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player name: Mirai
join date: June 21st, 2016
card count: 113
level: 1
next level at: 101


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far future




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July 8th, 2016
Shop packages (Random Large): ep001-slamdunk13, ep001-otasuke14, ep001-haruka11, ep001-moncolleknight14, ep001-bakumatsu10, ep001-bproject16, ep001-princeofstride03, ep001-aoharu19, ep001-diabolikmb12, ep001-bssmr01, ep001-akatsukinoyona12, ep001-tekka13, ep001-jojodiu17, ep001-stseiya19, ep001-akb004819, ep001-dunbine17, ep002-gundamzz17, ep001-macrossdelta18, ep001-jojosc02, ep001-thunderbolt09
Distorted Song: ep001-supergals06, ep001-fushigiyuugi04, ep001-kamigami06, 39 coins
Jukebox - Hard: ep001-macross02, ep001-hotd14, ep001-kiznaiver06, ep001-gundamibo18, 17 coins
Jukebox - Easy: ep001-zender02, ep001-haruka20, 43 coins
Credits: ep001-yattodeta04, ep001-magi08, ep001-bigorder04, 37 coins
Hangman: ep001-kuroko03, ep001-akb004817, ep001-ninku09, 23 coins
Guess the Number: ep001-free06, ep001-kuragehime10, ep001-vampireknight09, 20 coins
Freebies: ep001-golion19, ep001-golion11, ep001-jojosc03, 9 coins
Slotmachine: ep001-academia05, ep001-kamigami02, ep001-akatsukinoyona19, 6 coins
Wish: ep001-versailles16, ep001-gundammsteam05, 10 coins
Melting Pot: traded ep001-akatsukinoyona08 for ep001-macrossdelta11
Card Claim (July 8): ep001-thunderbolt05, ep001-tekka15
Vote: ep001-bakumatsu03, ep001-yattodeta13, ep001-kiznaiver09, 9 coins
Gatchapon (Grandprize): 1 Choice Card Coupon, ep001-borgman11, ep001-bobobo08, ep001-jojodiu12, ep001-berserk1601, 6 coins
Update freebies: ep001-days01, ep001-days12, ep001-free10, ep001-free19, ep001-haikyuu05, ep001-haikyuu08
Prejoin: ep001-diabolikmb11, ep001-saiyuki04, ep001-zgundam07, ep001-jojosc06, ep001-kamigami08, 200 coins
Trade with Hotaru: my ep001-vampireknight06 for ep001-kiznaiver11

June 30th, 2016
Hangman: ep001-nozakikun20, ep001-dunbine18, ep001-gundam12, 4 coins
Guess the Number: ep001-kuragehime06, ep001-bakumatsu06, ep001-bssmr19, 28 coins
Freebies: ep001-dancouga07, ep001-juushinliger14, ep001-ninku16, 39 coins
Wish: ep001-zgundam03, ep001-macross707, 10 coins
Melting Pot: traded ep001-activeraid18 for ep001-jojo01
Card Claim: (June 30): ep001-jojosc08, ep001-macrossdelta10
Slotmachine: ep001-kekkaisensen15, ep001-akatsukinoyona09, ep001-nozakikun03, 6 coins
Update freebies: choice coupon x2
Gatchapon (Grand Prize): ep001-kuroko11, ep001-saiyuki14, ep001-akatsukinoyona08, ep001-digimon07, ep001-macross07, ep001-macrossdelta07, ep001-kuragehime04, ep001-honeyclover13

June 21st, 2016
Hangman: ep001-vampireknight06, ep001-lucklogic13, ep001-ggundam13, 8 coins
Guess the Number: ep001-kiznaiver04, ep001-gatcha13, ep001-aoharu12, 21 coins
Freebies: ep001-versailles09, ep001-hakuouki11, ep001-activeraid18, 23 coins
Wish: ep001-mospeada10, ep001-gundamrecoing08, 10 coins
Card Claim: (June 21): ep001-akatsukinoyona17, ep001-jojo13
Slotmachine: ep001-tigerbunny03, ep001-tekkablade07, ep001-jojo04, 9 coins
Starter Pack: ep001-akatsukinoyona08, ep001-akatsukinoyona06, ep001-akatsukinoyona07, ep001-jojodiu05, ep001-bssm15, ep001-kekkaisensen13, ep001-bobobo09, ep001-jojo02, ep001-lovelive06, ep001-akb004817, 30 coins

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poa: book cover

tom felton

cos: book cover

daniel radcliffe

snow tcg

Apr. 30th, 2016 12:23 pm
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player name: Mirai
join date: April 30th, 2016
card count: 465
level: 3
next level at: 501


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holding for Chiisai

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August 12th, 2016
Trade with Amber: my chefs13, chefs16, chefs18, unwelcomechange20 for connected203, connected206, connected217, darkmagic09

August 5th, 2016
Trade with Koshiba: my blackyellow09 for fortheteam04

July 29th, 2016
Trade with Story: my thunderbeast09, timelesssleep16, sunshinedragon17 for angelsdemons20, cherries13, circustrio04 + membercards
Trade with Kairi: my detectives05, detectives13 for forbiddenlove13, urbanexorcists09 + membercards

July 17th, 2016
Trade with Hotaru: my moonstars13, strawberryvalentine16, summertime16 for circustrio01, circustrio02, circustrio19
Trade with Kearin: my appletree08, appletree15, appletree18 for blackyellow08, blazingguardian04, detectives20 + membercards
Trade with Josie: my bubblebath14 for littlelamb11 + membercards

July 10th, 2016
Trade with Moe: my eternalsnow10, kouempire15, vampireslayers12, vampireslayers13, whitedestiny02, whitedestiny17 for cherries11, disappearance10, evas16, firewaterwind09, forbiddenlove11, jellyfish04
Trade with Koshiba: my models19 for cagedbirds04

July 5th, 2016
Trade with Ets: my bubblegum18 for summerstroll18

June 27th, 2016
Trade with Ets: my chefs04 for whitedragon03 + membercards

June 21st, 2016
Trade with Chiisai: my bubblebath10, bubblebath14 for blazingguardian12, roses10
Trade with Amber: my idol05 for angelsdemons18
Trade with Koshiba: my springrain15 for circustrio09

June 14th, 2016
Trade with Renako: my ivalice09, darkmagic11, darkmagic20 for cagedbirds01, cagedbirds03, cagedbirds18 + membercards

June 4th, 2016
Trade with Dite: my passionateembrace11, strawberry17 for detectives12, jellyfish13
Trade with Chiisai: my dragonsrage11, lightbringers14 for jellyfish01, moonstars14 + membercards

May 29th, 2016
Trade with Lee: my marshmallowjustice09 for kouempire15
Trade with Amber: my beneaththemoon07, idol17, whitewedding04 for blazingguardian03, blazingguardian20, wonderland18

May 23rd, 2016
Trade with Koshiba: my summertime07, summertime14 for jellyfish17, sunshinedragon14 + membercards

May 21st, 2016
Trade with Moe: my eternalsnow05, eternalsnow12, whitedestiny04, whitedestiny19 for angelsdemons09, blazingguardian01, cherries15, darkmagic05 + membercards
Trade with Jessica: my patissiere10 for cagedbirds13 + membercards
Trade with Dite: my angelsdescent12, bubblebath11, strawberry15 for kouempire04, kouempire06, kouempire12 + membercards

May 14th, 2016
Trade with Amber: my idol04, idol08, timelesssleep11 for angelsdemons12, forbiddenlove06, forbiddenlove08 + membercards

May 7th, 2016
Trade with Hotaru: my angelsdescent17 for kouempire14 + membercards
Trade with Lee: my summertime02 for urbanexorcists18 + membercards

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cherry blossom

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please refer Mirai if you join!

player info

player name: Mirai
join date: April 5th, 2016
card count: 609
level: 5
next level at: 701


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wishlist: all book covers, some actors/actresses, film decks, relationships, favorite characters (the trio; luna; draco)

far future
wishlist: all posters, some actors/actresses, other liked characters, most scenes




x5 x0


none right now!


August 1st, 2016
Magic Generator (August): cos-dobby13, ootp-umbridge11, ps-hogwarts03, 100 Galleons
Sudoku (August): poa-sirius04, hbp-harry08, ootp-harry16, ps-sorting06, ps-snape13, 30 Galleons
Wishing Well (August): dh-princestale209, cos-hermione16, ps-flyinglessons13, ootp-umbridge20, poa-blowingup01, davidtennant08, hbp-lavender01, ps-gringotts02
Melting Pot: traded cos-ginny06 for hbp-luna01
Dracos Wheel (Transfiguration): ootp-luna07, gof-yuleball02
Rons Memory: evannalynch13, ps-harry08, evannalynch04, 6 Galleons
Dumbledore's Hidden Word: dh-threebrothers05, prisonerofazkaban16, 5 Galleons
Dumbledores Wish: poa-sirius12, dh-dance11, 10 Galleons
Pick a Pet: philosophersstone09, cos-cornishpixies13, gof-cho14, 7 Galleons
Harrys Slot Machine: gof-portkey11, hbp-lavender08, poa-blowingup03, 8 Galleons
Dobbys Gift: hbp-dumbledoreharry03, hbp-albus03, poa-poster115, 9 Galleons
Hermione's Freebies: dh-princestale211, gof-ageline17, ps-oliver07, cos-hermione13, 10 Galleons
Luna's Secret Number: poa-bookcover05, cos-cornishpixies14
Draco's War: cos-poster109, cos-dobby20, hbp-luna08, 5 Galleons
Nevilles Card Claim (August 1): philosophersstone03, poa-trelawney16
Hagrid's Vote: dh-princestale301, hbp-bookcover04, dh-battleofhogwarts06, 9 Galleons
First House Cup Winner (Ravenclaw): choice coupon, choice coupon, dh-obliviate10, ootp-luna07, tomfelton08, cos-gilderoy12, ps-mcgonagall07, 100 Galleons
Wish freebies (Whitney & Allison): hbp-draco08, chamberofsecrets12, hbp-luna02, hbp-ron13, cos-harry10, gobletoffire05, philosophersstone11, hbp-ron14, ootp-bookcover03, cos-hermione07, dh1-hermioneron13, ootp-luna05, cos-weasleyfamily10, hbp-bookcover06, ootp-luna16, rupertgrint02, hbp-bookcover08, cos-weasleyfamily17
Wish freebies (Pam): chamberofsecrets19, rupertgrint01, cos-hermione20, dh1-hermioneron19, philosophersstone18, hbp-draco14
Wish freebies (Adelicya): hbp-luna20, gobletoffire08, cos-harry15
Update freebies (deckmaker bonus): alanrickman10, poa-remuslupin11, ps-flyinglessons15
Update freebies: alanrickman08, alanrickman12, poa-remuslupin09, poa-remuslupin16, ps-flyinglessons01, ps-flyinglessons06 / special09

July 24th, 2016
Level Up: hbp-draco17, dh-dance07, dh-obliviate11, ralphfiennes10, dh1-hermioneron05, 50 Housepoints, 20 Galleons
Mastered danielradcliffe: hbp-draco07, hbp-draco11, cos-ginny06, davidtennant20, ps-snape16, 30 Housepoints, 20 Galleons
Mastered cos-bookcover: danielradcliffe14, danielradcliffe17, cos-ginny12, prisonerofazkaban16, ps-sorting04, 30 Housepoints, 20 Galleons
Mastered tomfelton: danielradcliffe06, danielradcliffe12, dh1-hermioneron09, gobletoffire04, ps-halloween04, 30 Housepoints, 20 Galleons
Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): cos-bookcover02, cos-bookcover14, cos-bookcover15
Melting Pot: traded cos-bookcover13 for chamberofsecrets02
Rons Memory: hbp-poster305, rupertgrint03, hbp-ron07, 5 Galleons
Dumbledore's Hidden Word: ootp-umbridge16, dh-princestale102, 9 Galleons
Dumbledores Wish: evannalynch02, ps-harry03, 10 Galleons
Harrys Slot Machine: gof-fleur01, ps-snake19, gof-harryhermione19, 7 Galleons
Hermione's Freebies: hbp-poster304, ps-arrivingathogwarts14, ootp-harry20, hbp-bookcover01, 15 Galleons
Luna's Secret Number: matthewlewis06, ootp-luna12
Hermione's Tombola (Small): poa-bookcover10, 2 Galleons
Draco's War: cos-poster219, hbp-draco01, ralphfiennes13, 7 Galleons
Nevilles Card Claim (July 24): cos-weasleyfamily03, philosophersstone19
Hagrid's Vote: poa-trelawney08, dh-princestale103, cos-gilderoy16, 10 Galleons
Deckmaker (poa-remuslupin): poa-emergencytransport09, ps-quidditch07, philosophersstone05, 30 Galleons
Deckmaker (poa-creatures): poa-trelawney06, cos-hermione16, poa-poster109, 30 Galleons
Deckmaker (poa-careofmagicalcreatures): gof-poster102, poa-poster117, ps-arrivingathogwarts19, 30 Galleons
Deckmaker (cos-theburrow): ps-letters20, ps-quidditch12, dh-bookcover17, 30 Galleons
Deckmaker (alanrickman): dh-princestale113, ps-hermione07, hbp-dumbledoreharry15, 30 Galleons

July 18th, 2016
Magic Generator (July): ootp-umbridge13, gof-harryhermione05, hbp-poster113, poa-poster320, ps-hogwarts15
Sudoku (July): bonniewright02, gof-cho06, dh-threebrothers07, cos-cornishpixies14, hbp-luna12, 30 Galleons
Wishing Well (July): cos-ron17, hbp-draco18, dh-princestale320, ootp-tonks09, cos-bookcover13, dh1-hermioneron15, ps-oliver05, ps-mcgonagall08
Melting Pot: traded hbp-ron10 for chamberofsecrets13
Dracos Wheel (Charms): dh-princestale201, cos-hermione13, cos-hermione19
Rons Memory: cos-hermione05, poa-poster220, ootp-luna18, 3 Galleons
Dumbledore's Hidden Word: dh-obliviate09, ootp-bookcover18, 9 Galleons
Dumbledores Wish: ps-snape20, cos-draco20, 10 Galleons
Pick a Pet: cos-ginny06, gobletoffire03, ps-diagonalley20, 3 Galleons
Harrys Slot Machine: ps-draco09, dh-princestale111, ps-sorting12, 9 Galleons
Hermione's Freebies: ps-halloween06, bonniewright07, nataliatena20, cos-gilderoy04, 12 Galleons
Luna's Secret Number: emmawatson04, cos-ginny06
Hermiones Tombola (Grandprize): choice coupon, cos-poster105, poa-hermione14, gof-poster109, hbp-luna16, 10 Galleons
Draco's War: hbp-ron11, evannalynch02, ps-owl08, 4 Galleons
Nevilles Card Claim: (July 18): hbp-draco13, rupertgrint19
Hagrid's Vote: poa-hermione15, hbp-lavender03, hbp-ron10, 9 Galleons
Stamp - First time - Master: ootp-harry16, ps-owl20, hbp-ron10, 20 Galleons
Wish freebies (Nicolie): tomfelton09, danielradcliffe16, cos-harry04
Wish freebies (angelrose): danielradcliffe18, gobletoffire10, hbp-draco15, cos-bookcover03, rupertgrint04, hbp-ron06, chamberofsecrets09, hbp-luna14, cos-bookcover16, gobletoffire14, chamberofsecrets17, rupertgrint14, hbp-luna15
Wish freebies (Adelicya): hbp-draco06, hbp-ron02
New decks: deathlyhallowspart113, deathlyhallowspart116, helenabonhamcarter05, helenabonhamcarter11, ps-diagonalley13, ps-diagonalley16, ootp-weasleyfamily10, ootp-weasleyfamily12, ootp-harry08, ootp-harry11, ps-oliver04, ps-oliver13

June 5th, 2016
Mastered poa-bookcover: tomfelton17, tomfelton18, ootp-tonks08, ps-harry15, cos-harry20, 30 Housepoints, 20 Galleons
Level Up: tomfelton08, cos-cornishpixies11, gobletoffire18, ps-hermione04, ps-snake05, 50 Housepoints, 20 Galleons
Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): poa-bookcover08, poa-bookcover11
SPEW (May): chamberofsecrets20, ps-arrivingathogwarts06
Deckmaker (helenabonhamcarter): dh-dance17, cos-dobby13, davidtennant17, 30 Galleons
Luna's Question: philosophersstone16, cos-harry16, cos-bookcover06, cos-harry09, 7 Galleons
Wishing Well: 2 Choice Card Coupons
SPEW: -10 Galleons
Dumbledores Wish: ootp-umbridge04, davidtennant18, 10 Galleons
Snapes Spell: rupertgrint08, ps-draco09, philosophersstone14, 7 Galleons
Rons Memory: cos-harry01, poa-emergencytransport18, hbp-luna19, 4 Galleons
Harrys Slot Machine: dh-bookcover04, danielradcliffe19, ps-harry14, 6 Galleons
Draco's War: gof-ageline14, dh-princestale112, gof-yuleball02, 6 Galleons
Hermione's Freebies: cos-poster119, poa-hermione12, cos-draco12, hbp-poster104, 12 Galleons
Nevilles Card Claim: (June 5): danielradcliffe15, tomfelton19
Luna's Secret Number: ps-halloween05, dh-princestale206
Hagrid's Vote: cos-bookcover13, ps-gringotts11, hbp-hermione04, 5 Galleons
Wish freebies: chamberofsecrets11, ootp-luna19, tomfelton07, tomfelton14, poa-bookcover04, hbp-draco04 / hbp-luna07, danielradcliffe04, cos-bookcover10 / cos-bookcover17, poa-bookcover20, hbp-draco19, danielradcliffe13, hbp-luna12, gobletoffire15
New decks: ootp-creatures04, ootp-creatures11, evannalynch10, ps-quidditch01, ps-quidditch11, ps-sorting12 / dh-threebrothers08

May 29th, 2016
Ron's Quote: hbp-poster114, ootp-umbridge10, 6 Galleons
Dumbledore's Hidden Word: gof-cedric20, dh-princestale117, 8 Galleons
Dracos Wheel (Charms): bonniewright08, ps-snape12, nataliatena13
Melting Pot: traded hbp-ron03 for gobletoffire20
Dumbledores Wish: cos-bookcover08, cos-draco06, 10 Galleons
Harrys Slot Machine: hbp-hermione12, hbp-draco20, dh-battleofhogwarts18, 3 Galleons
Snapes Spell: poa-poster314, cos-ron08, cos-howler14, 4 Galleons
Rons Memory: dh-battleofhogwarts10, ps-gringotts15, ps-snake16, 7 Galleons
Hermione's Freebies: matthewlewis18, hbp-harry05, poa-trelawney03, gof-bookcover18, 11 Galleons
Nevilles Card Claim: (May 29): ps-draco01, ps-mcgonagall14
Luna's Secret Number: hbp-luna11, hbp-poster217
Hagrid's Vote: cos-weasleyfamily01, philosophersstone08, dh-bookcover17, 4 Galleons
Deckmaker (ps-flyinglessons): cos-poster104, gof-poster114, dh1-hermioneron12, 30 Galleons
Deckmaker (ps-quirrell): ralphfiennes04, ootp-luna10, poa-bookcover09, 30 Galleons
Stamp - First time - Comment: cos-dobby10, gof-worldcup15, hbp-ron03, 20 Galleons
Stamp - First time - Trade: hbp-ron03, prisonerofazkaban01, dh-19yearslater01, 20 Galleons
Stamp - House: hbp-bookcover07, ps-snake12, ps-creatures18, 20 Galleons
Wish freebies: hbp-draco03, ps-draco10 / poa-bookcover17, cos-bookcover09, tomfelton13 / poa-bookcover05, danielradcliffe01
Trade with Kath: my dh-dance03 for rupertgrint10 + membercards

May 1st, 2016
Level Up: poa-bookcover18, hbp-dumbledoreharry08, hbp-luna06, rupertgrint16, ootp-tonks20, 50 Housepoints, 20 Galleons
SPEW (April): choice coupon
Deckmaker (dh-threebrothers): ps-hogwarts04, gobletoffire19, gof-ageline10, 30 Galleons
Deckmaker (ps-dursleyfamily): dh-battleofhogwarts09, dh-dance03, gobletoffire01, 30 Galleons
Deckmaker (deathlyhallowspart1): matthewlewis07, poa-poster120, ps-draco09, 30 Galleons
Deckmaker (dh-returntohogwarts): ps-gringotts07, hbp-poster103, hbp-albus09, 30 Galleons
Deckmaker (ootp-hermione): hbp-lavender20, poa-poster310, nataliatena02, 30 Galleons
Dumbledores Wish: cos-ron12, matthewlewis06, 10 Galleons
Wishing Well: 2 Choice Card Coupons
SPEW: -10 Galleons
Harrys Missing Snitch (May): choice coupon, gof-cho15, ootp-luna12, bonniewright04, ps-bookcover06, ps-hermione06, 29 Galleons
Melting Pot: traded cos-dobby12 for danielradcliffe10
Snapes Spell: ralphfiennes12, philosophersstone17, ootp-tonks10, 5 Galleons
Pick a Pet: ps-harry13, tomfelton10, cos-draco06, 7 Galleons
Rons Memory: gof-fleur09, philosophersstone10, poa-poster315, 6 Galleons
Harrys Slot Machine: hbp-hermione15, poa-poster302, gof-cho15, 6 Galleons
Hermione's Freebies: gof-harryhermione08, gof-ginny11, cos-draco12, ps-draco02, 20 Galleons
Nevilles Card Claim: (May 1): chamberofsecrets04, hbp-draco02
Luna's Secret Number: poa-poster309, hbp-albus12
Hagrid's Vote: ps-creatures01, rupertgrint11, hbp-poster215, 9 Galleons
Wish freebies (Adelicya): cos-bookcover06, hbp-draco10, poa-bookcover13, emmawatson12, tomfelton03, chamberofsecrets14
Wish freebies (Jenny): hbp-luna06
Wish freebies (Rheanna): poa-bookcover16, cos-bookcover18, tomfelton05
Update freebies: rupertgrint03, rupertgrint09, ps-mcgonagall05, ps-mcgonagall15, ps-creatures05, ps-creatures17 / special07, special08
Trade with Marina: my cos-draco04, ps-draco03 for chamberofsecrets05, chamberofsecrets07

April 25th, 2016
Dumbledore's Hidden Word: cos-weasleyfamily18, ps-draco02, 10 Galleons
Luna's Question: ps-hogwarts17, hbp-draco12, 5 Galleons
Ron's Quote: gof-poster116, ps-draco03, 5 Galleons
Hermione's Tombola (Medium): cos-dobby13, ps-arrivingathogwarts06, ps-hermione13, 8 Galleons
Dracos Wheel: matthewlewis04, poa-sirius18, hbp-ron19
Dobbys Gift: gobletoffire07, poa-bookcover15, poa-poster202, 9 Galleons
Draco's War: hbp-poster109, tomfelton01, ralphfiennes05, 7 Galleons
Hermione's Freebies: cos-bookcover13, gof-bookcover05, hbp-dumbledoreharry02, gobletoffire06, 15 Galleons
Nevilles Card Claim: (April 25): danielradcliffe09, hbp-draco09
Luna's Secret Number: poa-hermione17, gof-ginny04
Hagrid's Vote: hbp-luna18, gof-yuleball13, cos-hermione17, 10 Galleons
Wish freebies: poa-bookcover14 / cos-bookcover08, poa-bookcover03, hbp-bookcover18, danielradcliffe02, tomfelton12, gobletoffire17 / ootp-luna04
Update freebies: prisonerofazkaban10, prisonerofazkaban17, ralphfiennes03, ralphfiennes11, dh-19yearslater05, dh-19yearslater20

April 22nd, 2016
Trade with Jennifer: my matthewlewis08 for chamberofsecrets10 + membercards
Trade with Marina: my cos-dobby06, cos-dobby18, gof-yuleball08, gof-yuleball15 for hbp-bookcover05, cos-harry03, cos-harry11, chamberofsecrets08 + membercards

