deathgame06, justice21, kirito21, memoria19, memoria20, pastry12, voice06, planets16 for fourdragons01, fourdragons23, hitsuzen116, hitsuzen204, journey120, kaoriyuki24, oddsandends101, oddsandends219, resonance02, shinigami08, shinigami14 + membercards
Trade with Ouji: my letsrock01, letsrock17, letsrock21, memoria17, perceive25 for battledoll11, fourdragons25, garakuta06, garakuta08, resonance17 + membercards
Trade with Lex: my highjump117, mayonaka01, mayonaka19, mayonaka20, nonary11, northside04, revolution119 for exorcists115, exorcists214, exorcists225, kaoriyuki14, kaoriyuki17, oddsandends123, shito220 + membercards
Trade with Bommiie: my apprentice02, pampuru01, pampuru12 for kaoriyuki01, shito207, shito223 + membercards
Trade with Akito: my dollars19, dollars20, dollars22, mooncell19 for exorcists203, kaoriyuki03, shinigami03, shinigami11 + membercards

September 8th, 2015
Trade with Sujini: my blancetnoir02, fiore121, hitsuzen102, reiatsu18 for fourdragons14, garakuta17, resonance24, shinigami06 + membercards
Patron Bonus: lcie204, 1 Fame
Mini Mastery: detective108, akaneiro222, ouroboros20, landmark06, shito219, 1 Fame, custom badge
Trade with Hotaru: my moonprincess24 for captivehearts05

September 3rd, 2015
Mastered umbrella: undine206, undine219, ambition104, inspring02, sonsofsatan03, 1 Fame
Level Up: umbrella13, umbrella22, umbrella25, undine209, shinigami07, furies103, alicegame218, armband12, rivalworkshops22, phantomthief02, 3 Fame
Deck replacement: greenglass111, greenglass201, greenglass203, greenglass207, greenglass207, greenglass215, greenglass218, greenglass225 -> umbrella01, umbrella02, umbrella05, umbrella08, umbrella14, umbrella16, umbrella23, umbrella24
Trade with Kairi: my rainbownotes15 for oddsandends210
Odd Job #1: lily116, pastry12, dragons24, lightmusic12, cradle23, alicegame123, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: attribute16, northside03
Fallen Phrases: bahamut206, deathgame15, sevenstars125, soma16, tiger23, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): flourish18, oni01, stepbrothers222, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: deathgame06, voice06
Puzzle Series: ingrids02, konpeito05
Puzzle Series: aya22, wildflower02
Puzzle Series: inverted02, kirito17
Star (pink): unlucky213, kirsche09, 1 coupon, 2 Fame
Warped: blueprince01, dreamchasers23, justice01, stardrops107
Who Drew: bellone112, crystal24, journey106
Relationships: crusnik215, pirates306, stepbrothers207
Re-Cover: aya15, 1 coupon
So Vain: bellliberty223, moonprincess13, palladium04
Trivia: compileheart208, lily213, shinigami19
Puzzle: ashiato10, chicago10, memoryofjade120
Freebies: deathgame06, feathers209, elsior109, hurricane10
Slots (2 matches): palladium10, soma24
War (Ace): artthieves205, memoryofjade113, 1 coupon
Pickpocket: keyblade13, northside04, shito215
Lottery: divinemove104, pose206
Mega Memory: lcie125, sparrow23, unlucky214
Update freebies: dresspheres15, elsior116, elsior204, hurricane21, umbrella09, oddsandends204, 1 coupon, 2 Fame

August 30th, 2015
Mastered konpeito: undine213, undine221, thebelow01, clow111, captivehearts06, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 3 coupons for konpeito02, konpeito12, konpeito16
No Template: dragons01, parade107, spira04
Lost Brush: gaisokyu115, guardians111, shards15, theoutsider11
Police Report: apprentice02, loveworks11, pureblood17
Soundtrack: fiore220, oddsandends214, 1 coupon
Voices: bahamut105, crusnik108, rainbownotes15
Game World: heartegg220, pact03, pose110
Jigsaw: akaneiro204, crystal16, romance12
Freebies: formcode21, ruinedworld21, diabolical17, unwound11
Freebies: huke18, onevoice05, musashi09, paladin13
Slots (2 matches): flourish07, highjump117
War (Win): pirates501, romance05
Pickpocket: blastia07, mayonaka01
Lottery: eden06, family09, moondreams123, shito109
Mega Memory: cephiro122, imanity15, magicviolin22
Update freebies: hunterexam11, curious17, diabolical01, unwound07, musashi18, 1 coupon
Trade with Chives: my fruit105, gamers09 for konpeito21, happiness25
Trade with Kairi: my fashion22, pastry05, seven21 for exorcists120, captivehearts09, captivehearts17