April 11th, 2016
Level Up: poa-bookcover09, cos-cornishpixies13, cos-harry18, ps-snake14, cos-hermione18, 50 Housepoints, 20 Galleons
Melting Pot: traded gof-ageline05 for hbp-bookcover20
Dumbledores Wish: matthewlewis14, cos-ginny06, 10 Galleons
Snapes Spell: hbp-harry03, gof-yuleball08, ootp-firework11, 5 Galleons
Pick a Pet: hbp-bookcover19, cos-poster116, gof-poster112, 3 Galleons
Rons Memory: hbp-ron11, ootp-firework13, poa-blowingup13, 3 Galleons
Harrys Slot Machine: dh1-hermioneron08, poa-blowingup09, hbp-draco05, 4 Galleons
Dobbys Gift: cos-cornishpixies18, hbp-poster107, cos-dobby06, 7 Galleons
Draco's War: ps-owl18, cos-poster112, hbp-draco16, 6 Galleons
Hermione's Freebies: gof-cedric10, hbp-bookcover17, poa-blowingup12, davidtennant08, 17 Galleons
Nevilles Card Claim: (April 11): ps-draco03, dh1-hermioneron18
Luna's Secret Number: ootp-bookcover06, tomfelton10
Hagrid's Vote: gof-yuleball15, cos-hermione06, ootp-bookcover19, 10 Galleons
Wish freebies: poa-bookcover01, cos-bookcover04
Update freebies: hbp-draco01, hbp-draco18, hbp-luna10, hbp-luna13, cos-hermione10, cos-hermione13

April 6th, 2016
Wishing Well: cos-draco04, ps-harry03, gof-ginny18, gof-ageline05, ps-gringotts14, cos-howler19, ps-snake08, danielradcliffe08
Dumbledores Wish: chamberofsecrets01, cos-harry09, 10 Galleons
Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare: -10 Galleons
Harrys Missing Snitch (April): 1 choice card, tomfelton20, tomfelton16, gof-cedric07, hbp-hermione14, cos-ginny13, 21 Galleons
Dumbledore's Hidden Word: cos-bookcover19, hbp-poster106, 8
Luna's Question: nataliatena12, gof-ginny07, 3 Galleons
Ron's Quote: matthewlewis08, ps-snape14, 5 Galleons
Dracos Wheel: gof-cho10, ps-snake09
Melting Pot: traded ps-snake20 for cos-bookcover07
Snapes Spell: hbp-harry11, cos-bookcover13, cos-weasleyfamily06, 7 Galleons
Pick a Pet: hbp-hermione08, ps-gringotts12, matthewlewis08, 9 Galleons
Rons Memory: chamberofsecrets16, hbp-ron16, cos-poster115, 4 Galleons
Harrys Slot Machine: emmawatson04, cos-howler06, cos-ron03, 3 Galleons
Dobbys Gift: poa-emergencytransport19, cos-dobby18, cos-dobby12, 3 Galleons
Hermione's Freebies: ps-snake17, danielradcliffe05, ps-snake16, tomfelton02, 13 Galleons
Nevilles Card Claim: (April 6): gobletoffire02, hbp-ron09
Luna's Secret Number: hbp-ron01, hbp-ron08
Hagrid's Vote: cos-draco04, cos-weasleyfamily11, danielradcliffe11, 3 Galleons
Members Favourite Male Character: poa-blowingup20, ootp-bookcover01, 10 Housepoints, 10 Galleons
Members Favourite Female Character: poa-hermione17, gof-fleur20, 10 Housepoints, 10 Galleons
Update freebies: ootp-luna10, ootp-luna11, ps-draco13, ps-draco16, gobletoffire03, gobletoffire11, dh1-hermioneron05, dh1-hermioneron16 / special04, special05, special06
Wish freebies: poa-bookcover06, cos-bookcover01 / danielradcliffe03, tomfelton15, cos-bookcover05, hbp-ron07, cos-bookcover12, tomfelton06, ootp-bookcover04, poa-bookcover07, poa-bookcover10
Grand Opening freebies: gof-ginny03, cos-bookcover11, poa-bookcover02, danielradcliffe20, danielradcliffe07, cos-bookcover20, poa-bookcover12, tomfelton04, tomfelton11, cos-weasleyfamily05, hbp-ron20, gof-ginny11

April 5th, 2016
Starter Pack: poa-bookcover19, poa-bookcover15, ps-snake20, hbp-hermione18, dh1-hermioneron08, gof-fleur10, 30 Galleons

natura tcg

Mar. 16th, 2016 09:24 pm
tsunashis: star driver | tsunashi takuto (Default)
[[will prettify later! bear with it for a while]]

please refer Mirai if you join!

player info

player name: Mirai
join date: March 16th, 2016
card count: 215
card worth: 225
level: 2
next level at: 401


view my mastered decks here!






x8 x9 x10 x12


none right now!


April 23rd, 2016
mastered cherryblossom: cherryblossommaster, tiger02, rosequartz13
level up: cherryblossom03, horse14, sunset11
lucky match (1 match): penguin13
war (win): wolf11, tundra04
four in one: raven14, owl10
four in one: rose08, cactus13
memory: mountain04, bismult15
memory: rosequartz02, lightning12
waterycard: waterfall10, polarbear13
waterycard: rain03, hydrangea14
guess the number: key, heart
guess the number: feather, heart
lottery (two match): tiger04, mountain07
lottery (two match): tiger12, mountain12
wish freebies: cherryblossom11, seashell09, owl01, dog13, mountain10, tiger14, rain02, penguin05
member of the week: cherryblossom02, mountain06, chickadee09, tundra08, star, key, feather, heart
update freebies: spring2016, raven04, blueberry11, coralreef03

April 22nd, 2016
trade with qualisa: my bluejay14, bismult13, clownfish08, ruby07, lightning05, cherryblossom01 for chickadee02, penguin02, penguin03, penguin06, rain10, tundra08 + membercards

April 16th, 2016
tic tac toe (win): rain06, horse11
word scramble: waterfall09
puzzle: chickadee13, bluejay06
wheel (winter): star, feather
freebies: rainbow03, horse07, tundra01, island09, star, star
slots: earthday2016
zodiac: heart
wish freebies (kayori): venusflytrap07, cloud01, dog02, owl08, waterfall12, panther10, rainforest09
wish freebies (hotaru): firstlayout
wish freebies (ajisaitea): penguin07, seashell03, rain04, tiger10, cherryblossom15
wish freebies (jaga): panda06, island14, bluejay14, wolf13, rainbow15

April 15th, 2016
mastered rabbit: rabbitmaster, cherryblossom06, ladybug07
mastered bluejay: bluejaymaster, rabbit04, cat12
trade with nicolie: my amethyst01, bismult09 for bluejay15, owl02 + membercards
trade with rae: my ladybug07 for bluejay03
trade with catherine: my cloud04, emerald03 for cherryblossom07, seashell07 + membercards

April 9th, 2016
mastered daisy: daisymaster, rabbit10, polarbear08
trade with jenny: my ruby01, ruby06, ruby07, ruby12 for bluejay09, daisy08, daisy14, rabbit03 + membercards
trade with kristi: my ladybug07, ladybug09, ladybug11, ladubyg12, ruby13 for bluejay05, daisy04, rabbit11, rabbit12, seashell06 + membercards
four in one: rosequartz07, horse08
memory: wolf07, cherryblossom04
waterycard: rabbit03, sapphire08
guess the number: key, key
lottery (two match): rabbit09, rabbit11
wish freebies: cherryblossom10, owl04, rabbit06
new decks: worldratday2016, rain05, rose13, waterfall03 / rain13
trade with donna: my tiger06, bluejay13 for daisy06, daisy12 + membercards
trade with lex: my bismult02, bismult03 for seashell01, seashell11 + membercards
trade with manda: my horse15 for daisy13 + membercards
trade with minty: my bismult06, bismult12, rosequartz07, rosequartz11 for rabbit01, rabbit08, tiger03, tiger09 + membercards
trade with hotaru: my horse07 for owl13
trade with chiisai: my horse01, horse04 for daisy11, tiger05
trade with amber: my seashell14, seashell15 for daisy05, clownfish13 + membercards
error report: feather

April 2nd, 2016
5-Puzzle (Complete): cherryblossom13, owl15, bluejay06 key, key
5-Puzzle (Round 4): venusflytrap09, owl14, sapphire04
5-Puzzle (Round 3): bismult09, cloud08, cherryblossom01
5-Puzzle (Round 2): sunset05, clownfish08, emerald03
5-Puzzle (Round 1): owl10, ruby07, clownfish08
deck sugguest: strawberry01, rainforest05
missingchick: bluejay12, polarbear05, daisy15
tic tac toe (win): ruby12, cloud04
word scramble: owl09
puzzle: tiger07, tundra04
wheel (spring): panda07, ruby07
freebies: ruby06, panther05, dog05, panda07, feather, star
slots: bluejay10, tiger06, bismult06, bluejay13
zodiac: dog11
wish freebies: cherryblossom12, panther09, rabbit13, daisy03, lightning05, tiger01
april fool's freebie: rainbow02
new decks: april2016, aprilfools2016, penguin08 / penguin09
trade with hotaru: my amethyst09 for bluejay07 + membercards

March 26th, 2016
error report: key
trade with chiisai: my amethyst01, amethyst05, amethyst09 for bluejay04, bluejay10, cherryblossom09 + membercards

March 25th, 2016
lucky match (1 match): mountain04
four in one: clownfish05, bismult12
memory: bismult13, bismult03
watery card: dog12, dog06
guess the number: heart, key
lottery (one match): daisy07
update freebies: easter2016, owl03, owl12, rainbow15, strawberry11

March 19th, 2016
tic tac toe (win): amethyst01, ladybug07
word scramble: lightning05
wheel (summer): feather
freebies: amethyst09, hydrangea04, seashell15, lightning15, star, key
slots: tiger15, amethyst09, lightning09, ruby13
zodiac: tiger08, ladybug09
5-puzzle (round 5): cherryblossom08, horse01, panther02, prejoinner, feather, heart
5-puzzle (round 4): seashell12, panther02, seashell05, tiger06
5-puzzle (round 3): cloud11, rabbit02, amethyst05
5-puzzle (round 2): daisy01, daisy10
5-puzzle (round 1): star, key
update freebies: firstupdate, lightning12, wolf09, hydrangea05
trade with scott: my amethyst04, amethyst09 for bluejay13, seashell13 + membercards
trade with rae: my horse03, bismult08 for bluejay02, bluejay14 + membercards

March 16th, 2016
lucky match (1 match): rosequartz07
deck sugguest: seashell14, amethyst09
missing chick: rabbit15, seashell15, bismult08
wishing well: venusflytrap13, rabbit05
four in one: horse04, amethyst04
memory: mountain09, mountain06
watery card: venusflytrap01, daisy02
guess the number: key, key
lottery (one match): rabbit14
slots: ladybug12, seashell14, rainforest06
word scramble: cherryblossom01
tic tac toe (win): rainforest10, cherryblossom05
puzzle: ruby01, amethyst01, panther15, feather
wheel (fall): bluejay11, daisy09, star
freebies: horse07, cherryblossom14, tiger13, ladybug11, heart, feather
zodiac: horse15
membercard: bismult02, mc_Mirai
grand opening: grandopenning, star, feather, key, heart
starter pack: bluejay01, bluejay08, rosequartz11, cloud04, bismult01, horse03, mountain04, ladybug07, rabbit07

tsunashis: star driver | tsunashi takuto (Default)
[[will prettify later! bear with it for a while]]

please refer Mirai if you join!

player info

player name: Mirai
join date: October 22nd, 2015
card count: 751
card level: 7
pkmn count: 4
next level at: 100






kanto pkmn

kanto legendaries

johto pkmn






x3 x4 x2 x2
x3 x5 x5
x2 x4 x2 x2 x4 x4 x2
x2 x6 x2 x2 x2 x5
x2 x2 x2 x2 x3 x2 x6 x5
x4 x3 x2 x3 x2
x3 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x3 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x3 x2

x5 x1 x7 x6 x3 x4 x4 x4 x4
x3 x2 x2 x6 x3 x6 x5 x6 x3

x0 x0 x0 x1 x0
x0 x0 x0 x0


none right now!


activity log
trade log
August 8th, 2016
Kanto Pokemon: mrmime01_08, pidgeotto02_09, hexmaniac_05
Kanto Lottery: gymleadergiovanni_08
Leader Brock: ekans02_06, evo_time, ball_great
Starter Slots: piplup01_03, treecko02_01, mega_sharpedonite
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: tepig01_05, cyndaquil01_02, mega_manectite
Hometown Level Guess: torchic02_04, cyndaquil01_07, evo_skullfossil
Hometown Black Jack: cyndaquil02_01, charmander01_07, evo_ability

July 29th, 2016
Doubles Exchange Regular: ponyta02_05, poliwhirl01_04, sentret01_02
Doubles Exchange Regular: cubone01_06, snivy01_06, zubat02_04
Doubles Exchange Regular: politoed01_02, rhydon02_07, spinarak01_02
Doubles Exchange Regular: hitmonlee02_01, doduo02_06, parasect01_04
Kanto Pokemon: cubone01_08, seel01_04, trainerbianca01_04
Kanto Lottery: venusaur01_07
Leader Brock: jynx02_04, mega_ampharosite, safari_steel
Starter Slots: squirtle03_05, turtwig01_01, evo_plumefossil
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: snivy01_01, totodile01_06, evo_leafstone
Hometown Level Guess: oshawott01_02, tepig02_07, mega_ampharosite
Hometown Black Jack: chikorita02_02, pikachu03_01, mega_steelixite
Update freebies: articuno01_08

July 20th, 2016
Kanto Pokemon: rhyhorn01_02, zubat01_04, berries_08
Kanto Lottery: ball_great
Leader Misty: nidoqueen01_05, evo_leafstone, evo_razorclaw
Kanto Cards: cloyster01_06, clefairy02_02, hexmaniac_02
Starter Slots: tepig01_09, torchic02_04, ball_dream
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: snivy02_01, charmander02_03, mega_gengarite
Hometown Level Guess: froakie02_09, mudkip02_03, mega_mawilite
Hometown Black Jack: turtwig01_03, piplup02_03, mega_blastoisinite
Update freebies: natu01_08, mareep01_02, misdreavus01_05

June 3rd, 2016
Level #8: koffing01_01, dratini01_03, alakazam02_08
Kanto Pokemon: kabutops01_07, lapras02_06, hexmaniac_06
Kanto Lottery: pidgey02_06
Leader Misty: dragonair01_07, ball_ultra, ball_great
Starter Slots: cyndaquil01_03, torchic02_04, evo_location
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: totodile02_05, oshawott02_06, mega_kangaskhanite
Hometown Level Guess: pikachu02_04, chimchar02_07, evo_sachet
Hometown Black Jack: chimchar01_06, cyndaquil01_05, evo_female
Update freebies: nidorina01_02, gengar01_06 / gymleadermisty_07

April 25th, 2016
Kanto Pokemon: vaporeon02_06, tauros01_01, hexmaniac_03
Kanto Lottery: mega_lopunnite
Leader Brock: seadra02_01, mega_salamencite, evo_dawnstone
Starter Slots: chikorita02_01, turtwig01_09, mega_pinsirite
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: cyndaquil02_04, bulbasaur01_08, evo_rootfossil
Hometown Level Guess: squirtle01_07, pikachu01_06, evo_ability
Hometown Black Jack: tepig01_04, froakie02_03, safari_ice

April 22nd, 2016
Kanto Pokemon: omanyte02_05, nidorina02_08, teamup_07
Kanto Lottery: seaking02_07
Leader Lt. Surge: lickitung02_01, kabuto01_01, evo_leafstone, evo_dragonscale
Starter Slots: squirtle01_07, charmander01_09, safari_bug
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: cyndaquil02_06, bulbasaur02_02, evo_oldamber
Hometown Level Guess: snivy01_02, cyndaquil01_05, evo_moonstone
Hometown Black Jack: snivy02_07, mudkip01_01, evo_leafstone

April 15th, 2016
Kanto Pokemon: dewgong02_02, horsea02_04, hexmaniac_04
Kanto Lottery: weepinbell02_06, diglett01_07, safari_normal
Leader Blaine: onix02_04, grimer01_09, evo_location
Kanto Cards: pidgeotto02_04, cubone01_08, chasingdiancie_03
Starter Slots: charmander01_04, mudkip01_01, primal_red
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: froakie01_09, torchic02_01, evo_clawfossil
Hometown Level Guess: oshawott01_05, turtwig01_07, evo_thunderstone
Hometown Black Jack: mudkip02_07, charmander03_09, mega_glalitite

April 5th, 2016
Kanto Pokemon: chansey02_04, weepinbell01_05, traineriris01_09
Kanto Lottery: golduck01_01
Leader Lt. Surge: charizard01_07, gymleadermisty_05, mega_charizarditey, evo_whippeddream
Kanto Cards: cubone02_06, doduo01_09, traineriris01_05
Starter Slots: tepig02_05, fennekin01_09, mega_metagrossite
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: turtwig01_02, treecko02_01, evo_upgrade
Hometown Level Guess: pikachu03_07, oshawott01_04, mega_latiasite
Hometown Black Jack: charmander02_07, bulbasaur02_09, ball_master

April 1st, 2016
Level #7: butterfree01_01, snivy02_01, gymleadererika_05
Spring Event Final: spring03_06, spring01_09, spring06_08, spring09_07, spring09_03, spring01_04, spring05_08, spring01_09, charizard02_05, froakie01_03, safari_rock, safari_poison
Spring Pokemon 10: spring01_01, spring07_02, spring07_05, kangaskhan02_08, safari_fighting
Spring Pokemon 9: spring08_02, spring05_05, spring04_06, froakie01_01, safari_normal
Spring Pokemon 8: spring08_05, spring10_03, spring03_04, gymleadermisty_01, safari_normal
Spring Pokemon 7: spring06_07, spring05_01, magmar02_02, safari_grass
Spring Pokemon 6: spring05_05, spring05_07, butterfree01_05, safari_flying
Spring Pokemon 5: spring01_05, spring08_09, electrode01_07, safari_water
Spring Pokemon 4: spring10_01, spring04_02, kingler01_09, safari_dragon
Spring Pokemon 3: spring08_02, spring05_03, safari_electric
Spring Pokemon 2: spring04_09, spring02_07, safari_rock
Spring Pokemon 1: spring06_07, spring05_08, safari_bug
Update freebies: meowth02_05, gastly02_08, scyther02_02, eevee02_05, articuno02_01 / spring05_06 / 20thanniversarymew_01

March 28th, 2016
Kanto Pokemon: raticate01_02, wigglytuff01_06, teamup_03
Kanto Lottery: gymleadermisty_03, cubone01_07
Leader Erika: electabuzz01_02, gymleadermisty_08, ball_dream
Starter Slots: pikachu01_04, piplup01_03, mega_blastoisinite
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: squirtle02_06, snivy01_09, evo_dawnstone
Hometown Level Guess: chespin02_06, snivy01_09, mega_charizarditex
Hometown Black Jack: oshawott01_07, fennekin01_08, mega_steelixite

March 22nd, 2016
Doubles Exchange Medium: 20thanniversary_02, teamup_09, generations_01
Doubles Exchange Regular: sandslash01_06, raticate01_08, machop01_05
Doubles Exchange Regular: wartortle01_03, machop01_08, dragonite01_09
Kanto Pokemon: farfetchd01_02, magneton01_06, hexmaniac_02
Kanto Lottery: kangaskhan01_05
Leader Lt. Surge: venomoth01_08, eevee01_03, evo_leafstone, mega_kangaskhanite
Kanto Cards: parasect01_03, eevee01_02, traineriris01_03
Starter Slots: tepig02_06, torchic02_01, safari_bug
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: mudkip02_05, totodile01_08, safari_ghost
Hometown Level Guess: treecko01_09, fennekin01_02, evo_female
Hometown Black Jack: froakie02_01, bulbasaur01_08, evo_thunderstone

March 16th, 2016
Kanto Pokemon: raticate01_04, primeape01_01, chasingdiancie_01
Kanto Lottery: lickitung01_01, hitmonlee01_09
Leader Erika: coupon04, pidgeot02_05, evo_upgrade
Kanto Cards: nidorino02_09, omastar01_03, traineriris01_07
Starter Slots: bulbasaur01_05, tepig01_04, evo_ability
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: chimchar02_04, pikachu03_03, safari_grass
Hometown Level Guess: squirtle02_03, froakie01_08, evo_leafstone
Hometown Black Jack: snivy02_09, tepig02_03, mega_abomasite

March 7th, 2016
Level #6: dewgong01_09, squirtle01_07, exeggcute01_08
Kanto Pokemon: blastoise02_05, exeggcute01_01, trainerbianca01_04
Kanto Lottery: arbok01_07, clefairy02_04
Leader Erika: kadabra01_04, krabby01_05, evo_plumefossil
Kanto Cards: farfetchd01_09, generations_07, hexmaniac_02
Starter Slots: treecko01_06, pikachu01_02, evo_eonticket
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: cyndaquil02_07, piplup02_02, evo_shinystone
Hometown Level Guess: squirtle03_09, oshawott02_04, mega_diancite
Hometown Black Jack: charmander02_08, chikorita02_02, safari_steel
Update freebies: sandshrew02_06, clefairy02_01
5 Trade Card Bonus: gengar01_09, kangaskhan01_04, kingler01_08, gymleadererika_02, venusaur01_05, doduo01_03, safari_ice

March 5th, 2016
Trade Card #5: charizard01_09, machamp01_04

February 29th, 2016
Chimchar Level #2: weedle01_02, sandshrew01_07, nidoqueen01_07
chimchar01 Mastered: treecko02_04, gymleadererika_05, slowpoke01_03
Kanto Pokemon: jigglypuff01_01, nidorino01_05, chasingdiancie_09
Kanto Lottery: doduo01_03, new3dsconsoles_03
Leader Misty: venomoth01_06, ball_ultra, evo_domefossil
Starter Slots: mudkip01_03, charmander01_02, mega_houndoominite
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: bulbasaur02_02, piplup01_02, evo_domefossil
Hometown Level Guess: bulbasaur02_08, charmander02_03, evo_eonticket
Hometown Black Jack: squirtle01_01, charmander03_08, evo_upgrade
Update freebies: charmander03_02, 20thanniversary_03

February 25th, 2016
chikorita01 Mastered: machoke01_01, snivy02_03, graveler01_02

February 23rd, 2016
Kanto Pokemon: hitmonchan01_09, gymleadererika_05, chasingdiancie_02
Kanto Lottery: gloom01_06, bellsprout01_08
Leader Erika: omanyte01_07, bellsprout01_09, mega_pidgeotite
Starter Slots: froakie02_09, squirtle02_03, evo_male
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: bulbasaur03_09, totodile01_09, mega_scizorite
Hometown Level Guess: mudkip02_05, turtwig02_09, evo_skullfossil
Hometown Black Jack: snivy02_07, squirtle02_07, primal_blue
Heart: bemine_08, safari_ghost
Heart: lovemew_05, safari_fire
Heart: pokelove_03, safari_psychic
Bag: pikachooseyou_09, mytype_05, safari_dragon
Bag: lovemew_03, mytype_08, safari_bug
Bag: pikachooseyou_08, mytype_05, safari_normal
Bag: bemine_05, mytype_06, safari_poison
Bag: lovemew_08, heartablaze_06, safari_water
Bag: madeasplash_02, lovemew_09, safari_steel
Valentine: pokelove_06, bemine_01, madeasplash_04, wigglytuff01_05, safari_fighting, safari_ground
Valentine: lovemew_03, pokelove_07, bemine_03, beedrill01_08, safari_grass, safari_rock
Valentine: lovemew_06, mytype_08, mytype_02, cyndaquil02_09, safari_rock, safari_steel
Valentine: bemine_09, lovemew_07, heartablaze_07, hypno01_03, safari_electric, safari_rock
Valentine: madeasplash_04, madeasplash_06, heartablaze_09, spearow01_08, safari_flying, safari_electric
Valentine: pokelove_02, pikachooseyou_07, mytype_08, charmander01_04, safari_water, safari_fairy
Valentine: bemine_05, bemine_09, pikachooseyou_04, dragonair01_09, safari_normal, safari_dragon
Valentine: pikachooseyou_09, madeasplash_04, bemine_08, electrode01_01, safari_fire, safari_psychic
Valentine: bemine_09, lovemew_07, pikachooseyou_06, jynx01_05, safari_fire, safari_flying
Update freebies: lovemew_01

February 20th, 2016
Level #5: marowak01_05, chikorita02_06, kangaskhan01_03
chimchar02 Mastered: persian01_03, golbat01_02, pikachu02_07
Trade Card #4: bulbasaur01_04, vileplume01_03

February 18th, 2016
treecko02 Mastered: clefable01_08, torchic01_05, exeggutor01_04