August 20th, 2015
Warped: attribute24, compileheart108, moonprincess24, oneyearwar22
Who Drew: darkfate20, unspacy18, vampirekiller06
Relationships: deathlines19, dreamworld108, schoollife02
Re-Cover: fourgods16, 1 coupon
So Vain: fashion11, hydeland209, stardrops125
Trivia: hydeland213, sonsofsatan10, strongwill13
Puzzle: formcode02, moondreams124, mysidian21
Freebies: bellone120, eternal02, feathers202, kirito21
Slots (2 matches): strongwill25, yumeno209
War (Win): artthieves207, suplex10
Pickpocket: alrevis08, ashiato18, targetnights07
Lottery: clow316, contract09, kaoriyuki18
Mega Memory: dreamworld119, god23, sevenstars204
Update freebies: contract11, yumeno106, yumeno219, gamers09, battledoll21, garakuta14, flowers02
Random cards: ouroboros07, studentcouncil16, onevoice22, akaneiro224, seven21
Trade with Jannet: my kirito06 for bladechildren05 + membercards

August 13th, 2015
No Template: alicegame225, karin11, sevenstars203
Lost Brush: fashion07, fashion16, redhair01, sotano10
Police Report: akaneiro110, glasses13, ikuramoto02
Soundtrack: memoryofjade203, rain16, 1 coupon
Voices: armband18, esteria13, thevirgin15
Game World: deathscythe09, justice04, malice16
Jigsaw: bodyguards206, ephinea02, sonsofsatan08
Freebies: hydeland214, phantomthief17, tinkerbell322, unspacy07
Freebies: alchemist11, pastry05, psypher24, pure15
Slots (2 matches): bathtub19, pirates112
Slots (2 matches): demonking207, energynede17
War (Win): memoryofjade210, sevencolors16
War (Win): southside09, whiterose13
Pickpocket: nonary11, perfect08
Pickpocket: nirvana03, pandora121, rumors15
Lottery: jellyfish18
Lottery: princesses13, shinigami13, traceon124
Mega Memory: hitsuzen102, justice21, kirito06
Mega Memory: falselove12, pose215, theguardian10
Update freebies: devil03, senka15, sheep19, remnants13, reaching111, reaching204, greatking13, justice17, konpeito09, undine202
Mini Mastery: whiteflower15, god08, soma18, shito206, divinemove216, 1 Fame, custom badge
Trade with Hotaru: my rivalworkshops03 for undine216

August 6th, 2015
Star (green): happiness23, crystal25, cephiro208, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: pureblood15, unlucky101
Fallen Phrases: contractkiss01, crusnik101, fairytales25, nostalgia08, rhyme10, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: fruit105, oddsandends111, gaisokyu105, garakuta21, bellliberty124, magitek06, glasses06, undine114, queencandidates11, rumors02, suplex21, 1 coupon
Warped: blancetnoir12, hydeland110, schoollife18, void225
Who Drew: bellone207, hinamizawa18, unspacy24
Relationships: dragonkings16, loveworks10, suplex11
Re-Cover: tinkerbell309, 1 coupon
So Vain: bellliberty103, designworks11, ingrids06
Trivia: dhampir12, igura122, memoryofjade120
Puzzle: akademeia12, landmark14, shoujo12
Freebies: dreamchasers10, goldenwitch17, sotano11, zodiac14
Slots (2 matches): fiore223, oaktree18
War (Win): kao21, vampirekiller18
Pickpocket: letsrock01, magitek20
Lottery: fourdragons24, onmyouji104, romance12
Mega Memory: bellone225, guardians111, rings201
Update freebies: oddsandends225, lotiswords10, despair22, ingrids10, pose124, pose216, hostclub119, hostclub207, suplex10

August 2nd, 2015
Odd Job #1: mysidian01, dreamworld120, fairytales21, mistletoe16, witches02, behelit19, 2 Fame
Trade with Samichan: my bahamut215, behelit15, behelit19, darkhour104, darkhour221, spira11, monsterhigh04, voice01, voice02, crusnik109, crusnik212 for undine211, ashiato16, bladechildren14, captivehearts07, captivehearts20, designworks07, designworks11, dollars04, dracula10, dracula20, dragonkings21 Trade with Mymy: my millennium24, nightmare224, queencandidates14, queencandidates15, unspacy20, unspacy21 for divinemove117, dracula19, inspring10, inwinter16, persocom09, wired06 + membercards