February 17th, 2016
Doubles Exchange Medium: elitefouragatha_07, elitefourbruno_07, teamup_09
Doubles Exchange Medium: elitefourbruno_04, berries_07, teamup_03
Doubles Exchange Regular: treecko02_02, jynx01_04
Doubles Exchange Regular: clefairy01_03, diglett01_07, spearow01_08
Doubles Exchange Regular: seaking01_01, abra01_06, vaporeon01_04
Kanto Pokemon: staryu01_09, venomoth01_06, chasingdiancie_05
Kanto Lottery: nidoking01_02
Leader Blaine: butterfree01_07, arbok01_09, mega_steelixite
Starter Slots: fennekin02_03, treecko02_06, safari_fighting
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: chimchar02_08, bulbasaur01_06, mega_gengarite
Hometown Level Guess: turtwig02_05, tepig01_06, safari_ground
Hometown Black Jack: squirtle01_03, torchic02_08, mega_glalitite

February 14th, 2016
Kanto Pokemon: nidoranf01_03, staryu01_04, trainerbianca01_01
Kanto Lottery: jolteon01_06
Leader Giovanni: raichu01_06, rhyhorn01_08, hexmaniac_07
Starter Slots: charmander02_07, pikachu01_04, mega_pidgeotite
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: treecko01_05, torchic01_09, ball_poke
Hometown Level Guess: froakie01_06, fennekin02_02, evo_whippeddream
Hometown Black Jack: piplup01_02, chikorita01_05, evo_razorfang
Update freebies: safari_electric, safari_ghost, safari_dragon

February 4th, 2016
Kanto Pokemon: alakazam01_04, seadra01_04, trainerbianca01_05
Kanto Lottery: nidorina01_08
Leader Erika: tentacool01_09, dratini01_09, evo_sunstone
Starter Slots: totodile02_02, mudkip01_02, evo_helixfossil
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: turtwig02_06, chikorita01_04, evo_rootfossil
Hometown Level Guess: charmander02_04, chespin02_07, evo_protector
Hometown Black Jack: chimchar01_08, chimchar02_03, evo_moonstone
Trade Card #3: hitmonlee01_09, pikachu02_04

January 29th, 2016
Starter Coupon: totodile02_09, totodile01_02, torchic02_08
Kanto Pokemon: ninetales01_09, coupon01, trainerbianca01_02
Kanto Lottery: mega_metagrossite
Leader Lt. Surge: charizard01_08, blastoise01_02, evo_ovalstone, evo_plumefossil
Starter Slots: torchic01_05, squirtle02_03, mega_venusaurite
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: chikorita01_09, torchic01_02, safari_dragon
Hometown Level Guess: charmander01_01, squirtle02_09, evo_jawfossil
Hometown Black Jack: tepig02_04, pikachu01_06, evo_time
Update freebies: ball_master, safari_flying

January 20th, 2016
Kanto Pokemon: machamp01_02, gloom01_05, traineriris01_09
Kanto Lottery: gengar01_01
Leader Brock: meowth01_02, evo_female, mega_abomasite
Starter Slots: chespin01_06, bulbasaur03_07, evo_jawfossil
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: cyndaquil01_08, snivy01_01, evo_upgrade
Hometown Level Guess: bulbasaur03_08, treecko01_09, evo_shinystone
Hometown Black Jack: tepig01_02, pikachu01_06, mega_gyaradosite

January 16th, 2016
christmas_10 Mastered: victreebel01_08, growlithe01_09, elitefourlance_08
christmas_05 Mastered: rattata01_06, abra01_02, elitefourbruno_09
christmas_04 Mastered: doduo01_02, zubat01_05, elitefourbruno_05
christmas_02 Mastered: exeggcute01_02, machoke01_01, elitefourlorelei_01
Update freebies: arcanine01_02

January 12th, 2016
Level #4: staryu01_05, tentacool01_06, exeggcute01_01
Trade Card #2: omanyte01_09, squirtle02_05
Kanto Pokemon: dugtrio01_08, dratini01_06, traineriris01_02
Kanto Lottery: voltorb01_01
Leader Koga: tentacool01_06, voltorb01_08, evo_sailfossil
Starter Slots: tepig01_07, froakie01_01, mega_absolite
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: oshawott02_01, chimchar02_07, evo_reapercloth
Hometown Level Guess: squirtle01_08, torchic02_08, evo_armorfossil
Hometown Black Jack: charmander02_09, turtwig02_07, evo_upgrade

January 9th, 2016
christmas01 Mastered: raichu01_05, jynx01_06, berries_02
Tiny Present: christmas01_05
White Bow: meowth01_09, christmas02_03, christmas10_01
White Bow: shellder01_07, christmas04_09, christmas04_09
White Bow: aerodactyl01_09, christmas05_05, christmas01_03
White Bow: gymleaderblaine_02, christmas03_09, christmas06_03
White Bow: dodrio01_03, christmas04_06, christmas09_06
White Bow: scyther01_04, christmas09_01, christmas07_05
Red Bow: christmas04_04, christmas05_08, christmas08_04
Red Bow: christmas06_01, christmas07_06, christmas06_05
Red Bow: christmas10_05, christmas08_04, christmas08_08
Red Bow: christmas07_08, christmas02_08, christmas09_02
Red Bow: christmas10_03, christmas01_01, christmas10_08
Red Bow: christmas05_04, christmas01_04, christmas05_07
Green Bow: christmas09_06, christmas09_01, safari_normal
Green Bow: christmas03_04, christmas09_03, safari_dragon
Green Bow: christmas07_06, christmas06_07, safari_electric
Green Bow: christmas01_05, christmas06_07, safari_fairy
Green Bow: christmas04_08, christmas10_08, safari_psychic
Green Bow: christmas10_04, christmas04_02, safari_bug
Blue Bow: christmas06_03, christmas08_06, articuno01_03
Blue Bow: christmas08_02, christmas01_09, championblue_04
Blue Bow: christmas05_06, christmas02_06, elitefourlance_04
Blue Bow: christmas04_02, christmas01_07, elitefourlance_06
Blue Bow: christmas06_07, christmas05_02, moltres01_01
Yellow Bow: christmas10_02, christmas10_08, championblue_03, safari_psychic
Yellow Bow: christmas01_08, christmas03_08, articuno01_09, safari_fighting
Yellow Bow: christmas08_06, christmas01_03, articuno01_05, safari_ghost
Yellow Bow: christmas02_02, christmas02_01, championblue_09, safari_electric
Yellow Bow: christmas09_02, christmas08_06, zapdos01_05, safari_psychic
Update freebies: elitefourlance_03

January 6th, 2016
Level #3: exeggutor01_07, meowth01_05, clefairy01_02
Kanto Pokemon: ninetales01_05, meowth01_03, berries_04
Kanto Lottery: hypno01_06
Leader Lt. Surge: charmeleon01_07, koffing01_03, evo_thunderstone, evo_upgrade
Starter Slots: treecko01_01, bulbasaur03_01, safari_steel
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: chikorita02_07, pikachu01_05, mega_venusaurite
Hometown Level Guess: pikachu02_04, froakie02_06, safari_psychic
Hometown Black Jack: piplup01_05, chikorita01_07, mega_houndoominite

December 30th, 2015
Kanto Pokemon: ivysaur01_08, slowpoke01_07, traineriris01_09
Kanto Lottery: rattata01_03
Leader Sabrina: growlithe01_04, cloyster01_08, hypno01_07
Starter Slots: chikorita02_07, snivy01_04, safari_poison
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: tepig01_01, torchic01_09, evo_rootfossil
Hometown Level Guess: chimchar02_02, totodile02_05, evo_sunstone
Hometown Black Jack: chespin01_01, charmander01_01, evo_deepseatooth
Update freebies: piplup01_01, torchic01_02, arcanine01_01

December 27th, 2015
Update freebies: articuno01_03

December 22nd, 2015
Holiday Slots: muk01_07, christmas02_09, hc10
Present Count: christmas05_02, christmas01_03, sandslash01_05, hc10
Holiday Black Jack: christmas06_03, christmas05_04, hc10
Holiday Tic Tac Toe: turtwig02_07, christmas10_09, hc20
Kanto Pokemon: gymleadererika_01, machoke01_05, chasingdiancie_07
Kanto Lottery: parasect01_01
Leader Giovanni: magneton01_05, diglett01_08, trainerbianca01_05
Starter Slots: chespin01_09, charmander02_01, safari_dragon
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: chikorita02_09, fennekin01_04, mega_abomasite
Hometown Level Guess: chimchar02_03, chimchar01_06, safari_dark
Hometown Black Jack: snivy01_04, charmander02_06, evo_reapercloth

December 15th, 2015
Holiday Slots: gymleaderblaine_09, christmas01_08, hc20
Present Count: christmas06_06, christmas04_06, lapras01_03, hc10
Holiday Black Jack: christmas02_09, christmas02_05, hc20
Holiday Tic Tac Toe: treecko02_06, christmas09_01, hc10
Kanto Pokemon: abra01_03, machop01_05, traineriris01_03
Kanto Lottery: vileplume01_06
Leader Brock: horsea01_07, evo_ability, ball_great
Starter Slots: chikorita02_01, torchic01_03, evo_armorfossil
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: chimchar02_07, chespin02_06, evo_dubiousdisc
Hometown Level Guess: oshawott02_04, chikorita02_01, mega_charizarditex
Hometown Black Jack: froakie01_09, chikorita02_05, evo_domefossil

December 9th, 2015
Level #2: ponyta01_05, grimer01_05, lapras01_05
Holiday Slots: geodude01_09, christmas04_05, hc20
Present Count: christmas09_06, christmas07_06, ponyta01_01, hc10
Holiday Black Jack: christmas10_02, christmas04_03, hc10
Holiday Tic Tac Toe: gymleaderltsurge_02, christmas03_01, hc20
Kanto Pokemon: dragonite01_07, machop01_02, trainerbianca01_03
Kanto Lottery: geodude01_04, rattata01_07
Leader Brock: hitmonlee01_06, evo_thunderstone, mega_lopunnite
Starter Slots: snivy02_01, totodile02_01, mega_houndoominite
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: mudkip01_08, squirtle01_01, mega_blazikenite
Hometown Level Guess: mudkip01_01, piplup02_04, evo_firestone
Hometown Black Jack: bulbasaur01_09, tepig02_02, ball_dream

December 7th, 2015
Holiday Slots: kingler01_01, christmas02_03, hcgift
Present Count: christmas08_05, christmas01_07, geodude01_01, hc20
Holiday Black Jack: christmas03_08, christmas04_04, hc20
Holiday Tic Tac Toe: fennekin02_03, christmas02_06, hc20
Update freebies: christmas08_01

December 1st, 2015
Kanto Pokemon: pidgeotto01_08, horsea01_06, trainerbianca01_04
Kanto Lottery: evo_plumefossil
Leader Lt. Surge: nidorina01_03, arcanine01_07, evo_razorclaw, evo_whippeddream
Starter Slots: oshawott01_05, fennekin01_01, evo_magmarizer
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: totodile02_01, bulbasaur01_04, mega_audinite
Hometown Level Guess: squirtle01_02, mudkip01_05, ball_poke
Hometown Black Jack: tepig01_09, squirtle02_08, evo_male

November 24th, 2015
Kanto Pokemon: chansey01_03, clefairy01_03, traineriris01_09
Kanto Lottery: metapod01_05
Leader Brock: jynx01_07, safari_steel, evo_whippeddream
Trade Card #1: treecko02_09, chimchar02_01
Mastered piplup02 (-1 Poké Ball): totodile01_08, bulbasaur02_07, jynx01_08
Starter Slots: oshawott01_04, pikachu02_05, mega_medichamite
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: snivy01_01, treecko01_05, mega_sceptilite
Hometown Level Guess: oshawott01_03, torchic01_06, safari_fire
Hometown Black Jack: squirtle02_07, tepig01_02, mega_swampertite
Update freebies: flareon01_09, gengar01_05, articuno01_02, hexmaniac_02 / piplup02_01

November 18th, 2015
Starter Slots: tepig02_04, snivy01_02, mega_pinsirite
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: fennekin02_03, mudkip02_06, mega_altarianite
Hometown Level Guess: treecko01_09, treecko02_03, mega_tyranitarite
Hometown Black Jack: torchic01_07, fennekin02_09, evo_eonticket

November 11th, 2015
Starter Slots: turtwig01_09, mudkip02_03, evo_location
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: fennekin02_04, squirtle01_02, evo_domefossil
Hometown Level Guess: oshawott01_02, totodile01_08, evo_whippeddream
Hometown Black Jack: turtwig01_03, piplup01_02, evo_rootfossil
Update freebies: gymleadersabrina_05

November 6th, 2015
Starter Slots: chespin02_03, snivy02_02, evo_oldamber
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: totodile02_02, squirtle01_02, evo_dragonscale
Hometown Level Guess: squirtle01_06, cyndaquil01_02, mega_lucarionite
Hometown Black Jack: mudkip01_08, froakie02_01, evo_thunderstone
Update freebies: hexmaniac_09, berries_04

November 2nd, 2015
Starter Slots: squirtle01_05, chimchar01_03, mega_aerodactylite
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: cyndaquil01_03, chikorita02_09, safari_fairy
Hometown Level Guess: charmander02_07, squirtle02_08, mega_cameruptite
Hometown Black Jack: tepig01_05, mudkip01_02, ball_poke

October 28th, 2015
Update freebies: articuno01_06, hexmaniac_08

October 22nd, 2015
Starter Slots: oshawott01_02, chimchar01_04, evo_magmarizer
Hometown Tic Tac Toe: mudkip02_09, turtwig02_03, evo_razorclaw
Hometown Level Guess: treecko02_06, squirtle01_03, evo_protector
Hometown Black Jack: bulbasaur02_05, cyndaquil02_04, evo_deepseascale
Update freebies: eevee01_05
Starters: 1 choice (piplup02_02), mudkip02_01, piplup02_08, chikorita02_09, torchic01_07, pokeball x3

April 22nd, 2016
(3) Trade with Hotaru: my wartortle01_03, spring01_09, spring06_07 for arbok01_02, bulbasaur02_01, bulbasaur03_03

April 15th, 2016
(2) Trade with Rae: my tepig01_01, tepig01_04, tepig01_07, tepig01_09 for oshawott02_05, pikachu02_03, turtwig01_08, omastar01_05

March 5th, 2016
(1) Trade with Hotaru: my gymleadererika_05 for gymleadersabrina_03 + trainer cards
(6) Trade with ReneeTwist: my exeggcute01_01, exeggcute01_02 for cyndaquil02_06, totodile02_04
(5) Trade with Michelle: my bulbasaur02_07 for cyndaquil01_09

February 29th, 2016
(4) Trade with Hotaru: my mudkip02_05 for turtwig01_06
(3) Trade with Rae: my ponyta01_01, ponyta01_05 for bulbasaur01_03, chimchar01_03 + trainer cards

February 25th, 2016
(2) Trade with Jenny: my charmander02_07, mudkip01_01, mudkip01_02, mudkip01_05, mudkip01_08 for chikorita01_06, chikorita02_03, chikorita02_04, cyndaquil01_06, cyndaquil01_07

February 23rd, 2016
(1) Trade with Kristi: my chikorita02_07, chikorita02_09, froakie01_01, froakie01_06, torchic01_02, torchic02_08 for christmas07_03, cyndaquil01_01, totodile02_06, trainerbianca01_08, berries_03, chimchar01_01

February 20th, 2016
(6) Trade with Mysti: my tentacool01_06, tentacool01_09 for chikorita01_02, chimchar02_05

February 18th, 2016
(5) Trade with Jennifer: my rattata01_03, rattata01_06, rattata01_07 for cyndaquil01_04, totodile02_08, treecko02_01
(4) Trade with Fin: my chespin01_01, chespin01_06, chespin01_09, chespin02_07, chimchar02_03, fennekin02_03, totodile02_02, traineriris01_09 for chikorita01_01, chikorita02_02, christmas07_02, christmas09_08, christmas09_09, elitefourbruno_02, pikachu01_01, pikachu01_02
(3) Trade with Hotaru: my articuno01_03, mudkip02_01, mudkip02_03, mudkip02_06, oshawott01_02, piplup01_02, totodile01_08 for chikorita01_03, chikorita01_08, chimchar02_09, pikachu01_08, pikachu01_09, torchic01_04, turtwig02_08

February 14th, 2016
(2) Trade with Jenny: my pikachu01_06 for chimchar01_05

February 4th, 2016
(1) Trade with Mysti: my blastoise01_02 for treecko02_07
(6) Trade with Michelle: my squirtle01_02, squirtle01_08 for torchic01_08, treecko02_02

February 1st, 2016
(5) Trade with Fin: my chimchar02_07, snivy01_01, squirtle02_08, torchic02_08 for christmas08_03, oshawott01_06, treecko02_05, treecko02_08
(4) Trade with Catherine: my charmander01_01 for chimchar01_02
(3) Trade with Hotaru: my squirtle02_03 for chimchar02_06

January 20th, 2016
(2) Trade with Hotaru: my squirtle02_05 for pikachu01_07

January 16th, 2016
(1) Trade with Fin: my christmas09_01, chikorita02_01, chikorita02_09, froakie01_09, froakie02_01, froakie02_06, piplup02_04, snivy01_04 for christmas02_07, christmas04_01, christmas05_01, christmas05_03, christmas05_09, christmas06_02, christmas08_07, christmas10_06 + trainer cards

January 12th, 2016
(6) Trade with Kristi: my christmas09_01, christmas09_06, christmas05_04 for christmas02_04, christmas06_09, christmas07_01

January 9th, 2016
(5) Trade with Mysti: my piplup01_01, totodile02_01, squirtle02_07, squirtle02_08 for christmas01_02, christmas01_06, christmas04_07, christmas10_07

January 6th, 2016
(4) Trade with Hotaru: my squirtle01_02 for chimchar01_07
(3) Trade with Kristi: my fennekin01_04, fennekin02_03, snivy01_04 for chimchar02_04, fennekin02_01, oshawott02_06 + trainer cards

December 27th, 2015
(2) Trade with ReneeTwist: my squirtle01_02, tepig02_02 for chimchar02_08, cyndaquil02_07

November 24th, 2015
(1) Trade with Kayori: my torchic01_07 for fennekin01_04 + membercards

November 20th, 2015
(6) Trade with Nejana: my tepig01_05 for piplup02_04 + membercards
(5) Trade with xxing: my chimchar01_03 for piplup02_09 + membercards

November 19th, 2015
(4) Trade with Mysti: my articuno01_06 for piplup02_07 + membercards

November 18th, 2015
(3) Trade with Megumi: my bulbasaur02_05, snivy01_02, snivy02_02 for piplup02_03, piplup02_05, piplup02_06 + membercards

November 11th, 2015
(2) Trade with Natsu: my squirtle01_02, squirtle01_06, mudkip01_08 for cyndaquil01_05, cyndaquil02_09, snivy01_04

November 6th, 2015
(1) Trade with Natsu: my mudkip01_02, mudkip02_09, squirtle01_05, squirtle02_08 for charmander01_03, chimchar01_09, treecko02_04, turtwig02_09 + membercards

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&2015 LOGS;

December 30th, 2015
Gachapon (-4 ambition, -3 charm, -4 knowledge, -2 laughter, -2 strength, -1 voucher): gacha_deathnote003, gacha_deathnote002
Name That Tune!: wolffang04, lightning17, bakudan20, jouigajoy03, p-knowledge, p-knowledge + 15 snowflake points
Jump Trivia: sorcerer04, flute18, younglion11, p-ambition + 10 snowflake points
Deck Shuffler: bossun02, faintsmile03, mayora14, p-ambition + 10 snowflake points
Mystery Seiyuu: ou05, ultimate19 + 5 snowflake points
Character Scrambler: analyst20, dowsing08, lovedeluxe17 + 5 snowflake points
Costume Check: nemesis09, tachyon20, p-charm + 5 snowflake points
Freebies: brother02, drive20, phoenix17 + 15 snowflake points
Prize Wheel (#5): eyepatch07, v-gacharoll, p-strength, p-strength + 5 snowflake points
Slots: daimaou03, platinum19, p-laughter, p-laughter + 5 snowflake points
Hangman: foulplay02, hiken08, p-knowledge, p-knowledge + 5 snowflake points
Memory Match: buchou14, coach06, p-ambition, p-ambition + 5 snowflake points
Lottery: steelball13, acrobatic07, p-charm, p-charm + 5 snowflake points
Winter Wonderland: -50 snowflake points
Trade with Megumi: my bloodshot03 for lovestruck09 + trade badges

December 21st, 2015
Gachapon (-5 ambition, -3 charm, -9 knowledge, -4 laughter, -9 strength, -1 voucher): gacha_deathnote002, gacha_deathnote007, gacha_deathnote005
Name That Character!: hajikegumi03, fuurinkazan07, 100tons18, chocolate15, p-knowledge, p-laughter, p-snowflake x15
Where Am I?: hyakka16, flagrance12, collar14, p-knowledge, p-snowflake x5
Shadow Play: chibi05, chocolate05, blademaiden13, p-strength, p-snowflake x10
Mystery Koma: sanzu13, hospitality19, clairvoyant17, p-snowflake x5
Guess the Trader: drillsword02, apologetic08, p-strength, p-snowflake x10
Episode Challenge: phantom15, mugiwara20, p-snowflake x5
Freebies: zero19, controller06, rebound12, p-snowflake x15
Prize Wheel (#3): senbonzakura05, p-strength, p-strength, p-snowflake x5
Slots: dosbancho19, gold10, p-laughter, p-laughter, p-snowflake x5
Hangman: cedef03, gangster02, p-knowledge, p-knowledge, p-snowflake x5
Memory Match: bronco19, narukami16, p-ambition, p-ambition, p-snowflake x5
Lottery: steelball12, advisor05, p-charm, p-charm, p-snowflake x5
Trade with Maggie: my hishin07 for ice04
Trade with Dohma: my oninote19, sorcerer05 for dorobou04, analyst06 + trade badges
Trade with Josie: my chibisuke16, pharaoh13, tensai12, tensai16 for badboy07, beauty14, blooshot13, cloud03 + trade badges

December 11th, 2015
Gachapon (-8 ambition, -8 charm, -9 knowledge, -11 laughter, -9 strength): gacha_deathnote006, gacha_deathnote007, gacha_deathnote006
Gift Box Creation: event-winterwonderland, p-snowflake x20
Lucky Card: akusokuzan19, kimoichi10, sharkdrake07, p-strength, snowflake points x 15
Who Said It?: oneyear11, model06, p-knowledge, snowflake points x 5
Puzzle: redhabanero06, quincy01, subordinate16, tomodachi20, p-laughter, p-laughter, snowflake points x 5
Warped Card: wish06, momoiro05, lazuli12, p-laughter, snowflake points x 10
Super Powers: innocence15, misamisa16, snowflake points x 5
Mystery Scene: chibi01, creampuffs13, powertool19, snowflake points x 10
Freebies: wolffang11, darkhorse08, younglion20, snowflake points x 15
Prize Wheel (#1): echoes02, shugoshin20, p-strength, p-strength, snowflake points x 5
Slots: shokushu16, dreams04, p-laughter, p-laughter, snowflake points x 5
Hangman: sidekick14, platinum14, p-knowledge, p-knowledge, snowflake points x 5
Memory Match: mugiwara01, hishin07, p-ambition, p-ambition, snowflake points x 5
Lottery: gunblaze01, p-charm, p-charm, snowflake points x 5
Winter Wonderland Update: p-snowflake x35
Event Cards: event-happyholidays
Trade with Maggie: my blackfeather01, shokushu03 for rosewhip04, dorobou05