July 30th, 2015
Feed Yuki (savory): mayonaka19, wildflower08
Feed Yuki (savory): magicviolin25, voice02
Feed Yuki (sweet): darkhour104, rings221, sapphire12
Feed Yuki (other): blueprince21, clow214, lcie204, 1 coupon
Feed Yuki (sweet): highjump108, perfect03, stardrops209
No Template: huke05, pieta01, wisewolf13
Lost Brush: adventurer10, feathers115, fourdragons20, thebelow14
Police Report: sapphire02, stepbrothers103, truehistory15
Soundtrack: silvereyed15, thanatos01, 1 coupon
Voices: chronicle12, graph13, playgirl02
Game World: adonis13, behelit15, thanatos01
Jigsaw: bellliberty119, memories123, whiteflower08
Freebies: cephiro209, inspring01, reiatsu18, targetnights16
Freebies: adamandeve23, feathers220, happiness11, unlucky115
Slots (2 matches): blastia25, innocent10
War (Lose): kirsche18
Pickpocket: chicago22, compileheart225
Lottery: blancetnoir02, inautumn19
Mega Memory: fourgods18, oni10, sapphire06
Update freebies: battledoll07, undine204, dollars20, unspacy03

July 27th, 2015
Trade with Kou: my bahamut103, bahamut120, imanity11, spring11 for clow219, dollars07, southside23, truth224 + membercards
Trade with Lethe: my dreamchasers11 for inautumn01
Trade with Roax: my akademeia20, ephinea02, soma19 for ashiato22, brs03, brs05

July 23rd, 2015
Mastered bathtub: konpeito08, konpeito14, parasite123, rumors07, noa18, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 2 coupons for bathtub20, bathtub24
Level Up: bathtub01, bathtub10, bathtub16, bathtub19, innocent22, contractkiss25, monsterhigh04, behelit20, memoryofjade114, sacrifice02, 3 Fame
Feed Yuki (other): buffclan03, kaoriyuki15, vampirekiller04
Feed Yuki (sweet): akademeia20, tyrant09
Feed Yuki (sweet): akaneiro121, pure15
Feed Yuki (other): lcie121, sevenstars220, shikonjewel204
Feed Yuki (savory): greenglass207, shikonjewel124, voice16, 1 coupon
Warped: buffclan11, dreamworld212, signofzeta25, weather11
Who Drew: crusnik208, falselove21, knightsofiris16
Relationships: hitsuzen111, psypher04, rhyme08
Re-Cover: dokidoki16, 1 coupon
So Vain: littleprince17, sakuratree02, sixteen08
Trivia: dreamchasers11, fashion09, rumors21
Puzzle: contractkiss04, igura208, shito213
Freebies: artthieves112, bellliberty103, loveworks03, moondreams207
Slots (2 matches): parade216, tyrant11
War (Win): loveworks02, orion15
Pickpocket: gaisokyu203, jewel18, royalguard07
Lottery: kymg22, pirates319, sern222
Mega Memory: feathers225, jewel23, sevenstars106
Update freebies: ruckus109, ruckus211, schoollife10, jellyfish19, ephinea02, soma19, pastry05, konpeito04, undine205, bathtub23, exorcists216
Autograph Book: revolution211, vongola05, kazuaki125, 1 Fame
Trade with Sepia: my carnelian224, chronicle08, karin03 for heartegg206, princesses23, shito204 + membercards

July 22nd, 2015
Trade with Cassidy: my darkfate04, darkfate19, imanity06, imanity18, magicviolin17, memories119, rainbownotes07, rainbownotes14, rainbownotes23 for battledoll15, captivehearts21, crisis19, exorcists104, happiness18, northside04, onewish15, redhair07, silvereyed18 + membercards
Trade with NeeNee: my alicegame203, alicegame213, muse09, theoutsider15, thevirgin08 for fourdragons12, journey116, resonance12, shinigami18, umbrella19 + membercards
Trade with Todoke: my akademeia06, highjump108, preciousstone18, thebelow02, void123 for hitsuzen223, northside07, perceive10, pharmacy09, pharmacy15 + membercards
Trade with Woody: my deathlines10, sevenstars117, sevenstars210 for bathtub25, journey107, journey125 + membercards

July 21st, 2015
Trade with Kerri: my cradle05, cradle13, cradle16, dreamworld121, dreamworld125, tinkerbell202 for hinamizawa13, inverted04, inwinter12, northside24, oddsandends103, umbrella21 + membercards
Trade with Laluune: my apprentice24, dusksky06, dusksky19, furies123, furies209, sevenstars106, sevenstars115, sparrow09 for bathtub06, dollars10, oddsandends203, oddsandends208, shinigami05, sinners17, sixstars12, undine201 + membercards

July 20th, 2015
Trade with Chives: my lesson16, monsterhigh01, monsterhigh12, monsterhigh14, monsterhigh15, monsterhigh19 for divinemove107, flowers08, kaoriyuki16, nirvana17, shinigami15, southside14 + membercards
Trade with Chuya: my ambition205, attribute01, bahamut118, bathtub12, dreamworld203, sevencolors12, stardrops201, stardrops224, studentcouncil09 for captivehearts01, clow102, clow112, crisis14, eternal18, garakuta11, greenglass111, parade212, persocom10 + membercards

July 18th, 2015
Special Birthday Coupon: bathtub04, konpeito23, exorcists206, exorcists211, journey101, +3 fame, +2 coupons
Feed Yuki (sweet): energynede03, sparrow09, thevirgin08
Feed Yuki (sweet): darkfate19, memoria20, parade210
Feed Yuki (savory): igura107, northside12
Feed Yuki (other): cradle16, einherjar23, furies123, 1 coupon
Feed Yuki (savory): compileheart116, tinkerbell202
No Template: lily206, monsterhigh14, parade218
Lost Brush: perceive25, rebellion20, spring11, voice04
Police Report: buffclan01, memoria19, sevenstars115
Soundtrack: bahamut103, guardians112, 1 coupon
Voices: artthieves120, etoile08, insummer14
Game World: detective211, memoryofjade118, sapphire02
Jigsaw: cephiro109, sasshi15, targetnights16
Freebies: captivehearts13, dragonkings06, monsterhigh15, moondreams208
Freebies: apprentice24, contractkiss19, fashion22, furies209
Slots (2 matches): adonis23, memoria17
War (Win): aya23, highjump108
Pickpocket: ambition205, stormriders09
Lottery: family13
Mega Memory: lcie104, loveworks09, pampuru01
Update freebies: feathers118, fourdragons02, oddsandends107, gaisokyu114, gaisokyu204, fiore121, fiore208
Trade with Hotaru: my happiness11 for bathtub21 + membercards
Trade with Vanja: my memoria16 for flowers17

July 9th, 2015
Feed Yuki (other): carnelian224, seven18
Feed Yuki (savory): highschool213, memoria16, oddsandends125, 1 coupon
Feed Yuki (savory): forgemasters17, rainbownotes07, vongola11, 1 coupon
Feed Yuki (sweet): happiness04, pirates222, rumors08
Feed Yuki (sweet): designworks02, imanity18, undine225
Warped: pampuru05, princesses16, recovery103, sakuratree18
Who Drew: buffclan15, rainbownotes14, stardrops224
Relationships: mgn07, onmyouji101, tinkerbell114
Re-Cover: imanity11, 1 coupon
So Vain: bellliberty123, greenglass201, quartetnight16
Trivia: darkhour221, guardians220, nightmare224
Puzzle: dusksky19, mistletoe02, pirates512
Freebies: family22, paperdolls03, queencandidates15, wisewolf23
Slots (3 matches): cradle13, lily213, spring13, 1 coupon
War (Lose): crossroad08
Pickpocket: bellone109, memoryofjade217
Lottery: heartegg114, vongola06
Mega Memory: bladechildren12, blueprince13, dreamworld219
Update freebies: falling11, muse09, pampuru12, cradle05, pact19, sotano18, foodwars11, undine207, oddsandends115, 2 coupon

July 6th, 2015
Trade with Roax: my blastia13 for resonance04

July 5th, 2015
Mini Mastery: weather11, memories119, rivalworkshops16, esteria07, blastia13, 1 Fame, custom badge
Autograph Book: planets16, blancetnoir13, highjump115, 1 Fame
Trade with Ajisaitea: my contractkiss11, contractkiss12, lookingglass21, metalheart23, paperdolls04, paperdolls22, paperdolls24, phantomthief10 for dollars19, heartegg222, kazuaki204, ladybug11, ladybug23, perceive08, royalguard15, undine218
Trade with Marfisa: my adventurer14, adventurer15, adventurer17, etoile23, genos07, lucius15, mvpbattle103, queencandidates03, redprince18 for battledoll10, feathers123, fourdragons11, journey223, resonance19, roseprincess20, royalguard06, royalguard11, umbrella17
Trade with Jun: my demons14, eorzea109, lcie117, sumaru12, sumaru19 for bathtub22, exorcists210, garakuta15, garakuta21, hitsuzen207
Trade with Cate: my recovery217, tyrant03 for garakuta18, resonance07

July 3rd, 2015
Trade with Cami: my bellliberty214, bellliberty223, deathgame09, deathgame20, deathgame25, memoryofjade113, memoryofjade116, memoryofjade118, memoryofjade202, memoryofjade218, moonprincess09, moonprincess10, moonprincess18, nightmare203, nightmare217 for brs07, brs12, cephiro114, crisis13, divinemove215, feathers115, garakuta10, greenglass215, greenglass218, ladybug22, perceive07, resonance13, shito218, spring02, zero18
Trade with Bunny: my dhampir14, fourgods14, fourgods25, highjump106, madoka04, rumors22 for journey201, perceive22, roseprincess22, roseprincess24, shinigami19, spring11 + membercards