December 9th, 2015
Gachapon (-3 ambition, -3 charm, -3 knowledge, -3 laughter, -3 strength, -1 gacha roll voucher): gacha_dragonball009, gacha_dragonball009
Name That Tune! (Maniac): gold03, bakudan15, itachi01, magician09, tensai15, p-laughter, p-laughter, p-knowledge
Puzzle (Maniac): giant04, sevenscars19, phantom13, gold16, darkhorse06, v-gacharoll, p-strength, p-knowledge
Spot the Difference: nozomi04, monsterchild14, airwalk02, council13, sukiyaki08, p-ambition, p-ambition
Missing Person: scarleteyes12, bronco17, dragonlord08, p-ambition, p-knowledge
Name That Tune!: kaminokou10, godaime05, onara05, hospitality13, p-strength, p-knowledge
Jump Trivia: chibi06, chibi13, cygnus07, p-strength
Deck Shuffler: ironwall11, musclerider15, shokushu03, p-knowledge
Mystery Seiyuu: 100tons18, oninote19
Character Scrambler: lightningrod08, hige05, ogrestreet10
Costume Check: kira16, blackdragon17, p-charm
Freebies: scylla02, sorcerer05, bloodshot04
Prize Wheel (#1): babylon13, dragonlord15, hishin06, p-strength, p-strength
Slots: analyst04, ikupasuy08, p-laughter, p-laughter
Hangman: gifted10, cloud16, p-knowledge, p-knowledge
Memory Match: kuroashi14, maid02, p-ambition, p-ambition
Lottery: pharaoh13, gunblaze02, p-charm, p-charm
Update freebies: murasaki19, schoolgirl09, yogurti03
Event Cards: event-400decks, event-december2015
Trophy Case Nov 2015: bt-mirai-clare01, sessha04, apologetic04, eyepatch19, quincy05, scythe09, p-strength, p-strength, p-strength
Trade with Maggie: my foulplay14, manager11, gacha_dragonball002, gacha_kuroko006 for lovestruck04, lovestruck17, gacha_haikyuu001, gacha_yugioh008 + trade badges
Trade with Lethe: my jajanken04 for sanzu02 + trade badges

November 27th, 2015
Gachapon (-6 ambition, -5 charm, -6 knowledge, -7 laughter, -6 strength, -1 voucher): gacha_dragonball006, gacha_dragonball004, gacha_dragonball001
Trade Exchange (November): midori17, gastronomy02, zone12, gorilla11, dragon13, bloodshot03, , p-knowledge, p-knowledge, p-strength, p-charm
Name That Character!: illusionary08, tsukiyomi12, xglove20, sukonbu08, p-ambition, p-ambition
Where Am I?: chinoou19, king03, ninetails20, p-laughter
Shadow Play: cagedbird17, darling18, kioku05, p-laughter
Mystery Koma: jajanken04, tenken06, sevenscars15
Guess the Trader: sun03, gifted04, p-strength
Episode Challenge: fierce10, baolei07
Freebies: pantera03, vampire12, akabari20
Prize Wheel (#3): stardust16, v-gacharoll, p-strength, p-strength
Slots: reigan20, jajanken18, p-laughter, p-laughter
Hangman: boku10, shabon11, p-knowledge, p-knowledge
Memory Match: bikini07, onemillion09, p-ambition, p-ambition
Lottery: drillsword10, bible20, dragonlord06, p-charm, p-charm
Update freebies: mirage03, drillsword07, melchsee04
Thanksgiving Gift: v-choicecard, v-gacharoll
Trade with Red: my controller17 for athena03
Trade with Natsu: my brain02, brain10, brain18 for cloud05, cloud07, gentleman14 + trade badges
Trade with Ivy: my quincy06 for badboy10 + membercards

November 20th, 2015
Gachapon (-10 ambition, -9 charm, -7 knowledge, -9 strength, -10 laughter): gacha_dragonball002, gacha_dragonball009, gacha_dragonball004
Trophy Case Nov 2015: bt-mirai-yuuyuuhakusho01, controller17, dekorin09, speartackle06, realeater19, quincy06 + 2 ambition, 1 laughter
Lucky Card: nemesis11, tensai12, nosehair18, p-strength
Who Said It?: dragon05, onemillion01, p-charm
Puzzle: zone07, mugiwara04, hakamori01, gifted15 + p-charm, p-ambition
Warped Card: gisei01, hierophant02, copynin16, p-laughter
Super Powers: micchy08, illusionary02
Mystery Scene: reihadoken16, hakamori03, assassin02
Freebies: collar08, bossun16, collar03
Prize Wheel (#4): godeye17 + 2 strength
Slots: council09, nenthreads11 + 2 laughter
Hangman: cyborg03, braineater12 + 2 knowledge
Memory Match: ogrestreet08, copycat11 + 2 ambition
Lottery: waltherp3810, shark08, waltherp3809 + 2 charm
Update freebies: bakudan06, nozomi13, tomodachi20, event-100members
Trade with Red: my ikemen05, ikemen20 for blackdragon07, ice01

November 15th, 2015
Master (zelda): justice16, warrior14, zoompunch08, ooparts07, warrior19, p-laughter, p-charm, p-knowledge
Master (bosozoku): zelda04, formerking11, fuurinkazan08, puzzle10, zangetsu14, p-charm, p-ambition, p-ambition
Master (pleasure): bosozoku18, akabari12, itachi18, onemillion04, wednesday08, p-knowledge, p-laughter, p-strength
Master (soulking): pleasure03, kuro04, musclerider11, flagrance10, phantom01, p-strength, p-strength, p-ambition

November 14th, 2015
Gachapon (-9 ambition, -5 charm, -5 knowledge, -6 laughter, -5 strength): gacha_dragonball003
Name That Tune!: aquarius09, dabu19, kioku02, ikemen20, p-ambition, p-laughter
Jump Trivia: copynin11, andromeda12, baolei10, p-ambition
Mystery Seiyuu: akusokuzan09, hige07
Character Scrambler: gold11, drive10, mayora12
Costume Check: apologetic15, blackwhite04, p-ambition
Freebies: littleson06, dokidoki01, magician19
Prize Wheel (#1): santoryu02 + 1 Choice Voucher + 2 strength
Slots: magiciansred11, mangaka14 + 2 laughter
Hangman: wolffang18, beauty20 + 2 knowledge
Memory Match: wings07, wataame15 + 2 ambition
Lottery: emperor13, apple04, shunshin11 + 2 charm
Update freebies: ikemen05, gastronomy11, blackwhite06
11/11 freebies: ice11, refreshing11
Trade with Josie: my luckyitem15 for airwalk10 + trade badges
Trade with Maggie: my kyou18 for advisor07 + trade badges
Trade with Sarah: my goban13 for soulking15 + trade badges

November 7th, 2015
Trophy Case Nov 2015: bt-mirai-jojo01, kasshin18, flare14, emperor14, maid16, oresama14 + 1 ambition, 1 laughter, 1 charm
Trade with Red: my harpie14 for blackdragon11 + trade badges

November 6th, 2015
Gachapon (-10 ambition, -7 charm, -12 knowledge, -7 laughter, -9 strength): gacha_gintama011, gacha_gintama010, gacha_gintama012
Name That Tune! (Maniac): arrivederci11, gentleman10, rebound15, foulplay20, psychometry06, p-strength, p-knowledge, p-knowledge, + 1 gacha roll
Puzzle: kiheitai14, shockcorps06, necromancy11, scholar20, shabon14 + p-strength, p-ambition, + 1 gacha roll
Spot the Difference: wednesday08, bungeegum05, littleson13, trickortreat03, tsukkomi05 + p-ambition, p-laughter
Missing Person: gunblaze03, doctor19, bandit06, p-knowledge, p-knowledge
Birthday Rewards: faintsmile19, rosewhip10, gorilla04, realeater20, harpie14, 2 choice cards, 2 gacha rolls
Name That Character!: sabaku12, stonefree11, dokun04, bossun18, p-knowledge, p-knowledge
Where Am I?: kattobingu08, blueplanet05, goban02, p-strength
Shadow Play: mountain04, sun05, firefly20, p-ambition
Guess the Trader: brain16, kaminokou14, p-ambition
Episode Challenge: flare05, kyou18
Freebies: kuroashi06, cherry05, shugoshin11
Prize Wheel (#1): seraph15 + 1 Choice Voucher + 2 strength
Slots: sanity17, cloud18 + 2 laughter
Hangman: shirafune11, kuro06 + 2 knowledge
Memory Match: darling12, pride01 + 2 ambition
Lottery: flowingriver11 + 2 charm
Update freebies: event-november2015, defensive08, extension18, nemesis17, devotion10
Trade with Ari: my dynamite14 for athena11 + trade badges
Trade with Mamori: my dokun02 for advisor11 + trade badges
Trade with Dohma: my drslump16 for blackdragon13 + trade badges
Trade with Megumi: my giant11 for cygnus08 + trade badges

October 30th, 2015
Gachapon (-19 charm, -14 knowledge, -14 ambition, -14 laughter, -14 strength, -1 gacha voucher): gacha_onepiece001, gacha_onepiece001, gacha_onepiece004, gacha_gintama013, gacha_gintama011, gacha_gintama010
Trade Exchange (October): sidekick14, gakuen05, magician13, younglion19, sidekick04, ryuugan06 + 4 charm
Who Said It?: goban13, suzumebachi06, p-strength
Puzzle: sensei07, allfiction09, wednesday12, ikupasuy11 + p-knowledge, p-charm
Warped Card: pantera14, drslump16, faintsmile16, p-ambition
Super Powers: polkabrows18, metamorphosis04
Mystery Scene: dorobou01, hyouton20, troy15
Freebies: hierophant01, juunoken04, ikupasuy07
Prize Wheel (#3): ancientfairy10 + 2 strength
Slots: chibisuke16, phoenix09 + 2 laughter
Hangman: bosozoku01, chibisuke01 + 2 knowledge
Memory Match: dosbancho14, puzzle09 + 2 ambition
Lottery: sonata15 + 2 charm
Halloween 2015: justice01, dorobou14, pleasure09, blackdragon10, lovestruck19, event-halloween2015, v-gacharoll x3
Trade with Maggie: my bandit06, foulplay05 for soulking13, bosozoku06
Trade with xxing: my hakamori13, powertool17 for bosozoku17, dorobou07 + trade badges
Trade with Natsu: my puzzle15 for ninja06

October 28th, 2015
Gachapon (-7 charm, -5 ambition, -5 knowledge, -5 laughter, -8 strength, -1 gacha roll voucher): gacha_onepiece002, gacha_onepiece005, gacha_onepiece003
Name That Tune!: mugen15, sessha07, jouigajoy04, terpsichora05, p-charm, p-strength
Jump Trivia: overdrive05, puzzle15, flowingriver12, p-charm
Deck Shuffler: eagleeye17, waltherp3820, ooparts11, p-strength
Mystery Seiyuu: muaythai07, blackfeather18
Character Scrambler: troy05, mayora01, ou01
Costume Check: mirageshot13, hibiscus20, p-strength
Freebies: chef06, sweettooth12, masenko15
Prize Wheel (#2): chef14 + 1 Gacha Roll Voucher + 2 strength
Slots: flute10, aka05 + 2 laughter
Hangman: kimoichi06, soulking02 + 2 knowledge
Memory Match: bandit06, sukonbu12 + 2 ambition
Lottery: phoenix17, scarleteyes09 + 2 charm
Update freebies: allseeing02, kuro12, zoompunch14
Trade with Mamori: my dokun03, dokun19 for advisor02, advisor10
Trade with Acordak: my kuroashi17 for captain19 + membercards
Trade with Elysa: my mirageshot09, shirafune02, writer05 for pleasure02, rebound05, rebound19 + trade badges
Trade with Dohma: my chocolate11 for blackdragon01 + trade badges
Trade with Lethe: my cyborg17, crazyslots05, sidekick08 for blackdragon14, rosewhip07, gentleman08 + trade badges
Trade with Sarah: my acrobatic04, acrobatic08, chibisuke08, chibisuke11, chibisuke15, pharaoh11, warrior01 for doctor11, emperor07, flute15, gentleman07, gorilla11, ice14, jouigajoy04
Trade with Natsu: my captain13, captain15, captain16, scheming18 for brain07, clutchtime01, dragon05, jajanken01

October 16th, 2015
Gachapon (-9 charm, -8 ambition, -9 knowledge, -10 laughter, -9 strength): gacha_onepiece001, gacha_onepiece008, gacha_onepiece006
Name That Character!: fierce01, stiletto12, kuroashi07, kikoho13, p-strength, p-laughter
Where Am I?: goban02, hohoho19, rosewhip14, p-charm
Shadow Play: acrobatic08, rosewhip09, chocolate11, p-knowledge
Mystery Koma: lovestruck20, scarleteyes13, ooparts08
Guess the Trader: bronco11, cyborg17, p-laughter
Episode Challenge: ice15, decoy19
Freebies: tsukkomi12, warrior01, hakamori13
Prize Wheel (#3): scarleteyes16, sidekick08 + 2 strength
Slots: refreshing04, athena06 + 2 laughter
Hangman: ou15, hibiscus07 + 2 knowledge
Memory Match: reiki12, gungi17 + 2 ambition
Lottery: refreshing03 + 2 charm
Update freebies: mirageshot09, sexpistols17, sun14
Trade with Maggie: my eyepatch07 for zelda16
Trade with Natsu: my buchou20, professional14 for glassheart11, lovestruck07
Trade with Cami: my fuurinkazan02, skyflame13, xglove16 for zelda05, pleasure13, bosozoku13 + trade badges
Trade with Red: my mugen12, mayora18 for advisor16, mayora19 + trade badges
Trade with Mamori: my chariot06, chariot13 for pleasure16, bosozoku15 + trade badges

October 9th, 2015
Gachapon (-19 ambition, -20 charm, -22 knowledge, -21 laughter, -23 strength): gacha_yugioh007, gacha_reborn003, gacha_gintama001, gacha_hunterxhunter005, gacha_kuroko003, gacha_yugioh007, gacha_hunterxhunter007
Who Said It?: hierophant05, hakoware05, p-strength
Puzzle: chariot12, sensei11, realeater10, darling02 + p-strength, p-laughter
Warped Card: sevenscars04, anego14, professional14, p-ambition
Super Powers: xglove16, pharaoh11
Mystery Scene: gorilla12, soulking03, allsunday19
Freebies: assassin02, pacifier09, shockcorps07
Prize Wheel (#2): athena09 + 2 strength
Slots: mugiwara04, mind01 + 2 laughter
Hangman: psychometry20, enforcer09 + 2 knowledge
Memory Match: trickortreat06, younglion09 + 2 ambition
Lottery: overdrive14, hige15, copycat06 + 2 charm
Update freebies: event-october2015, godeye05, windcutter13
Trade with Sarah: my dekorin12, dekorin19, godaime12, justice14, ninetails14, pharaoh10 for baolei02, blackdragon17, chinoou16, coach08, doctor09, dragon06 + trade badges

October 3rd, 2015
Gachapon (-15 ambition, -15 charm, -15 knowledge, -15 laughter, -15 strength): gacha_kuroko006, gacha_haikyuu003, gacha_gintama005, gacha_kuroko001, gacha_reborn007
Puzzle: renho16, dabu15, soulking19, hariningen17, p-ambition, p-laughter
Spot the Difference: dokidoki04, gangster17, baolei08, aka12, crazyslots05, p-strength, p-ambition
Name That Tune!: council20, assassin03, ninja16, assassin05, p-strength, p-knowledge
Jump Trivia: foulplay01, itachi11, lightningrod03, p-ambition
Deck Shuffler: kapuchuu20, troy06, cedef14, p-ambition
Mystery Seiyuu: skyflame01, poolparty08
Character Scrambler: momoiro13, itachi07, soulking06
Costume Check: athena08, tokyosamurai18, p-knowledge
Freebies: hakoware14, pharaoh10, refreshing06
Prize Wheel (#2): pillar17 + 2 strength
Slots: haircut13, chocolate11 + 2 laughter
Hangman: flare12, beauty01 + 2 knowledge
Memory Match: blueplanet20, eagleeye04 + 2 ambition
Lottery: pantera17, darkelf17, nenthreads07 + 2 charm
Trade with Natsu: my eagleeye04, eagleeye19, hawkeye01, tensai06 for hyakka09, hyakka17, president01, president18 + trade badges
Trade with Cami: my gacha_kuroko006 for gacha_yugioh002
Trade with Maggie: my pharaoh12 for soulking19 + trade badges

September 27th, 2015
Gachapon (-39 ambition, -36 knowledge, -30 laughter, -30 strength): gacha_kuroko008, gacha_kuroko002, gacha_yugioh009, gacha_hunterxhunter007, gacha_gintama007, gacha_haikyuu009, gacha_kuroko006, gacha_kuroko006, gacha_hunterxhunter004
Trade Exchange (August): copycat03, blademaiden11, skyflame13, kikoho04, tensai16, sevenscars19, kiheitai20, reihadoken13, sniper01 + 6 charm
Name That Tune!: brain02, pharaoh12, p-charm, p-ambition
Mystery Koma: powertool17, analyst09, waltherp3804, p-knowledge
Lucky Card: darkboots18, kamaitachi12, p-ambition, p-knowledge, p-laughter, p-strength, p-ambition
Jump Trivia: juunoken05, boku15, p-strength
Fill in the Blank: zabimaru11, sonata09, doctor15, p-ambition
Deck Shuffler: kasshin19, dynamite11, pacifier19
Costume Check: zero17, fuurinkazan02, p-strength
Character Scrambler: housewife02, eyepatch07, p-laughter
Update freebies: drive15, eagleeye19, hawkeye01
Trade with Elysa: my dynamite13, dynamite15, grandking19, scarleteyes02, scarleteyes19, scholar17 for lovestruck01, lovestruck06, lovestruck11, lovestruck14, pleasure10, soulking08
Trade with Natsu: my formerking05, gunblaze14, trattoria10 for arrivederci03, dokun11, pleasure18 + trade badges
Trade with Lethe: my occult20 for rosewhip08

September 18th, 2015
Gachapon (-3 vouchers, -15 ambition, -15 knowledge, -15 laughter, -15 strength): gacha_yugioh004, gacha_haikyuu007, gacha_yugioh004, gacha_reborn005, gacha_haikyuu002, gacha_reborn008, gacha_haikyuu005
Where Am I?: dekorin19, tsukkomi19, blackdragon15, p-strength
Where Am I?: ninetails14, judge09, baolei01, p-ambition
Shadow Play: hige07, wish10, godaime12, p-knowledge
Shadow Play: scheming18, justice14, zangetsu13, p-laughter
Name That Character!: hibiscus09, collar13, krik03, p-knowledge, p-ambition
Name That Character!: reiki16, sharkdrake12, darkelf04, p-strength, p-knowledge
Mystery Seiyuu: formerking05, scholar17
Mystery Seiyuu: advisor19, wednesday04
Jump Analogy: sharkdrake08, hierophant01, p-knowledge, p-ambition
Jump Analogy: foulplay14, skyflame08, p-ambition, p-strength
Guess the Tradepost: gorilla17, gifted19, p-knowledge, p-charm
Guess the Tradepost: glassheart08, quincy15, p-knowledge, p-charm
Episode Challenge: emperor06, rosewhip18, occult20
Episode Challenge: grandking19, muffler17, hakoware06
Card Detective: shunshin05, okashira03, p-ambition
Card Detective: worldchamp02, boku04, p-charm
Update freebies: 10 charm
Trade with Red: my mana08 for zelda12 + trade badges

September 14th, 2015
Hero Shop (-30 Strength): Higashikata Josuke
Sidekick Shop (-2 Sidekick Vouchers): Yoko Kurama, Chrome Dokuro
Sidekick Shop (-7 Knowledge): Kuchiki Rukia
Trade with xxing: my dokun18 for pleasure15 + trade badges
Trade with Fin: my krik14, krik20 for coach12, dowsing12 + membercards and trade badges
Trade with Elysa: my chibi10, oneyear11, mugiwara08 for soulking12, zelda14, zelda19 + trade badges
Trade with Mamori: my grandking17 for pleasure08 + trade badges
Trade with Maggie: my warrior20 for zelda03
Trade with Lethe: my crazyslots16, godaime13 for ice08, rosewhip09

September 11th, 2015
Spot the Difference: ninja12, chinoou19, professional02, monsterchild04, oresama15, p-strength, p-laughter
Name That Tune! (Maniac): scythe15, mana08, monsterchild03, crazyslots16, p-strength, p-strength, p-ambition, p-strength
Mystery Scene (Maniac): guardian12, ninja04, president16, mugiwara08, krik20, p-knowledge, p-laughter
Who Said It?: achoo05, hyouton15, p-knowledge
Who Am I?: wrathflame02, psychometry17, aquarius02
Warped Card: hyakka07, bocchan12, p-strength, p-strength
Super Powers: innocence08, firefly17, darling01
Rotation Bonus: wednesday15, warrior20, lapis19, p-strength, p-charm
Mystery Scene: achoo16, dorobou12, p-laughter
Movie Reel: firefly12, suzumebachi01, p-ambition
Guess the Mangaka: sessha01, godaime13, kioku14, p-ambition
Voucher Conversion: sidekick koma voucher -> choice card voucher
Freeza Event - Prize: gunblaze06, glassheart18, room03, bosozoku08, ice12, roadracer15, dowsing11, momoiro10, cygnus03, itako11, 10 charm, 5 choice vouchers, 2 gacha vouchers, event-idefeatedfreeza
Update freebies: event-september2015, magiciansred02, oneyear11, chibi10
Hero Shop (-40 Charm): Lenalee Lee

September 9th, 2015
Master (kioku): justice13, guardian12, diamond04, itako05, flute12, p-laughter, p-charm, p-knowledge Master (dreams): kioku10, badboy03, eleven03, dragon11, ikupasuy19, p-charm, p-strength, p-charm
Point Exchange (-15 Charm, -30 Ambition): dreams19, kioku02, kioku11
Trade with Maggie: my onepunch01 for soulking11 + trade badges
Trade with Lethe: my godaime15 for sanzu07 + trade badges

September 7th, 2015
Name That Tune!: decoy14, musclerider12, p-strength, p-strength
Mystery Koma: troy04, council17, athena19, p-ambition
Jump Trivia: quincy06, foulplay17, p-charm
Fill in the Blank: zelda08, xiii18, bosozoku09, p-knowledge
Deck Shuffler: zelda09, sniper14, hohoho05
Costume Check: junior08, coach17, p-strength
Character Scrambler: mayora09, godaime15, p-knowledge
Update freebies: 1 choice voucher, 1 gacha voucher, 4 charm, 4 knowledge
Trade with Sarah: my kamaitachi11, akabari05, akabari13, sabaku01, shunshin07, godaime05 for advisor08, analyst20, athena07, blackdragon08, brain02, brain18 + trade badges

September 2nd, 2015
Master (heavensdoor): dreams13, metamorphosis13, murcielago05, kira02, gangster06, p-laughter, p-ambition, p-charm
Trade with Adelicya: my pantera04, zone16 for kioku16, soulking09 + trade badges
Point Exchange (-30 Charm, -15 Knowledge): dreams05, dreams12, heavensdoor04

August 30th, 2015
Trade Exchange (August): wrathflame17, ogrestreet09, kakarot15, crownclown13, chef03, misamisa18, grandking17, manager05, okashira11, analyst12 +7 p-knowledge
Where Am I?: inspector07, dragon07, shirafune03, p-ambition
Shadow Play: haircut04, midori19, krik20, p-charm
Mystery Seiyuu: troy12, braineater02
Jump Analogy: overdrive01, ice13, p-knowledge, p-charm
Guess the Tradepost: skillhunter03, kamaitachi11, p-ambition, p-laughter
Episode Challenge: kimoichi08, aka01, tensai20
Card Detective: aka03, cygnus14, p-laughter
Update freebies: hierophant08, tokinoou11, boku10
Trade with Natsu: my chef19 for hige10
Trade with Adelicya: my analyst11, photon08, sharkdrake12, badboy14, badboy17, copycat10, phantom11, phantom12, phantom18, phantom20, zabimaru03, zabimaru17, zabimaru20 for bronco12, clutchtime02, clutchtime19, dokun02, dokun03, dosbancho03, dosbancho20, gorilla20, lovestruck05, mangaka06, mangaka11, shunshin12, zelda01 + trade badges
Trade with Mamori: my blackdragon19, devilsbook10 for tora08, zelda15 + trade badges
Trade with Maggie: my korosenai17 for korosenai01
Trade with Ari: my chibisuke03, bible12, bible13 for heavensdoor03, jajanken05, manager05 + membercards and trade badges

August 22nd, 2015
Trade with Sarah: my baolei06, fierce14, hyouton08, kamaitachi01, kamaitachi17, warrior01 for bosozoku11, bungeegum05, enforcer17, gakuen20, genius06, gorilla09 + trade badges
Trade with Maggie: my captain14, hyorinmaru10, hyorinmaru12, hyorinmaru15 for kioku14, kioku15, heavensdoor11, justice11
Trade with Dohma: my musclerider12 for heavensdoor12 + trade badges
Trade with Elysa: my sabaku16, wish02 for heavensdoor13, kioku20 + trade badges
Trade with Lethe: my crazyslots06, subordinate14 for writer18, zelda07

August 20th, 2015
Master (polkabrows): dreams10, glassheart17, rebound08, zangetsu12, andromeda18, p-ambition, p-laughter, p-laughter
Master (allsunday): polkabrows19, blackfeather01, zabimaru17, housewife06, metamorphosis18, p-ambition, p-charm, p-laughter
Master (switch): polkabrows04, warrior01, blackdragon19, assassin19, narukami10, p-charm, p-ambition, p-knowledge
Master (mugiwara): polkabrows10, enforcer04, zanza14, mangaka12, mugen12, p-strength, p-strength, p-charm
Master (krik): allsunday09, soulking14, tokyosamurai19, firefly03, devilsbook10, p-laughter, p-knowledge, p-strength
Master (mugen): allsunday07, theboar05, musclerider12, trickortreat02, tsukkomi15, p-knowledge, p-ambition, p-ambition
Who Said It?: crazyslots06, president03, p-ambition
Who Am I?: inspector09, foulplay01, juunoken08
Warped Card: sabaku01, coach05, p-charm, p-ambition
Super Powers: misamisa05, dekorin12, muffler05
Rotation Bonus: baolei06, subordinate14, collar06, narukami16
Mystery Scene: gentleman10, blademaiden10, p-laughter
Movie Reel: hachimaki20, bronco06, p-strength
Guess the Mangaka: ou20, sharkdrake16, shark09, p-strength
Puzzle: wish02 + 4 p-charm
Memory: sensei06 + 4 p-ambition
Update freebies: event-1yearanniversary, dreams08, heavensdoor14, justice20 + 5 p-knowledge
Point Exchange (-15 Ambition, -2 Choice Card Vouchers): mugiwara16, mugen06, krik10
Trade with Kibumie: my cedef10, chocolate04, puzzle11 for switch17, switch18, mugiwara10 + trade badges
Trade with Lethe: my redhabanero12 for bosozoku19
Trade with Natsu: my bible08, bible11, bible15, bible19 for flute08, ice20, nenthreads12, wednesday03 + membercards and trade badges

August 18th, 2015
Mystery Koma: narukami08, haircut08, dorobou16, p-strength
Lucky Card: sensei01, juunoken14, p-ambition, p-laughter, p-ambition, p-ambition, p-charm
Jump Trivia: gorilla02, dreams20, p-laughter
Fill in the Blank: xiii09, achoo18, kimagure11, p-knowledge
Deck Shuffler: lazuli08, tenken13, flare06
Costume Check: firefly09, zangetsu06, p-knowledge
Character Scrambler: redhabanero12, narukami01, p-knowledge
Update freebies: chocolate04, puzzle11, professional05, muffler12
July Raffle Winner (Prize 1 - #032): 1 Choice Card Voucher, Double Points Boost, 5 Jump Points of Choice
Trade with xxing: my ooparts07, shirafune11, sidekick09 for krik11, analyst01, analyst11 + trade badges
Trade with Lethe: my apple01, ikupasuy09, redhabanero08, dragonlord05, kuroashi03, kuroashi11, kuroashi15, kuroashi19 for allsunday01, heavensdoor05, heavensdoor09, heavensdoor15, lovestruck10, soulking05, soulking20, zelda11 + trade badges
Trade with Red: my dragonlord07 for blackdragon05 + membercards and trade badges

August 7th, 2015
Spot the Difference: godaime05, realeater01, athena13, hachimaki07, sonata05, p-ambition, p-ambition
Name That Tune! (Maniac): dynamite14, nenthreads05, analyst13, coach07, p-strength, p-ambition, p-charm, p-knowledge
Mystery Scene (Maniac): hotblooded05, sharkdrake12, tenken20, chef14, magician14, p-ambition, p-laughter
Where Am I?: lightningrod07, hotblooded12, dorobou11, p-ambition
Shadow Play: branded15, mind12, steelball20, p-charm
Name That Character!: akabari05, decoy19, sidekick09, p-ambition, p-knowledge
Mystery Seiyuu: mayora14, momoiro20
Jump Analogy: cherry16, gakuen08, p-laughter, p-laughter
Guess the Tradepost: buchou03, monsterchild18, p-strength, p-ambition
Episode Challenge: ooparts07, tensai12, apple14
Card Detective: bungeegum11, achoo01, p-charm
Tic-Tac-Toe: cherry15 + 4 p-strength
Hangman: emperor05 + 4 p-knowledge
Update freebies: event-august2015, event-300decks, assassin07, foulplay05, dragon18, phoenix02
Trade with Maggie: my refreshing08, cyborg15 for krik12, polkabrows15 + trade badges

August 2nd, 2015
Trade Exchange (July): dokuningen11, dabu05, hiken03, chinoou05, bloodshot11, switch08, driveshoot15, p-ambition, p-charm, p-knowledge, p-laughter, p-strength
Who Said It?: rosewhip10, zabimaru03, p-ambition
Who Am I?: bishokuya06, ice16, airwalk09
Warped Card: mayora18, buchou01, p-charm, p-ambition
Super Powers: dreams15, nenthreads05, kioku18
Rotation Bonus: redtail12, phantom12, p-strength, p-laughter, p-strength, p-charm, p-ambition, p-strength
Mystery Scene: photon08, bronco14, p-charm
Movie Reel: momoiro19, zanza08, p-strength
Guess the Mangaka: flare12, shirafune11, mangaka17, p-charm
Update freebies: arrivederci16, cyborg15, onepunch01, steelball05

July 30th, 2015
Master (acrobatic): mugen04, mind07, kapuchuu10, necromancy15, pacifier17, p-ambition, p-laughter, p-laughter
Trade with Elysa: my illusionary04, trattoria12 for acrobatic14, switch11 + trade badges

July 24th, 2015
Trade with Maggie: my dorobou01 for switch13 + trade badges
Trade with Megumi: my emperor18 for krik17 + membercards and trade badges
Trade with Lethe: my subordinate09, hariningen10, senbonzakura11 for mugen01, kioku13, pleasure04 + trade badges
Trade with Mamori: my skyflame16 for polkabrows18 + trade badges
Deck Shuffler: skyflame13, speartackle02, gorilla19
Trade with xxing: my lazuli15 for switch20 + trade badges
Hangman: subordinate09 + 4 p-knowledge
Tic-Tac-Toe: cloud20 + 4 p-strength
Name That Tune!: quincy08, ice07, p-charm, p-charm
Mystery Koma: refreshing12, reigan14, refreshing08, p-strength
Lucky Card: dowsing04, pleasure06, p-laughter, p-knowledge, p-ambition, p-knowledge, p-strength
Jump Trivia: skillhunter10, pantera08, p-knowledge
Fill in the Blank: worldchamp09, chef19, blackdragon04, p-strength
Costume Check: haircut02, senbonzakura01, p-ambition
Character Scrambler: bible19, dorobou01, p-strength
Trade Exchange (June): magician09, hyouton08, faintsmile17, zelda17, gangster04, psychogun11, judge08, illusionary04, dynamite13, hyorinmaru09, allsunday04, acrobatic02, ninja08, tora18, sanzu06 + 2 ambition, 2 charm, 2 knowledge, 2 laughter, 2 strength + 1 raffle ticket
Update freebies: event-july2015, hariningen10, momoiro10, senbonzakura11

July 18th, 2015
Where Am I?: mirai16, dabu06, ncha06, p-laughter
Shadow Play: writer19, chibisuke08, dreams18, p-laughter
Mystery Seiyuu: gunblaze17, overdrive09
Jump Analogy: gorilla13, heavensdoor17, p-ambition, p-laughter
Guess the Tradepost: giant19, flowingriver14, p-laughter, p-knowledge
Episode Challenge: mugiwara13, hibiscus15, hyorinmaru10
Card Detective: pantera05, blademaiden05, p-ambition
Update freebies: gacha_kuroko009

July 9th, 2015
Master (stonefree): acrobatic19, krik14, shirafune19, wolffang17, trickortreat10, p-knowledge, p-charm, p-laughter
Master (illusionary): stonefree13, acrobatic01, emperor18, andromeda20, monsterchild18, p-knowledge, p-charm, p-charm
Master (tettsui): illusionary10, gangster13, desertwolf09, hotblooded09, diamond04, p-charm, p-ambition, p-knowledge
Master (garden): tettsui07, kakarot06, dragonlord07, lazuli13, advisor15, p-strength, p-ambition, p-charm
Master (faintsmile): garden13, fuurinkazan08, blademaiden04, dabu16, chibisuke01, p-charm, p-ambition, p-knowledge
Trade with Lala: my devilsbook05, devilsbook12, platinum08, platinum19, platinum20, theworld07, wings08 for ao18, blackdragon03, dreams03, faintsmile18, krik02, zelda10, zelda20 + trade badges
Week 2 (Play the week of July 9th): kuroashi19, melonpan13, locket07, monsterchild01, dowsing10, nenthreads07, kioku01, sessha18, driveshoot17, santoryu08, terpsichora14, crownclown05, haircut19, flute06, sharkdrake07, itachi07, rosewhip01, lightningrod10, gentleman19, chinoou13, p-ambition, p-laughter, p-laughter, p-laughter, p-charm, p-knowledge, p-laughter, p-knowledge, p-charm

July 2nd, 2015
Week 1 (Play the week of July 2nd): luckyitem15, gangster15, shigure10, hohoho08, wings12, doctor02, glassheart10, decoy20, kamaitachi17, bible12, kasshin10, zebul19, sessha15, shiro19, braineater15, eleven14, rebound01, waltherp3818, dokun19, apple15, p-charm, p-charm, p-laughter, p-laughter, p-knowledge, p-charm, p-laughter, p-laughter, p-knowledge
Trade with Sumie: my ou02, ou07, ou16 for dreams16, mugen20, stonefree19 + trade badges

June 30th, 2015
Trade with Elysa: my mangaka18 for mugen18 + trade badges

June 25th, 2015
Who Said It?: micchy10, baolei07, p-laughter
Who Am I?: cedef10, ryuugan08, achoo04
Warped Card: sessha15, captain14, p-knowledge, p-strength
Super Powers: sabaku16, buchou20, inspector03
Rotation Bonus: ao04, scylla15, ice18, wataame08, flute14
Mystery Scene: analyst16, shabon13, p-laughter
Movie Reel: captain02, heavensdoor02, p-laughter
Guess the Mangaka: bloodshot08, gisei02, redhabanero08, p-strength
Tic-Tac-Toe: reihadoken18 + 4 p-strength
Puzzle: redtail20 + 4 p-charm
Update freebies: justice05, mugiwara15, allsunday20

June 19th, 2015
Name That Tune!: tora12, fierce14, p-charm, p-charm
Mystery Koma: sturdy03, locket08, chinoou07, p-laughter
Lucky Card: dokun18, ninja01, redtail15, p-strength, p-ambition
Jump Trivia: eleven14, allsunday03, p-laughter
Fill in the Blank: chibisuke07, genius13, kikoho13, p-strength
Deck Shuffler: mangaka18, ikupasuy06, branded09
Costume Check: gangster10, advisor15, p-laughter
Character Scrambler: ninja05, ikupasuy09, p-charm
Trade with Angel: my polkabrows09, reigan07 for stonefree15, switch16 + trade badges
Trade with Andrea: my darkboots05, darkboots09, dreams06, tenken18, tenken19, tokyosamurai09 for faintsmile13, garden16, garden17, illusionary03, krik18, stonefree10 + trade badges
Trade with Andrew: my kakarot10, kakarot13, reigan07, reigan16, worldchamp11 for kioku03, switch07, zelda06, zelda13, zelda17 + membercards & trade badges
Trade with Mina: my copynin02, five15, giant11, goban09, pride02, zebul05, zebul06, zebul13 for badboy01, bosozoku02, bosozoku07, dreams09, mugiwara02, mugiwara17, pleasure12, switch08 + trade badges
Trade with Kearin: my acrobatic06, housewife15, innocence09, innocence13, irome10 for chariot12, heavensdoor18, kioku03, pleasure11, switch19 + trade badges
Trade with Delphine: my driveshoot19, warrior11 for faintsmile09, faintsmile17 + trade badges

June 16th, 2015
Trade with Wing: my irome09, irome18, justice04, kira10, pride15, pride17 for bosozoku16, chariot04, overdrive20, rosewhip16, shirafune03, stonefree01 + trade badges

June 15th, 2015
Trade with Cate: my dekorin15, mokkori03, mokkori17, zanza16 for faintsmile04, illusionary18, korosenai10, stonefree02 + trade badges
Trade with Woody: my chestnut11,heavensdoor10, achoo04, diamond02, diamond04,kikoho03, kikoho11, ncha06, ncha11, ncha17, shabon01, shabon08 for badboy03, bosozoku09, bosozoku12, dorobou15, ice06, kioku04, kioku09, lovestruck18, midori17, mugiwara05, poolparty19, shirafune10 + trade badges
Trade with Anrui: my shaman13, shaman18, xiii02, hohoho17, flare01, troy09, refreshing16, reigan07, sanzu12 for gakuen13, hohoho07, garden02, gentleman17, justice03, justice08, justice15, overdrive02, pleasure07 + trade badges
Trade with Dohma: my musclerider18, musclerider20, realeater09 for faintsmile20, garden09, illusionary04 + trade badges

June 14th, 2015
Trade with Adelicya: my archery09, archery11 for justice06, mugiwara08
Trade with Lethe: my chestnut03, chestnut15, chestnut16, guardian07, guardian18, ou18, pharaoh13 for krik05, krik09, krik15, mugiwara09, polkabrows06, stonefree03, stonefree20 + trade badges

June 12th, 2015
Master (fierce): tettsui15, dekorin15, ice03, flare01, writer12, p-strength, p-ambition, p-knowledge
Master (gold): fierce13, tenken18, airwalk05, oresama15, pride02, p-knowledge, p-charm, p-charm
Where Am I?: hohoho17, archery09, darkboots05, p-charm
Shadow Play: warrior11, wataame18, shunshin07, p-knowledge
Name That Character!: dabu15, musclerider18, kamaitachi01, p-strength, p-strength
Mystery Seiyuu: kapuchuu16, ou07
Jump Analogy: guardian07, kira10, p-laughter, p-knowledge
Guess the Tradepost: sanzu12, locket04, p-laughter, p-knowledge
Episode Challenge: shunshin19, reigan07, haircut16
Card Detective: hyakka13, archery11, p-ambition
Tic-Tac-Toe: pantera09 + 4 p-strength
Hangman: switch03 + 4 p-knowledge
Update freebies: gold04, 5 charm
Trade Exchange (May): wrathflame04, shaman18, juunoken04, dokuningen13, wednesday07, ou16, juunoken17, tora10, zelda18, chibisuke03, pharaoh13, devilsbook12, faintsmile01, heavensdoor10, heavensdoor01 + 4 ambition, 1 charm, 2 knowledge, 2 laughter, 1 strength + 1 raffle ticket
Trade with Ten: my trattoria05, manager19, refreshing16, allfiction02 for polkabrows01, faintsmile02, kioku07, korosenai02 + trade badges
Trade with Cheshire: my kokuyo17, mind18, mugen03 for tettsui05, allsunday02, badboy12 + trade badges
Trade with Cami: my aka06, brain15, collar05, collar11, kaminokou11, leader19, ryuugan11, sukiyaki12 for mugen13, allsunday05, allsunday12, dorobou01, stonefree04, stonefree09, dreams18, dreams20 + trade badges

June 7th, 2015
Trade with Adelicya: my lightningrod20, wednesday16, blueplanet06, clairvoyant11, glassheart19, gungi13, hibiscus06, hyouton04, shirafune15, wolffang15, zangetsu18, zone01 for overdrive09, switch12, switch14, badboy17, faintsmile06, faintsmile07, faintsmile14, faintsmile15, faintsmile16, heavensdoor20, kioku05, kioku19 + trade badges
Spot the Difference: waltherp3801, advisor05, kapuchuu05, scylla19, irome18, p-charm, p-ambition
Name That Tune! (Maniac): housewife15, giant11, lazuli15, kioku06, p-knowledge, p-strength, p-laughter, p-knowledge
Mystery Scene (Maniac): narukami01, musclerider20, platinum19, writer11, p-knowledge, p-laughter
Who Said It?: hyouton04, hiken13, p-knowledge
Who Am I?: flute19, gungi13, wings08
Warped Card: kioku17, hibiscus06, p-laughter, p-ambition
Super Powers: dokidoki15, kaminokou11, allsunday08
Rotation Bonus: succubus14, polkabrows09, flagrance19, krik01, devilsbook05
Rotation Bonus: gifted19, dabu19, switch05, bossun14, shiro09
Mystery Scene: kaminokou09, kapuchuu05, p-knowledge
Movie Reel: mugen03, faintsmile03, p-ambition
Guess the Mangaka: zangetsu18, judge17, firefly16, p-strength
Update freebies: event-june2015, fierce01, acrobatic18, tettsui03
Trade with Mamori: my king12 for illusionary14 + trade badges

June 1st, 2015
Puzzle: refreshing18 + 4 p-charm
Memory: tokyosamurai09 + 4 p-ambition
Name That Tune!: darkelf11, mayora05, p-charm, p-charm
Mystery Koma: achoo04, ou18, trattoria05, p-strength
Jump Trivia: akabari16, bungeegum09, p-ambition
Fill in the Blank: jouigajoy08, quincy03, trattoria10, p-charm
Deck Shuffler: eyepatch10, murcielago01, braineater09
Costume Check: shirafune15, clutchtime09, p-laughter
Character Scrambler: emperor11, eleven16, p-ambition
Update freebies: midori12, leader19
Trade with Xxing: my dragonlord03, chestnut07, chestnut12, guardian15, lazuli02, lazuli04, lazuli18 for airwalk16, allsunday13, ao09, apple15, bosozoku04, chinoou07, cloud01 + trade badges
Trade with Sarah: my five05, five14, five15, hyouton10, kamaitachi12, kamaitachi13, sabaku12 for advisor04, analyst11, ao15, bosozoku20, cloud15, flowingriver02, itako14 + trade badges

May 24th, 2015
Master (zebul): gold14, mind18, darkboots09, trickortreat08, copycat18, p-strength, p-laughter, p-laughter
Master (andromeda): zebul10, korosenai17, ryuugan11, dragonlord05, hyorinmaru15, p-knowledge, p-ambition, p-knowledge
Where Am I?: refreshing16, reigan16, dragonlord03, p-charm
Shadow Play: shiro08, kokuyo07, copycat14, p-knowledge
Name That Character!: wednesday18, wednesday16, soulking07, p-laughter, p-knowledge
Mystery Seiyuu: kattobingu06, dokidoki16
Jump Analogy: terpsichora15, murcielago09, p-charm, p-strength
Guess the Tradepost: heavensdoor10, dreams06, p-laughter, p-laughter
Episode Challenge: kuroashi11, collar11, metamorphosis20
Card Detective: hiken01, kikoho11, p-laughter
Update freebies: event-classof2015, gold13, acrobatic09, mugen17, fierce19
Trade with Maggie: my wednesday10, krik09 for zebul20, andromeda06 + trade badges
Trade with Elysa: my grandking18, phantom01, sabaku12, scheming07, sensei05, tettsui13 for analyst13, chariot13, dreams01, dreams11, mugen11, overdrive04 + trade badges
Trade with Woody: my kakarot10, kakarot17 for airwalk13, dorobou12 + trade badges

May 19th, 2015
Master (bossun): andromeda01, clairvoyant11, waltherp3801, acrobatic10, succubus16, p-ambition, p-ambition, p-strength
Master (kuroashi): bossun08, eleven03, acrobatic06, brain15, tettsui13, p-ambition, p-knowledge, p-ambition
Hangman: quincy16 + 4 p-knowledge
Puzzle: darkelf14 + 4 p-charm
Who Said It?: wednesday10, chibisuke11, p-strength
Who Am I?: tettsui11, gorilla17, flagrance03
Warped Card: tenken19, skillhunter14, p-strength, p-ambition
Super Powers: chariot18, sukiyaki12, dosbancho19
Rotation Bonus: tsukkomi13, misamisa11, kakarot10, p-laughter, p-knowledge
Mystery Scene: trickortreat20, allsunday10, p-knowledge
Movie Reel: aries14, sensei12, p-strength
Guess the Mangaka: allsunday03, troy09, rosewhip17, p-strength
Update freebies: tettsui19, zebul14, andromeda03, bossun02, illusionary17
Trade with Grey: my achoo16, achoo19, lightning20, micchy18, micchy20, okashira17, rebound04 for bossun13, korosenai09, kuroashi08, mugen03, polkabrows13, tettsui12, tettsui13 + membercards and trade badges
Trade with Kibumie: my akusokuzan09 for zangetsu03
Trade with Adelicya: my kuroashi01 for bungeegum08

May 15th, 2015
Master (akabari): kuroashi12, shunshin06, lazuli08, allsunday14, redtail08, p-charm, p-strength, p-strength
Master (kimoichi): kuroashi02, pride17, sabaku12, gentleman06, scylla20, p-charm, p-strength, p-strength
Master (aries): kimoichi03, kokuyo13, wolffang15, crownclown14, sweettooth18, p-ambition, p-ambition, p-ambition
Master (darkboots): kimoichi02, sabaku12, diamond02, overdrive12, gisei20, p-ambition, p-laughter, p-laughter
Master (flagrance): akabari20, collar05, aka06, switch02, hige16, p-strength, p-strength, p-laughter
Master (reigan): akabari07, glassheart19, hyakka13, reigan07, zone01, p-ambition, p-strength, p-strength
Trade with Andrea: my mugen10, yellowflash09 for aries19, bossun12 + trade badges
Trade with Delphine: my collar15, gentle04 for darkboots01, flagrance07 + trade badges
Trade with Sumie: my onemillion18, worldchamp07 for illusionary20, mugen05 + trade badges
Trade with Melinda: my blueplanet06, brain05, waltherp3811, waltherp3814, chinoou01, clairvoyant01, clairvoyant08, president16 for akabari18, bossun16, garden10, gold07, gold09, kimoichi15, kuroashi13, reigan03 + membercards and trade badges
Trade with Kibumie: my skillhunter14 for bossun19 + trade badges
Trade with Wing: my copycat16, ninetails19 for andromeda12, mugen07 + membercards and trade badges

May 12th, 2015
Master (giant): darkboots10, stonefree11, scylla17, bishokuya13, gentleman11, p-knowledge, p-laughter, p-laughter
Trade with Cami: my brain14, fuurinkazan09, fuurinkazan17 for acrobatic06, giant01, mugiwara11 + trade badges
Trade with Sarah: my shirafune20 for mugiwara18 + membercards and trade badges
Trade with Cate: my darkboots07, kasshin06, kasshin14 for acrobatic05, andromeda05, kimoichi05 + trade badges
Trade with Ten: my trattoria12 for krik12 + membercards and trade badges
Trade Exchange (April): andromeda10, dorobou16, glassheart05, inspector18, hyorinmaru12, santoryu10, copynin02, scarleteyes03, allfiction02, platinum08, writer12, zanza16, psychometry01 + 2 strength, 3 knowledge, 2 charm, 2 ambition

May 11th, 2015
Master (five): darkboots19, acrobatic04, bishokuya09, captain16, xiii01, p-charm, p-strength, p-knowledge
Master (diamond): five17, pacifier07, akabari08, hyouton10, innocence13, p-strength, p-laughter, p-ambition
Trade with Fable: my bungeegum06, darkhorse13 for bossun05, flagrance09 + trade badges
Trade with Adelicya: my allsunday15, allsunday19, blueplanet17, blueplanet19, clairvoyant09, copynin19, darkhorse07, dekorin19, giant05, giant18, gungi02, gungi11, gungi20, kamaitachi10, kamaitachi12, lightspeed15, murcielago19, santoryu18, soulking03, wolffang09 for acrobatic11, acrobatic15, acrobatic16, akabari09, akabari15, bossun14, diamond14, fierce05, fierce14, five12, garden04, garden08, illusionary12, krik08, pleasure05, stonefree05, stonefree14, stonefree18, tettsui10, zebul08 + membercards and trade badges
Spot the Difference: zabimaru20, kamaitachi12, quincy06, lazuli18, shabon08, p-ambition, p-charm
Name That Tune! (Maniac): kimagure16, darling11, baolei06, gungi02, p-laughter, p-ambition, p-knowledge, p-charm
Mystery Scene (Maniac): giant05, korosenai15, analyst15, waltherp3814, p-ambition, p-laughter
Name That Tune!: five15, realeater09, p-ambition, p-charm
Mystery Koma: gentle04, stonefree16, goban09, p-ambition
Jump Trivia: skillhunter14, dokuningen10, p-knowledge
Fill in the Blank: trickortreat15, blackdragon06, kasshin14, p-strength
Deck Shuffler: narukami04, zebul13, mayora20
Costume Check: allsunday11, lightningrod20, p-laughter
Character Scrambler: chef07, ou02, p-charm
Update freebies: event-may2015, dokun08