July 2nd, 2015
Trade with Kairi: my platinum01 for hitsuzen105
Mastered undine1: konpeito07, konpeito25, lucius09, feathers117, exorcists114, 1 Fame
Coupon Exchange: 4 coupons for undine109, undine112, undine116, undine117
No Template: bathtub12, cephiro108, highschool117
Lost Brush: exorcists207, magicviolin17, magitek09, onewish22
Police Report: bodyguards102, bodyguards225, paperdolls04
Soundtrack: behelit19, millennium24, 1 coupon
Voices: deathgame20, dreamworld125, girlinthesky25
Game World: contractkiss11, highjump106, lucius15
Jigsaw: fashion22, metalheart23, umbrella04
Freebies: adonis16, dreamworld203, sevenstars117, undine122
Slots (2 matches): cephiro121, pharmacy13
War (Lose): whiteflower09
Pickpocket: imanity06, pharmacy11
Lottery: clow211, dragons10, inverted11, onewish21
Mega Memory: dragonkings18, genos07, lcie205
Star (green): pirates125, sixstars08, royalguard24, 2 Fame
Update freebies: sevenstars106, sevenstars210, sinners24, kymg12, pharmacy08, strongwill02, dragonkings07, innocent17, sos17, deathlines10, undine224, oddsandends215

July 1st, 2015
Odd Job #1: marriage04, jewel01, garakuta02, whiterose25, flowers24, objection05, 2 Fame
Star (green): stardrops201, dragons05, weather11, 2 Fame
Wishing Well: crusnik120, sonsofsatan01
Fallen Phrases: adventurer15, alicegame203, memoryofjade116, parasite116, weather24, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): deathgame25, etoile23, mindbreaker01, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: akademeia06, ruinedworld12
Puzzle Series: glasses06, objection07
Puzzle Series: jewel08, platinum01
Puzzle Series: rumors22, zodiac17

June 30th, 2015
Trade with Lethe: my checkmate19, dreamchasers05, dreamchasers16, dreamchasers24, sasshi25, sparrow11 for bathtub14, exorcists208, garakuta22, garakuta23, garakuta24, kaoriyuki23
Trade with Roax: my falselove14, faaselove17 for bladechildren24, undine102

June 25th, 2015
Warped: buffclan18, falselove14, fourdragons22, memoryofjade218
Who Drew: dreamworld121, garakuta05, revolution119
Relationships: lesson16, sacrifice22, sakuratree17
Re-Cover: southside20, 1 coupon
So Vain: hydeland103, paperdolls24, void123
Trivia: bahamut215, jewel01, ladybug13
Puzzle: nightmare203, studentcouncil09, voice01
Freebies: azel15, designworks20, inverted14, nightmare217
Slots (2 matches): keigarou06, resonance14
War (Win): chronicle08, glasses07
Pickpocket: princesses20, sasshi25
Lottery: pirates509, shito122
Mega Memory: eorzea109, nirvana13, queencandidates03
Update freebies: tyrant03, flourish14, falselove17, crossroad05, paperdolls22, 1 coupon

June 19th, 2015
Level Up: undine106, undine111, undine123, undine124, stormriders17, ikuramoto15, contractkiss12, thanatos14, lucius14, god10, 3 Fame
Trade with Cami: my sakuratree17, spyrix11, lightmusic16 for garakuta25, exorcists110, umbrella10
Trade with Rahenna: my contractkiss04 for garakuta13
Trade with Kairi: my checkmate22, shoujo22 for bathtub07, resonance16
Trade with Kaz: my pirates518, ladybug13, highjump211, darkhour108, darkhour111, highjump104, highjump123, highjump207, psypher10 for bathtub12, bathtub15, fourdragons07, oddsandends104, onmyouji214, resonance06, roseprincess19, shito216, spring20 + membercards
Update freebies: sakuratree17, garakuta01, demons14, contractkiss04, sumaru12, spyrix11, lightmusic16, bahamut118, bahamut202, stardrops101

June 18th, 2015
No Template: blackmail10, redprince18, stormriders17
Lost Brush: bahamut120, platinum23, sern221, unspacy11
Police Report: checkmate19, phantomthief10, preciousstone18
Soundtrack: mvpbattle103, vampirekiller08, 1 coupon
Jigsaw: checkmate22, letsrock17, vampirekiller13
Freebies: cephiro206, dreamchasers05, kingdoms13, lcie117
Slots (2 matches): dreamchasers24, lookingglass21
War (Win): mooncell19, sumaru19
Pickpocket: bellliberty214, stepbrothers224, zodiac12
Lottery: divinemove201, shito124
Mega Memory: fourgods14, undine114, voice06
Game World: detective208, royalguard22, vongola09
Voices: battledoll02, mistletoe20, parasite112
Update freebies: undine120, journey115, 1 coupon, 1 Fame

June 16th, 2015
Trade with Wing: my nonary06, void225 for exorcists212, hitsuzen213 + membercards