May 5th, 2015
No Update - Prizes: yellowflash09, chestnut11, kapuchuu09, kimagure06, sukiyaki09, allsunday18, chestnut15, worldchamp11, kikoho03, lightningrod12, pacifier08, tsukkomi19, grandking18, chibisuke15, dokuningen01, p-charm, p-laughter, p-ambition, p-knowledge, p-ambition, p-knowledge
Update freebies: aries16, five10

April 28th, 2015
Where Am I?: gold11, five15, kakarot17, p-knowledge
Shadow Play: dosbancho08, scarleteyes17, glassheart19, p-strength
Name That Character!: dekorin19, justice02, shabon01, p-charm, p-laughter
Mystery Seiyuu: dreams17, advisor18
Jump Analogy: ao19, kimagure09, p-laughter, p-laughter
Guess the Tradepost: rebound04, masenko10, p-ambition, p-laughter
Episode Challenge: rebound11, masenko13, shaman07
Card Detective: guardian18, ninja02, p-ambition
Slots: soulking03 + 4 p-laughter
Hangman: shirafune13 + 4 p-knowledge
Update freebies: 3 p-charm, 3 p-strength

April 20th, 2015
Trade with Maggie: my copynin13 for acrobatic03 + trade badges

April 18th, 2015
Who Said It?: okashira17, sturdy08, p-charm
Who Am I?: kapuchuu08, mugen14, switch06
Warped Card: oresama12, jajanken14, p-knowledge, p-ambition
Super Powers: flowingriver12, kira02, fuurinkazan17
Rotation Bonus: haircut06, kuroashi07, kokuyo17, roadracer13, kamaitachi13, p-charm, p-ambition, p-laughter, p-strength, p-strength
Mystery Scene: blueplanet17, onemillion18, p-strength
Movie Reel: gungi20, xglove06, p-laughter
Guess the Mangaka: sturdy20, council18, santoryu11, p-laughter
Update freebies: darkboots20, flagrance02, fierce18

April 13th, 2015
Trade with Lethe: my littleson20 for akabari05
Trade with Kibumie: my kiheitai08 for aries15

April 9th, 2015
Tic-Tac-Toe: nenthreads09 + 4 p-strength
Puzzle: flagrance17 + 4 p-charm
Name That Tune!: bosozoku14, akusokuzan09, p-knowledge, p-charm
Mystery Koma: littleson20, guardian15, irome10, p-laughter
Lucky Card: sonata11, guardian18, kasshin06, p-knowledge, p-ambition
Jump Trivia: psychogun16, fuurinkazan09, p-strength
Fill in the Blank: shirafune15, mugen10, kamaitachi10, p-knowledge
Deck Shuffler: shark09, lightspeed15, apple18
Costume Check: shirafune18, copycat02, p-charm
Character Scrambler: kimagure05, murcielago19, p-laughter
Update freebies: korosenai14, kiheitai08
Trade with Kearin: my chibisuke01, housewife07, housewife11 for kimoichi09, tettsui08, zebul15 + trade badges
Trade with Anrui: my crownclown01, crownclown05, crownclown08, crownclown19, kasshin12, okashira05, okashira08, okashira09, okashira11, okashira14 for dreams07, gold08, heavensdoor07, krik03, krik07, mugiwara06, mugiwara20, overdrive19, polkabrows20, gakuen01 + trade badges
Trade with Josie: my zone16 for bosozoku03 + trade badges

April 6th, 2015
Trade with xxing: my onemillion03 for reigan01 + trade badges
Trade with Kibumie: my apple11, yellowflash01 for five16, illusionary05 + trade badges
Trade with Sumie: my blademaiden03, gold17 for flagrance08, kuroashi14 + trade badges
Trade with Lethe: my necromancy18, grandking06 for andromeda20, aries13 + trade badges
Trade with Mousey: my hotblooded03, hotblooded06, platinum05, sevenscars03, theworld03, theworld14, reigan12 for akabari14, aries10, flagrance03, flagrance06, giant05, kimoichi07, kuroashi20 + trade badges

April 4th, 2015
Trade with Liz: my hyakka20, lightning10, ninetails07, ninetails19, zanza14 for andromeda10, badboy14, bossun15, giant06, zebul19 + trade badges
Trade with Mamori: my devilsbook16, firefly11, lovestruck02, lovestruck13, room16, room17, theworld02, theworld15 for akabari06, ao11, brain04, dreams06, dreams14, kuroashi06, reigan18, zebul09 + trade badges
Trade with Aku: my bossun06, bossun10, bossun18, dabu09, dabu12, shabon17, shabon18 for acrobatic07, acrobatic17, akabari19, kimoichi08, krik14, krik20, zebul13 + membercards and trade badges
Trade with Cami: my council03, illusionary15, illusionary19, innocence16, kaminokou10, lightspeed04, lightspeed05, ryuugan08 for akabari10, andromeda11, andromeda13, aries07, garden06, kimoichi16, kuroashi09, zebul03 + trade badges
Trade with Cheshire: my blademaiden02, blademaiden03, darkboots04, darkboots16, dekorin10, dekorin19, dekorin20, shunshin18, wings08, wings17 for brain11, heavensdoor08, kimoichi04, mugen08, polkabrows12, stonefree12, switch04, switch09, switch10, zebul01 + membercards and trade badges

April 3rd, 2015
Trade with Momo: my chibisuke10, chibisuke12, fierce15, fierce17, kokuyo02, mugiwara12, mugiwara13, retribution10, retribution19 for chariot06, dreams04, faintsmile19, garden12, gentleman05, heavensdoor06, pleasure17, polkabrows09, stonefree07 + membercards & trade badges

April 2nd, 2015
Master (goban): diamond05, airwalk14, fierce15, zabimaru18, mayora17, p-laughter, p-charm, p-knowledge
Spot the Difference: zangetsu04, sonata06, sukiyaki17, flagrance16, zanza14, p-charm, p-charm
Mystery Scene (Maniac): branded02, xiii02, president16, aries17, p-strength, p-laughter
Where Am I?: king12, hohoho17, tensai11, p-charm
Shadow Play: gisei18, gakuen15, mangaka08, p-knowledge
Name That Character!: gisei14, diamond17, copynin19, p-charm, p-knowledge
Mystery Seiyuu: sensei05, housewife07
Jump Analogy: ninja15, flute14, p-ambition, p-strength
Guess the Tradepost: apple11, heavensdoor19, p-knowledge, p-charm
Episode Challenge: innocence16, yellowflash01, shunshin07
Card Detective: gold17, room19, p-strength
Update freebies: event-april2015, goban06, polkabrows08, reigan02, diamond11, flagrance19
Trade Exchange (March): trickortreat02, sevenscars11, lazuli02, realeater19, refreshing17, zebul18, dekorin19, melonpan19, gisei05, bungeegum06, scarleteyes13, dekorin20, dowsing16, trattoria17, lightningrod02, jajanken04, necromancy18, chariot15 + 1 ambition, 1 charm, 3 knowledge, 3 laughter, 2 strength + 1 raffle ticket
Trade with Elysa: my achoo04, captain02, captain05 for darkboots06, mugen10, pleasure20 + trade badges

March 30th, 2015
Master (braineater): goban05, sevenscars03, dosbancho01, aries02, driveshoot19, p-knowledge, p-charm, p-strength
Trade with Mina: my ninetails10, soulking03 for diamond01, braineater06 + trade badges

March 27th, 2015
Who Said It?: skyflame16, manager17, p-knowledge
Who Am I?: innocence09, soulking01, ryuugan08
Warped Card: worldchamp07, skyflame02, p-knowledge, p-charm
Super Powers: refreshing20, council17, retribution19
Rotation Bonus: platinum20, hibiscus06, trattoria10, p-strength, p-ambition
Mystery Scene: darkhorse13, grandking06, p-strength
Movie Reel: dowsing10, allsunday15, p-knowledge
Hangman: retribution10 + 4 p-knowledge
Memory: phantom18 + 4 p-ambition
Update freebies: badboy04, gentleman15
Trade with Elysa: my grandking16, junior17, sensei07 for andromeda04, andromeda15, flagrance05

March 24th, 2015
Name That Tune!: scheming05, ncha06, p-laughter, p-ambition
Mystery Koma: sanzu12, innocence15, chibisuke01, p-strength
Lucky Card: kokuyo17, shaman13, brain14, p-ambition, p-knowledge
Jump Trivia: grandking16, gunblaze09, p-charm
Fill in the Blank: blademaiden03, gisei02, okashira09, p-laughter
Deck Shuffler: wrathflame02, kasshin12, kioku18
Costume Check: luckyitem18, lightspeed05, p-laughter
Character Scrambler: kira03, achoo19, p-laughter
Update freebies: dokidoki18, junior17, sensei07
Trade with Cate: my zanza06 for brain10 + membercards and trade badges
Trade with Lethe: my haircut01, pharaoh04 for andromeda07, andromeda09
Trade with Elysa: my itachi19, pillar11 for braineater05, braineater12 + trade badges

March 18th, 2015
Trade with xxing: my darkhorse06, housewife02, hoursewife09, mirai07, redhabanero13, wolffang05 for andromeda08, andromeda19, aries08, flagrance10, flagrance20, flowingriver14 + membercards and trade badges
Trade with Lethe: my necromancy10, tenken04 for fierce03, tettsui01

March 17th, 2015
Master (shabon): goban16, okashira08, wednesday01, zebul11, jouigajoy05, p-laughter, p-strength, p-laughter
Master (chibisuke): shabon13, ao07, copycat16, gifted12, polkabrows03, p-laughter, p-charm, p-knowledge
Level Up: chibisuke11, guardian20, chestnut16, wataame04, kira10, p-laughter, p-charm, p-strength
Where Am I?: kuroashi03, blademaiden03, blackdragon18, p-strength
Where Am I?: diamond03, tenken04, tettsui06, p-laughter
Shadow Play: braineater16, brain01, lovestruck08, p-ambition
Shadow Play: writer06, pleasure14, bloodshot20, p-laughter
Name That Character!: shabon18, justice19, captain02, p-laughter, p-charm
Name That Character!: dynamite15, acrobatic02, gakuen05, p-charm, p-ambition
Mystery Seiyuu: scarleteyes19, itachi19
Mystery Seiyuu: faintsmile11, kuroashi01
Jump Analogy: refreshing01, onemillion03, p-knowledge, p-knowledge
Jump Analogy: ao01, illusionary16, p-laughter, p-charm
Guess the Tradepost: apple01, ikupasuy05, p-ambition, p-laughter
Guess the Tradepost: council04, magician20, p-ambition, p-ambition
Episode Challenge: fierce08, tora03, clutchtime06
Episode Challenge: collar15, manager19, darkelf17
Card Detective: soulking03, kapuchuu04, p-charm
Card Detective: micchy18, pillar11, p-ambition
Weekly Boost: arcade boost
Tic-Tac-Toe: zone16 + 4 p-strength
Hangman: copynin13 + 4 p-knowledge
Update freebies: chibisuke14, shabon02

March 10th, 2015
Trade with Josie: my justice01 for gold15 + membercards and trade badges
Trade with Anrui: my sessha04 for five09 + membercards and trade badges
Trade with Chiisai: my kamaitachi13, kamaitachi15 for braineater11, chibisuke13 + trade badges
Trade with Kearin: my gangster03, gangster11 for five08, darkboots08 + membercards and trade badges

March 8th, 2015
Trade Exchange (February): zangetsu18, bible01 + 1 strength + 1 raffle ticket
Trade with Ran: my flowingriver10, sabaku14 for gold01, five02 + membercards and trade badges
Trade with Kibumie: my gorilla05, sabaku16 for diamond08, diamond20 + trade badges
Trade with Cami: my dragonlord13, innocence08, locket01, pharaoh16, pharaoh19 for darkboots02, darkboots09, giant16, gold16, tettsui18 + trade badges
Trade with Sumie: my overdrive12, ao17 for garden03, garden14 + trade badges
Trade with Dohma: my kira16 for gold12 + trade badges
Trade with Lala: my devilsbook16, devilsbook18, lightspeed05 for illusionary19, reigan20, akabari04 + membercards and trade badges
Trade with Mousey: my housewife03, housewife04, kikoho08, kikoho08, mokkori10 for chibisuke06, shabon14, darkboots15, five15, fierce16 + trade badges
Trade with Michele: my succubus01, copynin19 for illusionary06, fierce10 + trade badges

March 7th, 2015
Trade with Ruka: my bible02, bible10 for giant19, diamond02 + membercards & trade badges
Trade with Lethe: my king13 for aries04
Spot the Difference: bungeegum07, kioku08, chinoou01, flagrance04, ao08, p-knowledge, p-knowledge
Name That Tune! (Maniac): zone16, kapuchuu17, kaminokou10, shigure16, p-charm, p-laughter, p-ambition, p-laughter
Mystery Scene (Maniac): xiii06, poolparty07, blademaiden02, kikoho16, p-laughter, p-strength
Who Said It?: shunshin16, ninja14, p-laughter
Who Am I?: irome09, micchy20, mugiwara13
Warped Card: pleasure01, decoy01, p-strength, p-laughter
Super Powers: allsunday17, kamaitachi13, shark10
Rotation Bonus: copycat10, redhabanero13, flagrance15, narukami12
Mystery Scene: hotblooded16, nenthreads05, p-knowledge
Movie Reel: mirai07, metamorphosis07, p-laughter
Guess the Mangaka: housewife11, shunshin18, mugiwara12, p-laughter
Trade with Delphine: my oresama03 for goban04 + trade badges
Update freebies: event-march2015

March 4th, 2015
Master (crownclown): shabon01, president16, oresama03, kimoichi19, sevenscars04, p-knowledge, p-ambition, p-strength
Level Up: crownclown06, mangaka02, bungeegum18, kuroashi15, hotblooded17, p-ambition, p-strength, p-ambition
Name That Tune!: scarleteyes02, dynamite14, p-ambition, p-laughter
Mystery Koma: crownclown01, ninetails10, akabari13, p-charm
Lucky Card: illusionary01, chariot17, phantom01, p-ambition, p-ambition
Jump Trivia: mokkori03, refreshing10, p-knowledge
Fill in the Blank: sessha04, five19, decoy02, p-strength
Deck Shuffler: xiii02, lightning10, darkboots04
Character Scrambler: aries06, illusionary02, p-knowledge
Costume Check: king13, scarleteyes15, p-ambition
Puzzle: oresama03 + 4 p-charm
Slots: hyakka18 + 4 p-laughter
Update freebies: chariot10, pleasure19
Trade with Lethe: my flare17 for giant03 + trade badges

February 25th, 2015
Trade with Maia: my sessha15 for akabari17 + trade badges
Trade with Mamori: trade badges
Trade with Elysa: my sturdy10 for aries14 + trade badges
Trade with Lethe: my flare10, flare18, kira01, tokyosamurai08 for dorobou03, kimoichi20, justice18, mugiwara19 + trade badges
Where Am I?: shirafune11, brain15, dabu12, p-strength
Shadow Play: illusionary13, blueplanet06, santoryu18, p-charm
Name That Character!: switch15, bosozoku01, aries12, p-knowledge, p-ambition
Mystery Seiyuu: flare17, trattoria12
Jump Analogy: allsunday06, psychogun13, p-laughter, p-ambition
Guess the Tradepost: necromancy10, kokuyo16, p-knowledge, p-laughter
Episode Challenge: xglove20, gold05, magician07
Card Detective: bosozoku05, narukami03, p-ambition

February 12th, 2015
Hangman: luckyitem14 + 4 p-knowledge
Puzzle: kapuchuu04 + 4 p-charm
Who Said It?: captain05, gunblaze08, p-strength
Who Am I?: dokuningen13, devilsbook16, bible08
Warped Card: scarleteyes09, writer10, p-ambition, p-strength
Super Powers: sessha15, tsukkomi03, shabon17
Rotation Bonus: gungi11, cloud18, p-knowledge, p-strength, p-laughter, p-strength, p-laughter
Mystery Scene: flowingriver10, dokuningen14, p-ambition
Movie Reel: okashira11, wolffang05, p-laughter
Guess the Mangaka: dragonlord13, theworld14, hotblooded06, p-ambition
Update freebies: event-february2015, event-valentines2015

February 10th, 2015
Master (platinum): crownclown18, dekorin10, darkboots16, chestnut03, diamond10, p-charm, p-charm, p-ambition
Level Up: platinum11, copynin19, captain13, brain05, chinoou04, p-strength, p-ambition, p-knowledge
Spot the Difference: housewife02, housewife04, kakarot10, copycat07, kira08, p-charm, p-laughter
Name That Tune! (Maniac): firefly11, ao05, blueplanet19, theworld15, p-knowledge, p-knowledge, p-laughter, p-knowledge
Mystery Scene (Maniac): shigure11, tokyosamurai08, kamaitachi12, narukami02, p-charm, p-ambition
Name That Tune!: bungeegum13, wings17, p-knowledge, p-strength
Mystery Koma: sweettooth14, fierce06, switch01, p-strength
Lucky Card: wrathflame09, soulking03, darkboots07, p-charm, p-laughter
Jump Trivia: gold18, shirafune09, p-strength
Fill in the Blank: trattoria12, kira01, wings08, p-charm
Deck Shuffler: faintsmile08, dabu09, hyakka20
Costume Check: dorobou20, kokuyo06, p-strength
Character Scrambler: manager19, bungeegum01, p-charm
Update freebies: crownclown02
Where Am I?: apple11, sturdy10, wolffang09, p-strength
Shadow Play: clutchtime13, wednesday16, achoo16, p-ambition
Name That Character!: ao17, allsunday04, shunshin13, p-knowledge, p-knowledge
Mystery Seiyuu: xglove19, illusionary08
Jump Analogy: pride15, mokkori17, p-strength, p-ambition
Guess the Tradepost: kikoho11, darling16, p-laughter, p-strength
Episode Challenge: room16, tsukkomi11, shigure14
Card Detective: blackdragon15, xiii12, p-knowledge
Update freebies: dreams02
Trade with Elysa: my darkboots01, room01, room10 for diamond06, diamond07, shabon19
Trade with Mamori: my sweettooth03, sweettooth10 for goban10, analyst03 + membercards
Trade with Dohma: my diamond13 for reigan08
Trade with Sumie: my troy18, speartackle05, zone09, shabon12 for andromeda02, andromeda14, andromeda17, bossun03
Trade with Lethe: my gentle10, necromancy19, blueplanet06, blueplanet10, gungi09, gungi13, gungi19, mirai07 for crownclown12, aries20, akabari11, aries02, bossun09, diamond12, gold10, shabon04

January 26th, 2015
Who Said It?: refreshing08, blueplanet10, p-ambition
Who Am I?: copycat16, gunblaze03, waltherp3811
Warped Card: gentle10, dokuningen07, p-charm, p-knowledge
Super Powers: shirafune20, kokuyo02, okashira14
Rotation Bonus: flare18, darkhorse06, diamond13, p-charm, p-charm
Mystery Scene: troy18, bossun10, p-knowledge
Movie Reel: hyorinmaru02, kikoho08, p-charm
Guess the Mangaka: writer05, flare10, zanza06, p-charm
Update freebies: hohoho08, necromancy19
Trade with Sumie: my onemillion11, platinum10 for zebul06, zebul07
Trade with Kibumie: my decoy05, tettsui15 for mugen15, darkboots14
Trade with Dohma: my chestnut12, pride07, pride09 for acrobatic01, darkboots16, kuroashi11
Trade with Lethe: my tenken10 for chibisuke02

January 20th, 2015
Tic-Tac-Toe: wrathflame02 + 4 p-strength
Memory: shabon12 + 4 p-ambition
Name That Tune!: onemillion11, chibisuke12, p-charm, p-ambition
Mystery Koma: housewife03, gangster03, tenken10, p-ambition
Lucky Card: fierce04, magician11, clutchtime14, p-ambition, p-ambition
Jump Trivia: blackdragon19, zebul05, p-knowledge
Fill in the Blank: housewife09, ninetails19, brain05, p-laughter
Deck Shuffler: decoy05, brain14, itako13
Costume Check: darkboots05, shunshin15, p-laughter
Character Scrambler: dokuningen06, darkboots18, p-laughter
Trade with Elysa: my bronco14, ice07, kasshin19, manager16, okashira11 for aries18, darkboots11, flagrance11, kimoichi02, misamisa01
Stamp Card Turn-In (5, Basic): bible11, trickortreat06, shugoshin04 + 1 ambition, 1 charm, 1 strength, 1 raffle ticket
Level Up ( 6-7 ): diamond04, haircut01, shunshin18 + 3 strength, 1 raffle ticket, 1 choice card voucher
Update freebies: event-mytcgrelaunch

January 12th, 2015
Badge Donation: braineater20, phantom11, pride07, sanzu15, scheming07 + 1 charm, 1 knowledge, 1 laughter, 1 raffle ticket
December Raffle Winner (Grand Prize): 2 Choice Card Vouchers, 1 Arcade Boost, 5 Jump Points of Choice (3 Ambition, 2 Strength)
Secret Santa gifts (received): event-secretsanta2014, diamond04, gold20, gold03, heavensdoor16, heavensdoor17, platinum05, shabon12, shabon18, stonefree06, stonefree08, stonefree17, theworld02, wsj1993_18, arcade boost x2, double points x2, extra pull x1, sidekick koma x1, ambition points x5, strength points x5, diamond16, diamond19, gold17, gold19, platinum09, platinum10, shabon03, shabon06, shabon07, shabon08, shabon09, shabon10, shabon11, shabon16, shabon20
Secret Santa gifts (given away): haircut07, haircut16, irome16, kakarot15, lazuli12, pride07, psychogun11, 2 choice card vouchers, 20 strength points
Guess the Tradepost: akabari12, gisei18, p-ambition,p-strength
Name That Character!: blueplanet06, braineater02, mugiwara13, p-strength, p-knowledge
Mystery Seiyuu: ninetails19, krik06
Shadow Play: writer04, kakarot18, manager16, p-laughter
Card Detective: ice07, chinoou14, p-knowledge
Jump Analogy: five03, chestnut03, p-knowledge, p-ambition
Where Am I?: lovestruck02, fierce17, lazuli04, p-knowledge
Episode Challenge: manager11, pantera04, kioku08
Update freebies: event-january2015

January 5th, 2015
Trade with Delphine: my tettsui16 for aries17
Trade with Lethe: my kasshin08 for lovestruck02
Name That Tune! (Maniac): shark05, lightning20, bossun06, gisei04, p-laughter, p-laughter, p-knowledge, p-strength
Mystery Scene (Maniac): blueplanet06, tensai07, magician02, goban08, p-strength, p-laughter
Spot the Difference: pride07, haircut16, sonata13, okashira11, kira16, p-strength, p-strength
Tic-Tac-Toe: sabaku16 + 4 strength, 10 Santa points
Memory: room17 + 4 ambition, 10 Santa points
Rotation Bonus: p-strength, p-knowledge, p-laughter, p-ambition, p-ambition, 30 Santa points
Super Powers: chibisuke05, sevenscars04, flowingriver10, 10 Santa points
Movie Reel: clairvoyant09, kuroashi05, p-knowledge, 10 Santa points
Guess the Mangaka: kasshin19, sonata05, faintsmile11, p-laughter, 10 Santa points
Mystery Scene: ninetails07, tsukkomi20, p-knowledge, 10 Santa points
Who Am I?: sukiyaki12, zone01, bronco14, 10 Santa points
Warped Card: faintsmile10, mangaka07, p-charm, p-strength, 10 Santa points
Who Said It?: jajanken02, allsunday15, p-ambition, 10 Santa points
Santa Shop: -50 Santa points
Update freebies: event-newyear2015

&2014 LOGS;

December 27th, 2014
Treasure Hunt: bloodshot03, murcielago15, kasshin08, p-knowledge, 20 Santa points
Name That Tune!: jajanken11, aka06, p-ambition, p-ambition, 20 Santa points
Fill in the Blank: aka10, bloodshot16, allsunday19, p-strength, 10 Santa points
Deck Shuffler: irome16, darkhorse07, president07, 20 Santa points
Costume Check: hyakka12, murcielago19, p-strength, 10 Santa points
Character Scrambler: reigan07, lazuli12, p-laughter, 10 Santa points
Jump Trivia: shirafune17, juunoken08, p-charm, 10 Santa points
Update freebies: event-christmas2014, v-choicecard, p-knowledge x5, 30 Santa points

December 20th, 2014
Trade with Adelicya: my cloud07 for akabari01 + membercards
Trade with Angel: my bloodshot09, devilsbook14 for zebul12, zone07
Trade with Andrea: my blademaiden10, okashira13, sabaku20, zanza06 for bossun07, chibisuke17, kimoichi12, kimoichi13
Trade with Lethe: my kioku12, sessha03, sessha14, sessha16, shugoshin08, goban17, scarleteyes15 for flagrance18, garden19, kuroashi18, mugiwara07, soulking04, acrobatic20, darkboots17
Santa Shop: -80 Santa points

December 18th, 2014
Tic-Tac-Toe: shaman18 + 4 strength, 10 Santa points
Memory: blademaiden10 + 4 ambition, 10 Santa points
Guess the Tradepost: rebound20, lightspeed04, p-ambition, p-ambition, 20 Santa points
Name That Character!: inspector03, gisei04, innocence08, p-ambition, p-laughter, 20 Santa points
Mystery Seiyuu: zone09, captain15, 10 Santa points
Shadow Play: haircut04, hotblooded04, juunoken18, p-ambition, 10 Santa points
Card Detective: switch03, bloodshot08, p-knowledge, 20 Santa points
Jump Analogy: overdrive12, dorobou19, p-ambition, p-knowledge, 10 Santa points
Where Am I?: king16, bible18, giant18, p-strength, 10 Santa points
Episode Challenge: sabaku14, succubus03, zelda02, 10 Santa points
Update freebies: 30 Santa points
Trade with Angel: my dragonlord07 for acrobatic04
Trade with Dohma: my pantera02, lazuli13, guardian17 for kimoichi14, garden07, aries11
Stamp Card Turn-In (4, Basic): gunblaze14, shark19, okashira13 + 2 charm, 1 laughter, 1 raffle ticket
Level Up: clairvoyant01, kamaitachi15, zanza06 + 2 charm, 1 knowledge, 1 raffle ticket, 1 choice card voucher
Master (The World): giant13, justice10, locket01, platinum10, sukonbu17 + 3 strength, 1 raffle ticket

December 12th, 2014
Trade with Jane: my bishokuya05, bishokuya16, bishokuya19, braineater14, branded05 for braineater02, braineater04, braineater10, braineater16, braineater18
Trade with Maggie: my wrathflame14 for andromeda14
Trade with Dohma: my murcielago20 for braineater20

December 11th, 2014
Rotation Bonus: overdrive07, gorilla05, writer04, scheming12, hyorinmaru04, 30 Santa points
Super Powers: bishokuya19, magician18, bossun18, 10 Santa points
Movie Reel: luckyitem01, kioku12, p-strength, 10 Santa points
Guess the Mangaka: quincy19, writer12, krik16, p-knowledge, 10 Santa points
Mystery Scene: kimoichi06, darling09, p-laughter, 10 Santa points
Who Am I?: theworld07, flagrance12, jouigajoy03, 10 Santa points
Warped Card: shabon05, chestnut12, p-laughter, p-knowledge, 10 Santa points
Who Said It?: kioku08, lovestruck13, p-ambition, 10 Santa points
Update freebies: event-200decks, analyst02, captain09, 50 Santa points
Point Exchange (-1 Choice Card Voucher): theworld10

December 10th, 2014
Trade with Elysa: my decoy01, decoy16, pharaoh15 for bossun11, bossun17, zebul02
Trade with Lethe: my brain12, hyorinmaru06, shugoshin11 for chibisuke07, darkboots04, kuroashi10
Master (Dabu): aries03, hyakka20, jajanken20, murcielago20, theworld04 + 3 laughter, 1 raffle ticket

December 9th, 2014
Stamp Card Turn-In (4, Basic): dorobou09, refreshing16, devilsbook18 + 1 strength, 1 charm, 1 ambition, 1 raffle ticket
Trade with Elysa: my brain13 for dabu05
Trade with Maia: my micchy20 for darkboots03 + membercards
Trade with Kibumie: my jajanken02, jajanken12, jajanken17 for chibisuke16, chibisuke20, goban18
Trade with Sumie: my allsunday14, ao10, cloud07, wataame16 for chibisuke12, chibisuke18, five07, illusionary19

December 5th, 2014
Trade with Kula: my hyouton14, chef16, irome07, irome11 for akabari03, chibisuke01, chibisuke03, chibisuke09
Trade with Dohma: my sevenscars18, gold11, ninetails20, dragonlord17 for chibisuke08, chibisuke10, chibisuke15, justice07
Trade with Lethe: my okashira16, wednesday15 for giant14, zebul05
Trade with Liz: my dosbancho03 for lovestruck20 + membercards
Trade with Angel: my locket15, sukiyaki16 for aries01, fierce09
Trade with Dohma: my aka04, aka20 for giant02, fierce12
Trade with Sumie: my cloud03, cloud15, gakuen03, gakuen07, gakuen14, platinum04 for bossun06, braineater15, rosewhip15, sanzu19, tettsui15, tettsui20
Name That Tune! (Maniac): wrathflame14, president20, room10, acrobatic13, p-charm, p-ambition, p-knowledge, p-strength
Mystery Scene (Maniac): wrathflame14, firefly07, brain03, wrathflame10, p-laughter, p-strength
Spot the Difference: chef16, rebound13, gunblaze19, krik13, gungi19, p-laughter, p-knowledge
Memory: bishokuya05 + 4 ambition
Puzzle: psychogun18 + 4 charm
Treasure Hunt: bloodshot10, blackdragon16, sessha14, p-charm
Lucky Card: akabari02, rebound16, p-charm
Name That Tune!: okashira05, micchy20, p-knowledge, p-ambition
Fill in the Blank: cloud07, chibisuke10, brain12, p-knowledge
Deck Shuffler: reigan12, wataame16, hyorinmaru06
Costume Check: room01, sessha03, p-charm
Character Scrambler: kuroashi15, decoy16, p-ambition
Jump Trivia: lovestruck13, justice04, p-charm
Update freebies: event-december2014

December 1st, 2014
Guess the Tradepost: brain13, jouigajoy10, p-charm,p-strength
Mystery Seiyuu: gakuen02, sevenscars18
Shadow Play: braineater14, garden15, shugoshin16, p-laughter
Jump Analogy: decoy01, tettsui14, p-knowledge, p-charm
Where Am I?: kuroashi17, kokuyo14, kimoichi10, p-ambition
Episode Challenge: krik09, xglove16, metamorphosis12
Update freebies: wednesday15

November 18th, 2014
Trade with Kula: my gakuen14, sessha16, ncha17 for theworld14, braineater01, andromeda18
Trade with Kibumie: my gifted12 for crownclown01
Trade with Elysa: my crownclown16, gungi10, gungi16, shigure02 for diamond15, giant18, lovestruck12, sukonbu11

November 17th, 2014
Trade with Lethe: my haircut08, hyouton14, refreshing05, refreshing06 for braineater03, dorobou06, kuroashi16, kuroashi17
Level Up: fierce20, ncha17 + 1 strength, 1 knowledge, 1 choice card voucher, 1 raffle ticket
Slots: soulking16 + 4 laughter
Hangman: president02 + 4 knowledge
Rotation Bonus: darkboots07, sessha16, firefly09, p-ambition, p-strength
Super Powers: diamond18, bloodshot09, darkelf07
Movie Reel: succubus15, jajanken02, p-knowledge
Guess the Mangaka: pharaoh19, wrathflame07, shigure02, p-laughter
Mystery Scene: sweettooth03, illusionary15, p-charm
Who Am I?: devilsbook16, shark12, speartackle05
Who Said It?: hyouton14, achoo04, p-laughter

November 6th, 2014
Birthday Rewards: bloodshot16, aka04, dragonlord07, lazuli13, chibisuke19, v-choicecard, v-choicecard, v-sidekickkoma
Name That Tune! (Maniac): refreshing05, rosewhip05, haircut08, pharaoh16, p-ambition, p-knowledge, p-strength, p-charm
Spot the Difference: locket15, jajanken17, lightspeed05, santoryu18, theworld03, p-charm, p-laughter
Tic-Tac-Toe: zone18 + 4 strength
Memory: sukiyaki08 + 4 ambition
Treasure Hunt: lovestruck15, crownclown19, gorilla12, p-laughter
Name That Tune!: flagrance14, okashira16, p-strength, p-knowledge
Fill in the Blank: diamond09, krik04, bishokuya15, p-knowledge
Deck Shuffler: shirafune20, dragonlord17, sabaku20
Costume Check: glassheart12, cloud07, p-laughter
Character Scrambler: bishokuya16, sonata17, p-ambition
Jump Trivia: sonata16, tettsui09, p-laughter
Update freebies: event-november2014, ao10, gifted12

November 4th, 2014
October Contest Participant: writer04, kioku12, room17, p-strength, p-strength
Deck Builder (R5): crownclown08, dynamite01, sukonbu05 + 2 strength, 1 laughter
Guess the Tradepost: misamisa08, aries12, p-ambition,p-knowledge
Name That Character!: shaman13, acrobatic08, sonata07, p-knowledge, p-ambition
Mystery Seiyuu: chestnut12, gakuen14
Shadow Play: akabari16, guardian17, bible10, p-laughter
Jump Analogy: akabari13, firefly04, p-laughter, p-strength
Where Am I?: giant15, justice01, ninetails20, p-knowledge
Episode Challenge: haircut07, zone09, branded10
Update freebies: event-octobercontest, event-octoberraffle, event-halloween2014, theworld03, dabu01

October 27th, 2014
Trade with Lethe: my darkboots09, lazuli06, scheming03 for allsunday19, giant12, goban12
Trade with Maggie: my genius01 for theworld02
Trade with Dohma: my juunoken09, juunoken10 for fierce15, aries05
Trade with Kula: my heavensdoor16, trickortreat11 for justice17, garden11
Stamp Card Turn-In (3, Basic): five05, locket20, scylla05 + 2 laughter, 1 charm, 1 raffle ticket, 1 choice card voucher

October 23rd, 2014
Trade with Kula: my heavensdoor09, succubus03 for crownclown11, goban01
Trade with Lethe: my darkboots05 for reigan05
Trade with Angel: my gisei02, gisei14, gisei17 for clutchtime15, doctor16, dorobou18 + membercards
Trade with Mary: my succubus10 for platinum19 + membercards
Trade with Dohma: my dokuningen18, metamorphosis01, juunoken06, juunoken16 for doctor12, justice04, zebul16, giant09
Trade with Elysa: my kasshin09, magician06, masenko06, zelda15, zelda18 for dorobou02, kuroashi03, kuroashi04, polkabrows02, polkabrows07
Trade with Sumie: my copycat15, zebul11 for giant08, goban02 + membercards
Monthly Contest Entry: 1 raffle ticket
Level Up: devilsbook14, juunoken10 + 2 charm, 1 raffle ticket, 1 choice card voucher
Monthly Contest Voting Prize: mugiwara01, scheming03, p-ambition
Tic-Tac-Toe: santoryu03 + 4 strength
Memory: gold11 + 4 ambition
Rotation Bonus: aries09, tettsui16, council03, p-strength, p-laughter
Super Powers: krik19, flagrance17, zangetsu06
Movie Reel: bible02, allsunday14, p-charm
Guess the Mangaka: clairvoyant08, kakarot15, psychogun01, p-charm
Mystery Scene: juunoken09, refreshing06, p-charm
Who Am I?: heavensdoor16, lazuli06, irome07
Warped Card: allsunday15, akabari08, p-knowledge, p-strength
Who Said It?: bible13, justice14, p-strength
Update freebies: aka20, trickortreat11, genius01

October 16th, 2014
Trade with Lethe: my hiken04, sabaku12 for five13, kuroashi01
Treasure Hunt: sweettooth10, sukiyaki16, metamorphosis04, p-charm
Name That Tune!: zelda18, branded14, p-knowledge, p-strength
Fill in the Blank: magician06, branded05, sabaku12, p-strength
Deck Shuffler: mokkori10, firefly13, branded06
Costume Check: metamorphosis01, crownclown05, p-strength
Character Scrambler: hiken04, kasshin09, p-charm
Jump Trivia: quincy10, gold02, p-charm

October 11th, 2014
Trade with Lethe: my dosbancho03, dosbancho12 for five04, kimoichi07
Trade with Dohma: my chinoou08, chinoou16, krik02, krik12, krik15 for mugiwara12, mugiwara14, mugen12, shaman10, shaman11

October 10th, 2014
Stamp Card Turn-In (2, Basic): rebound04, chinoou08, rosewhip11 + 1 ambition, 1 laughter, 1 charm, 1 raffle ticket
Pirate Plunder: mugen02, tettsui02
Deck Builder (R4): ncha11, goban17, gungi09 + 2 charm, 1 strength

October 9th, 2014
Trade with Elysa: my brain01, scheming09 for bossun01, goban07
Trade with Lethe: my hibiscus01, hibiscus03, hibiscus07, hibiscus10, shunshin12 for cloud15, giant20, polkabrows05, polkabrows11, zebul06
Where Am I?: shunshin12, bossun04, shabon17, p-ambition
Name That Character!: faintsmile05, chinoou16, platinum04, p-laughter, p-knowledge
Tic-Tac-Toe: zone08 + 4 strength
Memory: gungi13 + 4 ambition
Guess the Tradepost: hotblooded03, kimoichi11, p-charm,p-charm
Mystery Seiyuu: sweettooth09, sanzu01
Shadow Play: dokuningen18, gungi16, tettsui17, p-laughter
Card Detective: succubus03, zabimaru07, p-strength
Jump Analogy: gold06, zelda15, p-ambition, p-charm
Episode Challenge: giant11, justice12, hibiscus07
Update freebies: event-1stheroclaim, brain01, scheming09

October 4th, 2014
Trade with Maggie: my darkhorse19 for theworld19
Trade with Dohma: my gold16, dokuningen19 for soulking06, illusionary15
Trade with Lethe: my lazuli03 for goban11
Trade with Kula: my haircut12 for tettsui04
Trade with Andrea: my okashira05, sessha02 for braineater14, reigan15

October 2nd, 2014
Trade with Kibumie: my sukiyaki10, writer19, writer20 for misamisa10, misamisa17, zebul17
Deck Builder (R3): crownclown16, wataame06, soulking10 + 1 knowledge, 1 ambition, 1 laughter
Name That Tune! (Maniac): sukiyaki16, andromeda16, haircut12, gisei14, p-strength, p-ambition, p-charm, p-ambition
Mystery Scene (Maniac): gakuen03, branded06, masenko06, rebound15, p-charm, p-knowledge
Spot the Difference: sessha02, kimoichi18, five14, scarleteyes15, chestnut07, p-ambition, p-ambition
Rotation Bonus: faintsmile12, gisei02, judge11, p-strength, p-ambition
Super Powers: illusionary07, doctor02, juunoken16
Movie Reel: shaman04, lazuli03, p-ambition
Guess the Mangaka: kuroashi15, mokkori04, okashira05, p-strength
Mystery Scene: illusionary09, gakuen07, p-ambition
Who Am I?: goban13, firefly05, darkhorse19
Warped Card: braineater09, juunoken06, p-charm, p-strength
Who Said It?: bible15, fierce02, p-ambition
Freebies (new decks): heavensdoor09, event-september2014, event-50members, event-october2014
Freebies (megane day): gunblaze02, firefly11

September 29th, 2014
Trade with Ayay: my branded09 for theworld05

September 28th, 2014
Trade with Kula: my lightspeed12 for giant11

September 27th, 2014
Trade with Bloo: my guardian01 for darkboots13
Trade with Maggie: my room05, wrathflame17 for darkboots09, darkboots12 + membercards

September 26th, 2014
Trade with Lethe: my fierce06 for crownclown10
Trade with Woody: my kakarot16 for flagrance01 + membercards
Trade with Kula: my quincy10, quincy16, lovestruck19, metamorphosis08 for goban17, fierce06, fierce07, fierce17
Trade with Elysa: my akabari09, kira05, kira08, quincy15, shugoshin20, xiii07 for goban03, goban19, garden01, giant10, hibiscus10, krik15

September 25th, 2014
Trade with Bloo: my mirai01 for darkboots01
Pirate Plunder: cloud16, mugen09
Level Up: garden05, scylla18 + 1 ambition, 1 knowledge
Double Exchange: theworld13 -> mugiwara03
Lucky Card: kuroashi19, lovestruck19
Tic-Tac-Toe: cloud03 + 4 strength
Memory: akabari16 + 4 ambition
Treasure Hunt: theworld13, mirai01, scylla18, p-knowledge
Name That Tune!: soulking17, sukiyaki10, p-strength, p-laughter
Fill in the Blank: writer20, mugiwara04, glassheart03, p-charm
Deck Shuffler: tensai06, shaman09, psychogun11
Costume Check: shugoshin11, writer19, p-ambition
Character Scrambler: metamorphosis08, akabari09, p-knowledge
Jump Trivia: soulking18, chinoou01, p-strength
Update freebies: bosozoku10, gakuen14, wrathflame17

September 24th, 2014
Trade with Lacey: my clutchtime01 for platinum03 + membercards

September 23rd, 2014
Trade with Michele: my garden01 for crownclown17 + membercards
Doubles Exchange: dabu13 -> kokuyo02
Stamp Card Turn-In (1, Basic): luckyitem15, dabu13, jajanken12 + 1 knowledge, 1 charm, 1 ambition
Trade with Andrea: my sessha13 for theworld20 + membercards
Trade with Fable: my refreshing04 for dabu10

September 22nd, 2014
Trade with Cherri: my clutchtime09 for reigan19
Trade with Becca: my faintsmile17 for platinum14
Trade with Kula: my jouigajoy11, overdrive02, overdrive10, scarleteyes14 for crownclown04, crownclown20, dabu15, goban09
Trade with Jane: my narukami02 for theworld08
Trade with Mousey: my psychogun17, chestnut02, chestnut11, achoo07, achoo12, kakarot19 for dabu02, dabu04, dabu13, dabu17, bossun20, platinum07

September 21st, 2014
Trade with Lethe: my dekorin05, dekorin17, dekorin18, sessha02 for cloud14, goban14, sukonbu13, zebul04

September 20th, 2014
Trade with Renako: my tettsui03 for platinum08
Trade with Kibumie: my mangaka01, mangaka08, sukiyaki15 for dabu19, goban20, tettsui03

September 18th, 2014
Trade with Lethe: my shunshin18 for crownclown05
Card Detective: clutchtime09, shunshin18, p-ambition
Guess the Tradepost: sessha02, room16, p-ambition, p-strength
Mystery Seiyuu: giant17, cloud02
Shadow Play: achoo12, mirai07, quincy16, p-ambition
Jump Analogy: chestnut02, mangaka20, p-charm, p-charm
Where Am I?: bossun10, mayora09, room05, p-ambition
Episode Challenge: dekorin17, overdrive10, dosbancho03

September 13th, 2014
Trade with Kibumie: my sweettooth02, switch01, zone05 for dabu20, shigure05, kira08

September 12th, 2014
Trade with Dohma: my bishokuya10 for garden18 + membercards
Trade with Bloo: my masenko13 for crownclown13
Trade with Elysa: my refreshing17, shaman07 for crownclown14, polkabrows17
Trade with Delphine: my bible10 for dabu12
Trade with Lethe: my lazuli20 for dabu06

September 11th, 2014
Rotation Bonus: gungi10, masenko13, lazuli20, mangaka08, pharaoh04
Koma Slots: giant07, flagrance13, sukiyaki15, sweettooth02, dosbancho12, p-ambition, p-knowledge
Movie Reel: refreshing17, bishokuya10, p-strength
Guess the Mangaka: psychogun17, fierce11, lovestruck16, p-ambition
Mystery Scene: sessha13, dorobou17, p-charm
Who Am I?: acrobatic12, bible10, dabu11
Warped Card: platinum18, reigan11, p-ambition, p-strength
Who Said It?: zone05, gisei09, p-ambition
Update freebies: refreshing04, switch01, zebul11, v-3tierkoma

September 6th, 2014
Trade with Saku: my retribution09 for dabu07

September 5th, 2014
Trade with Jane: my five17 for crownclown16
Deck Builder (Sept): shugoshin20, dabu14, pharaoh15, p-ambition, p-laughter, p-knowledge

September 4th, 2014
Name That Tune! (Maniac): kira05, narukami02, tettsui16, retribution09, p-laughter, p-ambition, p-laughter, p-ambition
Mystery Scene (Maniac): succubus01, mangaka01, jouigajoy18, faintsmile17, p-charm, p-laughter
Treasure Hunt: gangster11, jouigajoy11, guardian01, p-strength
Name That Tune!: gisei17, clutchtime17, p-strength, p-knowledge
Fill in the Blank: kokuyo09, chestnut11, krik12, p-strength
Deck Shuffler: quincy10, five06, sukonbu09
Costume Check: bungeegum06, irome11, p-charm
Character Scrambler: achoo07, firefly15, p-ambition
Jump Trivia: crownclown19, shaman07, p-laughter
Update freebies: diamond13, gold16, overdrive02, shabon15

August 30th, 2014
Trade with Kibumie: my zangetsu02 for crownclown15

August 29th, 2014
Trade with Kibumie: my firefly19, sonata01 for mugen16, five01

August 28th, 2014
Ticket Conversion: p-ambition x6, p-charm x4, p-knowledge x5, p-laughter x5, p-strength x7
Level Up: allsunday16, garden20, p-charm, p-laughter
Trade with Cami: my copycat10, phantom01 for reigan06, reigan07
Card Detective: sonata01, braineater13, p-strength
Guess the Tradepost: firefly19, kakarot16, p-knowledge,p-laughter
Mystery Seiyuu: pantera02, kakarot19
Shadow Play: dokuningen19, pride09, shugoshin08, p-ambition
Jump Analogy: dekorin05, darling19, p-strength, p-strength
Where Am I?: copycat15, sanzu16, dynamite14, p-ambition
Episode Challenge: kapuchuu08, hibiscus03, psychogun20
Update freebies: event-1stmastery, giant04, illusionary11

August 26th, 2014
Trade with Kula: my gunblaze02, gunblaze17 for reigan13, theworld07 + membercards

August 25th, 2014
Trade with Jun: my pharaoh15 for reigan17
Trade with Jane: my bronco04 for crownclown03

August 24th, 2014
Trade with Chiisai: my gangster01 for theworld15 + membercards
Trade with Bloo: my reigan07, sanzu07 for theworld11, theworld13 + membercards

August 23rd, 2014
Trade with Becca: my faint11 for platinum02 + membercards
Trade with Fable: my mangaka15 for dabu08 br> Trade with Whimsy: my shugoshin05 for theworld06 + membercards

August 22nd, 2014
Trade with Lethe: my shirafune05 for dabu18
Trade with Renako: my darkboots11 for platinum16 + membercards
Trade with Elysa: my allsunday02, allsunday11, mirai04 for braineater07, braineater17, braineater19

August 21st, 2014
Koma Slots: gangster01, shirafune05, pharaoh15
Guess the Mangaka: reigan10, polkabrows14, hibiscus01
Mystery Scene: zangetsu02, copycat10, t-shamanking
Rotation Bonus: t-nisekoi, t-claymore, t-kimagure, t-claymore, t-toriko, t-haikyuu
Movie Reel: darkboots05, shirafune02, t-deathnote
Who Said It: darkboots11, faintsmile11
Update freebies: event-1stlevelup, event-100decks, event-grandopening, v-1choicecard, bronco04, krik02, polkabrows16, clutchtime01

August 20th, 2014
Trade with Samichan: my dekorin08 for dabu09 + membercards

August 15th, 2014
Character Scrambler: quincy15, succubus10, t-kurobasu
Treasure Hunt: scarleteyes14, shugoshin05, mangaka15
Name That Tune: chibisuke04, goban15, t-bakuman
Fill In The Blank: tensai16, branded09, lightspeed12
Deck Shuffler: phantom20, sanzu07, dekorin18
Costume Check: phantom01, mirai04, t-yuyuhakusho
Jump Trivia: garden01, braineater08

August 11th, 2014
Trade with Mousey: my darling15, guardian18, kakarot08, ncha05 for platinum01, platinum06, platinum15, platinum20 + membercards

August 10th, 2014
Trade with Delphine: my decoy20 for five20 + membercards
Trade with Jessica: my kapuchuu15 for platinum13 + membercards