June 14th, 2015
Trade with Eimii: my fourgods17, fourgods25, knightsofiris01, konpeito10, konpeito11, perceive15, redhair03, redhair07, redhair19, redhair20, shards03, wisewolf09 for bathtub03, exorcists118, exorcists121, exorcists204, exorcists218, hitsuzen102, hitsuzen202, hitsuzen220, journey122, journey124, journey222, shito107 + membercards
Trade with Kayori: my armband02, assassins01, assassins18, bellone204, eden06, eden17, etoile17, karin05, karin11, karin25, lesson14, millennium04, mvpbattle103, mvpbattle222, sixteen12, unlucky121 for bathtub09, cephiro219, hitsuzen123, konpeito06, onmyouji104, resonance25, shinigami04, shinigami22, shinigami23, shinigami25, shito110, shito222, sixstars15, sixstars22, spring14, umbrella03 + membercards

June 13th, 2015
Trade with Renako: my brs17, huke15, ikuramoto15, theguardian07, wildflower09, wildflower19 for bathtub11, fourdragons08, fourdragons19, journey113, journey119, konpeito01
Mini Mastery: waltz01, bellliberty223, onmyouji107, spira11, alicegame213, 3 Fame, custom badge
Autograph Book: lookingglass13, objection23, jusenkyo03, 1 Fame
Trade with Jun: my behelit19, dracula11, dracula20, dracula23, lily210, recovery225, vampirekiller19, voice16, eorzea118 for battledoll01, exorcists113, exorcists122, kaoriyuki06, oddsandends108, oddsandends121, oddsandends224, rebellion25, resonance13 + membercards
Trade with Ajisaitea: my azel15, glasses07, glasses12, igura216, jewel03, jewel16, jewel25, lookingglass02, studentcouncil04, studentcouncil12 for divinemove122, feathers209, flowers21, oddsandends206, oddsandends220, prism08, traceon105, traceon113, umbrella06, umbrella07
Trade with Marfisa: my bellliberty106, blackmail13, blueprince24, blueprince25, etoile15, etoile24, firstlimit23, labyrinth12, littleprince11, ruins21, unspacy07, unspacy20 for battledoll12, exorcists107, exorcists215, happiness09, journey205, journey207, kaoriyuki13, konpeito19, oddsandends207, oddsandends213, shito205, shito219
Trade with Cami: my ambition114, ambition222, bodyguards118, compileheart222, detective112, detective219, furies214, memories204, nightmare119, nightmare206, whiterose13, whiterose17 for battledoll23, exorcists201, fairytales15, hitsuzen106, journey220, princesses07, princesses12, rebellion24, shito103, shito221, umbrella11, umbrella12
Trade with Vanja: my mysidian13, moondreams224 for undine114, konpeito24

June 11th, 2015
Coupon Exchange: 1 coupon for aberration08
Warped: highschool120, memoryofjade118, shards03, traceon220
Who Drew: ashiato12, graph22, moonprincess10
Relationships: recovery217, ruins21, sern113
Re-Cover: etoile24, 1 coupon
So Vain: hitsuzen101, mvpbattle222, vongola16
Trivia: blueprince25, clow121, perceive12
Puzzle: phantom24, pirates110, sern111
Freebies: memoryofjade202, mysidian13, photograph10, princesses19
Slots (2 matches): fairytales16, zodiac20
War (Lose): einherjar24
Pickpocket: darkfate04, recovery225, wildflower09
Lottery: hinamizawa06, vongola25
Mega Memory: einherjar09, letsrock23, rhyme17
Update freebies: kao09, ashiato25, tiger17, waltz23, rain17, wildflower19, family14 / lily214, darkhour102, highschool208, 1 Fame
Trade with Ets: my eorzea108, nonary02 for journey111, redhair19
Trade with Lethe: my guardians217, kirsche08, kirsche25 for goldenwitch14, highschool209, konpeito20

June 4th, 2015
No Template: assassins01, clow225, memories204
Lost Brush: feathers215, forgemasters01, furies214, onmyouji125
Police Report: inautumn05, insummer16, sonsofsatan08
Soundtrack: feathers110, hitsuzen208, 1 coupon
Voices: eden17, glasses07, thebelow02
Game World: bathtub05, igura216, umbrella18
Jigsaw: romance21, void225, zodiac12
Freebies: dusksky06, fashion12, ruinedworld12, theoutsider15
Slots (2 matches): heartegg117, konpeito11
War (Win): dragons07, guardians217
Pickpocket: jewel03, kingdoms18, shikonjewel207
Lottery: bathtub08, dracula20
Mega Memory: behelit19, greenglass203, unspacy07
Star (blue): alicegame212, curse113, kaoriyuki08, chronicle19, 1 Fame
Update freebies: nirvana14, spring12, keigarou25, jusenkyo05, sixstars06, landmark16, stepbrothers113, stepbrothers213, sparrow11, deathgame09
Wishing Well: jewel16, phantom10
Fallen Phrases: clow321, dragons01, nonary06, planets15, redhair07, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): darkhour108, firstlimit23, pirates514, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: flowers19, kirsche08
Puzzle Series: blueprince25, crusnik109
Puzzle Series: formcode09, graph20
Puzzle Series: lesson14, phantom03
Card replacement: gamers02 -> lookingglass02

May 29th, 2015
Trade with Lethe: my truehistory15 for bathtub18
Trade with Roax: my thebelow16 for undine223
Trade with Kairi: my alicegame120, alicegame206, seven17 for exorcists205, hitsuzen221, resonance03
Trade with Cami: my whiterose06 for kaoriyuki10
Warped: jewel25, madoka04, mistletoe08, studentcouncil04
Error Report: lily210, glasses12

May 28th, 2015
Who Drew: demonking103, perceive15, seven17
Relationships: cephiro216, monsterhigh12, zodiac18
Re-Cover: konpeito10, 1 coupon
So Vain: hitsuzen109, inspring08, whiterose17
Trivia: dracula11, hitsuzen118, kazuaki210
Puzzle: bathtub02, exorcists102, studentcouncil09
Freebies: eorzea118, hitsuzen205, royalguard02, shoujo22
Slots (2 matches): parasite122, rumors15
War (Ace): nightmare119, pieta19, 1 coupon
Pickpocket: fourgods17, greenglass207, rebellion03
Lottery: dragons25, southside18
Mega Memory: adventurer14, exorcists221, karin03
Update freebies: traceon124, traceon209, shikonjewel118, shikonjewel213, alicegame120, alicegame206, romance11, thebelow16, nightmare109, nightmare206, undine105, 1 coupon
Odd Job #1: pirates214, feathers206, witches20, unspacy20, hitsuzen217, witches13, 2 Fame
Trade with Lenamii: my adventurer03, adventurer12, alchemist03, phantomthief23 for bathtub13, battledoll04, battledoll25, bladechildren03 + membercards

May 22nd, 2015
Trade with Vanja: my behelit19, hydeland119, hydeland207, memoria01, memoria24 for konpeito10, konpeito15, konpeito17, resonance22, resonance23 + membercards
No Template: formcode24, mistletoe19, perceive15
Lost Brush: highjump104, millennium05, moonprincess09, sixteen15
Police Report: adventurer03, bellone204, fashion09
Soundtrack: einherjar01, littleprince02, 1 coupon
Voices: greenglass225, highschool109, nostalgia09
Game World: queencandidates14, sonsofsatan14, theguardian07
Jigsaw: demonking110, phantomthief23, weather10
Freebies: highjump207, prism16, psypher10, rainbownotes23
Slots (2 matches): truth117, whiterose06
War (Lose): dracula05
Pickpocket: alchemist03, mvpbattle103
Lottery: huke02, pureblood21
Mega Memory: nonary02, pureblood17, resonance15
Update freebies: flowers05, bathtub17, sern105, sern211, loveworks14, sapphire10, hydeland119, hydeland207, detective112, detective219, shards08, attribute01, studentcouncil12, ambition114, ambition222, undine104, undine215
Trade with Kairi: my heartegg125, platinum20, platinum23, spira13, stormriders10 for heartegg212, redhair03, vampirekiller14, hitsuzen215, dollars22

May 15th, 2015
Level Up: undine110, undine118, undine122, undine125, eorzea108, exorcists112, blueprince24, crystal16, moonprincess09, exorcists209, 3 Fame
Warped: cosmic12, formcode07, fourdragons05, monsterhigh19
Who Drew: bladechildren10, goldenwitch02, karin25
Relationships: journey104, memoria24, pirates511
Re-Cover: weather04, 1 coupon
So Vain: adventurer12, azel15, eternal01
Trivia: bellliberty106, memoryofjade113, unlucky121
Puzzle: feathers101, feathers109, sasshi09
Freebies: goldenwitch20, inwinter17, photograph17, spira13
Freebies: heartegg125, royalguard23, umbrella20, wisewolf09
Slots (2 matches): jewel14, vampirekiller15
War (Win): fourgods25, happiness11
Pickpocket: highschool225, lookingglass02
Lottery: clow220, kaoriyuki22, truth103
Mega Memory: humanflesh17, platinum23, vampirekiller19
Update freebies: sonsofsatan10, brs17, knightsofiris01, curse122, curse206, ikuramoto15, vampirereign17, reincarnation04, inwinter02, buffclan09, crusnik116, crusnik212, dhampir14, highjump123, highjump211

May 11th, 2015
Autograph Book: blackmail13, heartegg213, karin11, 1 Fame
Trade with Ets: my magitek01 for wired13
Trade with Samichan: my shoujo05, theguardian12 for bladechildren20, inautumn03 + membercards

May 7th, 2015
Mini Mastery: stormriders10, assassins18, memoria01, compileheart222, behelit19, 2 Fame, custom badge
Trade with Mysti: my einherjar04 for shito125 + membercards
Wishing Well: kirsche25, lily210
Fallen Phrases: cephiro123, guardians204, monsterhigh01, prism15, sevencolors12, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series (end): crisis20, eden06, feathers102, 1 coupon
Puzzle Series: karin05, ruinedworld21
Puzzle Series: pieta01, rivalworkshops03
Puzzle Series: littleprince11, moonprincess18
Puzzle Series: kazuaki216, magitek01
No Template: crystal13, shito121, unspacy20
Lost Brush: crystal07, heartegg125, sixteen02, umbrella15
Police Report: northside11, oddsandends114, redprince23
Soundtrack: highschool206, truehistory15, 1 coupon
Voices: bodyguards118, cosmic15, memoryofjade107
Game World: clow109, darkhour111, whiterose13
Jigsaw: moondreams224, sixteen05, unspacy21
Freebies: armband02, etoile17, mayonaka20, perceive25
Slots (2 matches): oneyearwar21, truth202
War (Lose): battledoll16
Pickpocket: huke15, jewel16, shoujo05
Lottery: dollars15, pirates518, voice16
Mega Memory: fourgods25, hitsuzen110, palladium12
Star (blue): etoile15, theguardian12, gamers02, adventurer17, 1 Fame
Update freebies: exorcists106, exorcists224, blancetnoir08, roseprincess09, nonary01, unspacy08, fashion09, spira10, goldenwitch12, iloveyou13, millennium16, sasshi17, guardians119, glasses25, wired17
Trade with Nammy: my inverted19 for undine217 + membercards

May 2nd, 2015
Trade with Kairi: my stormriders06 for kaoriyuki06 + membercards
Trade with Mousey: my thevirgin06 for konpeito22 + membercards
Trade with Marfisa: my bellliberty222, bellone219, unlucky107, unlucky224 for konpeito13, oddsandends117, oddsandends122, oddsandends205 + membercards

May 1st, 2015
Trade with Cami: my bodyguards205, bodyguards225, thanatos10 for my hitsuzen201, konpeito18, shito214 + membercards
Trade with Cate: my aya11, objection12, rhyme04, lily112 for oddsandends124, oddsandends202, oddsandends211, oddsandends218 + membercards
Trade with Rahenna: my psypher17, vampirekiller04 for undine113, undine212 + membercards
Trade with Roax: my aberration06 for happiness11 + membercards
Trade with Kearin: my moondreams120, psypher06, psypher24 for hitsuzen211, undine101, undine108 + membercards
Trade with Ajisaitea: my cronicle06, mindbreaker04, mvpbattle120, parasite122, parasite204 for battledoll08, battledoll13, oddsandends222, undine203, undine210 + membercards
Trade with Jessica: my highschool220 for undine220 + membercards
Trade with Renako: my witches19 for konpeito05 + membercards
Trade with Ets: my magitek19 for oddsandends201 + membercards
Trade with Lethe: my checkmate07, checkmate09, noa18 for konpeito11, quartetnight25, shinigami20 + membercards

April 30th, 2015
Warped: highschool220, psypher17, redhair20, stormriders06
Who Drew: labyrinth12, mindbreaker04, unlucky224
Relationships: cephiro202, lily112, platinum20
Re-Cover: oddsandends106, 1 coupon
So Vain: bladechildren22, hitsuzen212, psypher06
Trivia: psypher24, thanatos10, undine119
Puzzle: mvpbattle120, rebellion12, unlucky107
Freebies: bellone219, inspring22, journey121, phantom11
Slots (2 matches): resonance08, southside06
War (Ace): shito211, witches19, 1 coupon
Pickpocket: magitek19, sixteen12
Lottery: feathers102, konpeito03
Mega Memory: alrevis24, bellliberty222, rhyme04, vampirekiller04
Star (blue): einherjar04, chronicle06, checkmate07, inverted19, 1 Fame
New decks: battledoll24, aberration11, divinemove118, divinemove225, vongola09, objection12, inautumn08, insummer19, quartetnight17, hitsuzen115, hitsuzen202, shinigami16, aya11, noa18, ladybug13
Update freebies: oddsandends119, clow201, happiness03, undine107, hitsuzen222, divinemove115, journey114

April 28th, 2015
Starter pack: undine103, undine115, undine121, thevirgin06, clow203, bodyguards205, checkmate09, sixteen05, moondreams120, dracula23, bodyguards225, happiness17, parasite122, onewish01, parasite204, dreamchasers16

1. Hotaru 9.
2. Kaz 10.
3. Natsu 11.
4. Suuhime 12.
5. LiCobra 13.
6. Amber 14.
7. 15.
next book: n/a
coding → replica

Date: 2015-07-31 09:09 pm (UTC)
samichan: (hisoka)
From: [personal profile] samichan
Hi Mirai, trade your bahamut215, behelit15, behelit19, darkhour104, darkhour221, spira11, monsterhigh04, voice01, voice02, crusnik109, crusnik212 for my undine211, ashiato16, bladechildren14, captivehearts07, captivehearts20, designworks07, designworks11, dollars04, dracula10, dracula20, dragonkings21?


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