August 8th, 2014
Trade with Ayay: my andromeda04, andromeda20 for five05, theworld09 + membercards
Trade with Fable: my writer05, writer08 for reigan09, xiii07 + membercards
Trade with Mina: my wataame06 for platinum05 + membercards
Trade with Cherri: my pantera07 for reigan04 + membercards
Trade with Lethe: my sessha07, shunshin02 for dabu16, gunblaze17, + membercards
Trade with Elysa: my kokuyo09 for five18 + membercards
Trade with Cami: my copycat01 for writer05
Trade with Roax: my kokuyo14 for theworld01 + membercards
Trade with Jane: my reigan15 for platinum04 + membercards

August 7th, 2014
Trade with Kibumie: my luckyitem04 for five14 + membercards
Trade with Saku: my retribution05, retribution07 for reigan12, reigan16 + membercards
Trade with Nea: my acrobatic09, bungeegum14, bishokuya06, bishokuya07 for theworld12, theworld16, reigan07, reigan14 + membercards
Trade with Cami: my speartackle03 for crownclown08 + membercards
Deck Builder prizes: decoy20, shigure19, mugen19, t-kimagure
Name That Tune! (Maniac): pantera07, sessha07, allsunday11, platinum12, t-sketdance, t-exorcist
Mystery Scene (Maniac): kimagure13, bishokuya06, retribution05, theworld17, t-saintseiya, t-deathnote
Rotation Freebies: copycat01, bishokuya07, speartackle03, t-drslump, t-jojo
Movie Reel: bossun18, allsunday02, t-drslump
Who Am I?: luckyitem04, andromeda04, guardian18
Warped Card: kokuyo14, shunshin02
Who Said It?: kakarot08, retribution07
Mystery Scene: writer08, wataame06, t-hunter
Guess The Mangaka: gunblaze02, five11, bungeegum14
Koma Slots: theworld18, ncha05, platinum17
Update Freebies: acrobatic09, andromeda20, five17, kokuyo09, event-july2014, event-august2014, event-25members

August 6th, 2014
Starter Pack: crownclown07, crownclown09, dabu03, dosbancho03, reigan15, darling15, dekorin08, kapuchuu15, t-hokutonoken, t-yugioh, t3-kurobasu-hanamiyamakoto

cosmos tcg

Aug. 21st, 2015 03:13 am
tsunashis: star driver | tsunashi takuto (Default)
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please refer Mirai if you join!

player info

player name: Mirai
join date: August 20th, 2015
card count: 609
next level at: 701


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currency & coupons

x25 x16 x21 x21 x14

x1 x2 x1 x1 x1

x1 x1


holding for Mini-Mastery


activity log
trade log
November 2nd, 2015
Rainbow Wheel (Indigo): cherryblossoms10, sydneyaustralia03, meadows05
Scrambled: volcanoes15, polarbears03, blue
Tic-Tac-Tiger: rivers04, hippos07, fluorite10, mountains09, purple
Scrambled: pandas14, snowleopards05, purple
Big Dipper Puzzle: koalabears08, cliffs15, volcanoes12
How Many Flamingos: dalmatians12, beaches15, peridot04
Season Slots: prejoin09, diamonds10, lynxes09, purple
Little Dipper Puzzle: cheetahs03, clouds08, purple
Flower Pick (Violets): hydrangeas01, bottlenosedolphins02, pink
Lucky 21: yorkshireterriers14, siberiancats06, pink
Mother Nature's Freebies: whitetiger02, pandas10, aquamarine08, moon08
Wish freebies: hydrangeas04, beaches12, lions01, cherryblossoms13, bamboo04, rainbows05, aurorae10, prejoin02, pomeranians11 / 3 orange, 3 purple / starfish06, rain09, cliffs05, tulips13
Update freebies: purple, pink, blue, teal, orange
New decks: siberiancats04, siberiancats14, mountains12, halloween07, halloween15, sunflowers06, gold09, diamonds01

October 26th, 2015
Mastered caves: pomeranians03, pomeranians12, malachite08, copper12, jade15
Mastered stars: caves03, caves14, peonies12, chihuahuas06, lightning06
Level Up: stars02, liriver05, prejoin205
War: rubies13, prejoin209, blue
Monkey Memory: stars10, tanzanite07, moon05, purple
Animal Tracks: prejoin14, pearls05, philippines01, blue
Wish: aloevera13, sloths05, huskies06
How Many Flamingos: aquamarine06, japan12, galaxies15
Season Slots: pembrokewelshcorgi03, bluewhales11, prejoin15, pink
Little Dipper Puzzle: amethyst05, seashells05, purple
Flower Pick (Violets): peonies05, emerald13, blue
Lucky 21: morningglory07, fluorite12, orange
Mother Nature's Freebies: deadsea02, bottlenosedolphins12, sloths06, hibiscus05
Wish freebies: caves05, caves07 / dahlias07, forgetmenots09
Update freebies: shimaenaga02, shimaenaga10, meadows01, meadows14, seashells09, seashells11, pumpkins04, pumpkins06

October 19th, 2015
Rainbow Wheel (Yellow): hydrangeas08, lynxes13, summer14
Scrambled: malachite10, tanzanite11, teal
Tic-Tac-Tiger: philippines13, pembrokewelshcorgi05, winter02, volcanoes03, pink
Scrambled: cherryblossoms04, fuchsias04, blue
Big Dipper Puzzle: fog11, rainbows04, rosequartz03
How Many Flamingos: sharks02, opal11, bleedinghearts06
Season Slots: rivers12, jade12, sharks12, orange
Little Dipper Puzzle: waterfalls13, tulips08, teal
Flower Pick (Pansy): whitetiger09, rainbows13, waterfalls05, philippines15, deadsea13, greyhounds13, nebulae04, orange
Lucky 21: amethyst01, moon10, orange
Mother Nature's Freebies: moon13, fluorite12, cheetahs09, redroses14
Rodeo Round Up: sondoongcave01, doves15
Wish freebies: stars03, aurorae12, pomeranians07, starfish15, lions06, caves11 / rain10
Update freebies: liriver04, liriver11, fluorite08, fluorite04, fuchsias11, fuchsias15, jupiter02, jupiter11

October 9th, 2015
Mastered galaxies: stars07, stars08, rainbows03, caves08, pandas11
Mastered moon: galaxies05, galaxies08, rainbows11, pandas04, galaxies10
Four in One: doves12, tulips15, blue
Trivia (5): 2 choice cards (moon08, galaxies07), clouds10, tulips11, swans14, morningglory04, chimpanzees02, rainbows14, teal
Trivia (4): caves13, pearls08, lavender05, amethyst05, pandas12, orange
Trivia (3): polarbears06, hydrangeas07, doves10, orange
Trivia (2): bamboo02, morningglory05, blue
Trivia (1): rivers06, tulips08, teal
Constellations: greentreepython15, tulips09, blue
How Many Flamingos: hydrangeas02, cheetahs13, pomeranians14
Season Slots: tulips04, tanzanite01, fog06, blue
Little Dipper Puzzle: lavender09, morningglory09, teal
Flower Pick (Pansy): redroses10, lotus02, tanzanite15, elephants02, sloths10, appaloosahorse06, redpandas01, purple
Lucky 21: poppies07, ametrine06, blue
Mother Nature's Freebies: prejoin13, moon12, clouds10, yorkshireterriers13
Wish freebies: beaches04, galaxies14, lions03, aurorae01, bleedinghearts07, cherryblossoms12, pomeranians15, clouds02, rain13, blackcats04, pembrokewelshcorgi06, pink x5
Update freebies: babyanimals07, babyanimals15, sunrise01, sunrise12, morningglory11, stargazerlilies07, cheetahs04, greentreepython07, fruitbats15, siamesecats02, jade08, malachite05, opal02, singapore15, sondoongcave03, stonehenge04
Spooky freebies: sandstorms15, aurorae07, stars12, galaxies11, pomeranians01, moon05, lions15, ducks12

September 29th, 2015
Monkey Memory: aurorae15, starfish01, pomeranians06, purple
Wish: dachshunds07, forgetmenots12, deadsea15
Found Jess: waterfalls02, peonies05, amazonrainforest15, purple
Rainbow Wheel (Red): dachshunds14, pandas10, pink
Scrambled: sloths05, starfish11, bluebells04, teal
Tic-Tac-Tiger: bluewhales12, lotus03, bamboo08, beaches06, orange
Big Dipper Puzzle: deadsea01, cliffs06, lotus03
How Many Flamingos: poppies14, chihuahuas05, rain11
Season Slots: whitetiger01, beaches07, emerald11, blue
Little Dipper Puzzle: beaches08, appaloosahorse05, orange
Flower Pick (Crocus): pandas13, purple
Lucky 21: summer07, hydrangeas10, pink
Mother Nature's Freebies: fog08, hydrangeas11, ametrine01, dalmatians05
Wish freebies: bluebells12, cherryblossoms08 / waterfalls06, dachshunds04, garnet01, starfish13, sandstorms06 / appaloosahorse09, chihuahuas07, chimpanzees15, garnet02, salardeuyuni11, amazonrainforest02, aloevera10, summer05
Update freebies: garnet09, salardeuyuni03, salardeuyuni09, amazonrainforest09, amazonrainforest12, aloevera01, aloevera04, summer13

September 23rd, 2015
Level Up: moon13, polarbears02, poppies08
Pile of Leaves: redpandas06, tulips05
Wishes (Ash): starfish14, beaches03, rosequartz09, cherryblossoms01, rain08, prejoin04
Wishes (Effy): stars09, cliffs15
Wishes (Jams): sapphires14, lightning05, bleedinghearts12
Wishes (Hotaru): pomeranians06, caves04, lions02, clouds11, aurorae06
Wishes (Mirai): galaxies02, moon01

September 17th, 2015
Monkey Memory: emerald03, japan05, starfish05, blue
Animal Tracks: cherryblossoms11, dachshunds13, stars11, purple
Wish: dahlias11, dalmatians05, blackcats08
Found Jess: cliffs04, copper11, sydneyaustralia09, purple
How Many Flamingos: lions14, japan06, caves10
How Many Flamingos: pearls02, dachshunds04, hibiscus06
Season Slots: rosequartz03, jellyfish12, clouds04, pink
Season Slots: whitetiger12, jellyfish04, redpandas03, blue
Little Dipper Puzzle: ametrine15, moon09, pink
Little Dipper Puzzle: starfish08, huskies10, teal
Flower Pick (Pansy): galaxies03, redpandas07, starfish02, bluebells04, lotus06, bamboo12, redpandas03, pink
Flower Pick (Lavender): dahlias02, dahlias09, clouds10, icicles13, poppies09, purple
Lucky 21: huskies08, moon06, orange
Lucky 21: rainbows01, lions05, pink
Mother Nature's Freebies: sloths14, elephants15, lavender14, copper13
Mother Nature's Freebies: lions11, lions12, sharks01, orcas10
Wish freebies: moon11, galaxies10, moon04, caves01, stars04, aurorae09, pomeranians10, galaxies09
Update freebies: copper01, lavender07, lavender15, fog03, fog12, prejoin203, prejoin213, poppies10
Rodeo Round Up: japan08, ducks01

September 14th, 2015
Pile of Leaves: caves02, cliffs13
Grand Opening Freebies: stars01, redroses01, pomeranians08, choiceearthland

September 9th, 2015
Swap Swamp: elephants10, moon07 -> stars15, moon07
Rainbow Wheel (Orange): cherryblossoms10, sandstorms05
Watery Card: pearls15, prejoin03, nebulae07, purple
Tic-Tac-Tiger: blackcats14, blackcats15, elephants14, starfish07, blue
Scrambled: clouds15, caves13, beaches08, pink
Big Dipper Puzzle: galaxies04, nebulae14, prejoin14
How Many Flamingos: bluewhales05, koalabears11, waterfalls05
Season Slots: galaxies06, volcanoes01, ametrine07, orange
Little Dipper Puzzle: prejoin10, pomeranians09, pink
Flower Pick (Pansy): pearls02, lotus03, forgetmenots13, swans14, pandas12, rivers03, cherryblossoms07, orange
Lucky 21: hibiscus02, bluewhales14, teal
Mother Nature's Freebies: tulips02, cliffs06, peonies05, bleedinghearts03
Update freebies: choiceany, choiceanimals, choiceearthland, choicemember, choiceminerals, choiceplants, choiceskyweather
Wish freebies: moon06, galaxies03, cliffs12, caves15, lightning02, moon03, rainbows07, galaxies15, redpandas07, bluebells02, rivers06, emerald13, stars13
Donation bonuses: emperorpenguins11, pomeranians04, hydrangeas09, galaxies01
New decks: emperorpenguins01, emperorpenguins09, pomeranians02, pomeranians13, forgetmenots04, forgetmenots07, hydrangeas05, hydrangeas12, galaxies12, galaxies13, lotus05, tulips01

September 8th, 2015
Deck Donations: stars14, redpandas07, japan06, hibiscus06, elephants07, aurorae08, lightning06, caves12, rainbows11, philippines11, caves10, lions14, hibiscus13, nebulae11, koalabears01, pink, blue, pink, teal, teal

September 1st, 2015
War: bleedinghearts02, hibiscus12, blue
Monkey Memory: pandas07, doves15, aurorae13, blue
Animal Tracks: dachshunds09, bluewhales01, azaleas05, blue
Wish: cherryblossoms04, bamboo12, nebulae03
Found Jess: waterfalls09, prejoin03, lightning14, blue
How Many Flamingos: tanzanite05, aurorae03, beaches09
Season Slots: hibiscus07, starfish07, clouds07, pink
Little Dipper Puzzle: bluewhales12, hibiscus14, blue
Flower Pick (Violets): dachshunds03, amethyst06, blue
Lucky 21: ametrine13, rain12, blue
Mother Nature's Freebies: deadsea11, rivers08, rainbows06, bluebells15
Update freebies: cliffs02, cliffs10, cliffs14, starfish01, starfish05, blackcats05, blackcats09, bluebells03, rivers09, prejoin10, prejoin12

August 26th, 2015
Rodeo Round Up: rain07, lightning12
Member Survey: hibiscus14, waterfalls03, swans03, waterfalls10, flamingos10, lions14, rain14
Rainbow Wheel (Orange): rosequartz14, caves06
Watery Card: redroses14, waves10, pembrokewelshcorgi11, teal
Tic-Tac-Tiger: sandstorms10, hibiscus12, swans10, ducks14, teal
Lottery: sandstorms12, waves02
How Many Flamingos: moon12, lions12, philippines09
Season Slots: sloths03, waves13, elephants06, orange
Flower Pick (Pansy): rain06, cherryblossoms11, pearls06, rain02, beaches13, ducks11, aurorae05, teal
Lucky 21: sharks10, clouds09, blue
Mother Nature's Freebies: waves10, sharks09, cherryblossoms05, stars06
Mother Nature's Freebies: peonies13, volcanoes03, winter10, beaches08
Mother Nature's Freebies: philippines04, sharks05, koalabears04, deadsea12
Update freebies: stars05, stars14, deadsea04, deadsea11, aurorae03, aurorae15, japan06, japan14, redroses07, pembrokewelshcorgi12

August 21st, 2015
Welcome freebies: lightning10, caves06, nebulae12, caves08, moon02
How Many Flamingos: flamingos04, volcanoes04, amethyst09
Season Slots: icicles08, hibiscus06, pearls01, purple
Flower Pick (Lavender): koalabears10, rosequartz04, volcanoes03, peonies07, elephants10, purple
Lucky 21: pearls09, beaches05, blue
Mother Nature's Freebies: hibiscus06, rainbows10, rosequartz01, lions09

August 20th, 2015
Starter Pack: moon10, moon15, doves14, hibiscus11, lions13, caves09, rosequartz14

October 26th, 2015
(06) Trade with Rheanna: my ametrine06, ametrine07 for azaleas02, garnet14

October 19th, 2015
(05) Trade with Ash: my beaches08, hibiscus06, hibiscus07, hibiscus11, hibiscus12, hibiscus13, hibiscus14, moon06, prejoin03 for amazonrainforest11, azaleas02, azaleas11, azaleas14, azaleas15, bamboo03, bamboo10, bamboo13, bleedinghearts01

September 23rd, 2015
(04) Trade with Hotaru: my huskies08, huskies10 for bleedinghearts05, dahlias05

September 14th, 2015
(03) Trade with Hotaru: my redpandas07 for azaleas10
(02) Trade with Jams: my ametrine13, dachshunds09, pearls09 for bamboo11, bamboo15, lions08

September 8th, 2015
(01) Trade with Mysti: my doves14 for moon14

ponyo tcg

Aug. 11th, 2015 12:13 am
tsunashis: star driver | tsunashi takuto (Default)
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please refer Mirai if you join!

player info

player name: Mirai
join date: August 10th, 2015
card count: 1180
next level at: 1201


view my mastered decks here!





x14 x6




at Kaonashi's Group Collect


November 16th, 2015
Trade Reward (with booster): graveoffireflies18, gardentomb09, chihiro02, baron03, 20 ¢
Distorted Card: annamarnie16, toxicworld14, 4 ¢
Name the Movie: starlight05, meisatsuki10, lin13, 5 ¢
Black Jack: howlsmovingcastle19, koriko07, 3 ¢
Melting Pot: traded fiopiccolo11 for calcifer07
Melting Pot: traded anna07 for busstop10
Pick a Partner: spiritualshortcut02, annamarnie07
Wishing Well: movingaway19, fireflies18, 10 ¢
Card Puzzle: calcifer02, sneakingout05, 9 ¢
Memory: firstdelivery20, jiji09, movingcastle03, 3 ¢
Wheel of Movies: 1 choice, 1 special, 7 ¢
Slot Machine: madamegina04, shizukutsukishima01, meikusakabe03, 7 ¢
Freebies: busstop19, movingcastle13, kaonashi03, castleinthesky16, 14 ¢
Vote: baronharu08, ponyososuke04, stolenidentity20, 10 ¢
Card Claim (November 16): fearandanger05, toxicworld19
Secret Number: markl06, tombo17
Card Chain: ponyo05, pazu13
Scavenger Hunt: meisatsuki18, mf-favanimal05, graveoffireflies15, bathhouse15
Group Collect: fromuponpoppyhill15 -> totorocover11, annamarnie15, 10 ¢
Wish freebies: pink ribbon / calcifer11, howlsmovingcastle14, satsukikusakabe08, haku17, lin16, fearandanger09, totoro15 / howlsmovingcastle01, fireflies05, san16, totoro20
Update freebies: koriko10, koriko17, asbel05, asbel08 / satsukikusakabe19
Trade with Effy: my busstop05, truelove09, baron01, baron13, castleinthesky02, castleinthesky04, fiopiccolo11, fujimoto02, fujimoto07, fujimoto11, fujimoto13, marnie10, marnie13, mononokehime09, mononokehime18, mononokehime19, seitasetsuko06, seitasetsuko10, totorocover10, totorocover11, totorocover13, totorocover19 for busstop08, busstop09, calcifer01, calcifer03, calcifer09, calcifer18, dola08, dola14, dola17, fearandanger10, fearandanger18, fireflies17, haku18, howlsmovingcastle04, lin03, lin18, lin19, meisatsuki09, princejustin13, princejustin19, satsukikusakabe13, totoro19

November 10th, 2015
Trade Reward (without booster): annamarnie10, annamarnie13, 10 ¢
Trade Reward (without booster): busstop04, fromuponpoppyhill15, 10 ¢
Achievement - Birthday: movingcastle16, calcifer04, 10 ¢
Achievement - Character: madamegina02, granmamare03, 10 ¢
Achievement - Little Trader: sophiehatter16, haku11, 10 ¢
Memberdeck #17: 1 choice, gardentomb20, pazusheeta05, yubaba20, 30 ¢
Memberdeck #06: 1 choice, starlight09, shizukutsukishima05, whenmarniewasthere06, 30 ¢
Trade with Mysti: my mf-favcharacter17, haku01, markl02, markl03, markl08, ponyo19 for lin08, meikusakabe15, movingcastle16, robot20, satsukikusakabe17, stolenidentity03
Trade with Lucy: my seasidevillage03, seasidevillage06, seasidevillage07, seasidevillage12, seasidevillage19, ponyo04, ponyo08, ponyo14, spiritedaway02 for haku13, lin11, meikusakabe19, meisatsuki05, robot01, robot12, robot15, satsukikusakabe01, stolenidentity11
Trade with Mary: my bathhouse09, bathhouse14, chihiro13, chihiro19, chihirohaku10, chihirohaku19 for dola13, dola20, fearandanger16, robot19, san03, san12
Trade with Fleur: my annamarnie02, annamarnie14, mononokehime02, mononokehime12, princelune05, princelune12 for dola07, dola11, dola19, fearandanger01, howlsmovingcastle19, satsukikusakabe15
Trade with Ajisaitea: my meisatsuki19, calcifer08, chihirohaku06, chihirohaku15, movingaway07, movingaway20, seita14, seita18 for fireflies04, movingcastle04, movingcastle15, princejustin17, san02, san04, san09, satsukikusakabe02
Trade with Chiisai: my ashitakasan13, haku04, kiki10 for meisatsuki03, meisatsuki10, movingcastle17
Trade with Megumi: my jiji03, baron10, baron14, spiritedaway05, spiritedaway12, together11, together15, together20 for fearandanger02, haku02, movingcastle10, san10, satsukikusakabe12, satsukikusakabe15, satsukikusakabe20, stolenidentity12 + membercards
Trade with Crissy: my spiritedaway13, chihiro07, chihiro13, seitasetsuko01 for fearandanger11, fearandanger17, howlsmovingcastle03, san19
Trade with Osanity: my bathhouse05, chihirohaku17, princejustin04, princejustin12 for dola10, fireflies03, meikusakabe11, satsukikusakabe14

November 8th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: 1 Choice Card Coupon

November 7th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: toxicworld10
Kaonashi's Group Collect: fromuponpoppyhill14 -> ashitaka07, chihiro13, 10 ¢
Scavenger Hunt: howlsmovingcastle09, meikusakabe08, spiritualshortcut12, mf-favcharacter17
Card Chain: pazu15, princelune12
Trade with Natsu: my shizukutsukishima04 for lin05 + membercards

November 6th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: firstdelivery01, jiji04, stolenidentity04

November 3rd, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: anna07

November 2nd, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: howlsmovingcastle02, howlsmovingcastle16, chihirohaku19

November 1st, 2015
Mastered nekobasu: totoro05, totoro17, mononokehime02, pazu05, satsukikusakabe10, 20 ¢
Mastered howlpendragon: nekobasu19, totoro14, lin10, whenmarniewasthere19, spiritedaway09, 20 ¢
Mastered seita: nekobasu04, nekobasu05, movingaway19, setsuko20, setsuko16, 20 ¢
Mastered graveoffireflies: nekobasu03, nekobasu06, bathhouse07, chihirohaku10, kiki16, 20 ¢
Mastered chihirolin: nekobasu01, nekobasu16, lin12, graveoffireflies01, spiritedaway05, 20 ¢
Mastered starlight: howlpendragon14, nekobasu09, chihirohaku15, satsukikusakabe16, mf-favanimal13, 20 ¢
Mastered seitasetsuko: howlpendragon06, howlpendragon07, movingaway19, markl08, howlsmovingcastle08, 20 ¢
Level Up: chihirolin14, howlpendragon02, chihiro07, meikusakabe17, graveoffireflies08, ponyo17, 20 ¢
November freebies: graveoffireflies11, stolenidentity15, totoro16, ponyo14 / chihirolin09, howlpendragon16, graveoffireflies12, seita11, meikusakabe18, nekobasu17, fireflies12, totoro12
Wish freebies: seita15, seita16 / howlpendragon19, nekobasu13, seita05, princejustin03, meikusakabe07, chihirolin19
Halloween freebies: chihirolin16, starlight02, starlight11, graveoffireflies14, seitasetsuko03, howlpendragon09, seitasetsuko11, howlpendragon03, chihirolin04
Update freebies: secretworldofarrietty16, princelune05, thecatreturns13, shizukutsukishima05
Mirror Card: pazu05, bathhouse09, movingcastle06, meikusakabe12, 11 ¢
Find Totoro (November): 1 choice, pazusheeta08, kiki15, kaonashi11, totoro13, marnie09, 18 ¢
Catch Me: pazusheeta08, secretworldofarrietty11, spiritualshortcut04, 7 ¢
Rock, Paper & Scissors: shizukutsukishima04, seitasetsuko01
Hidden Word: ashitakasan13, sheeta18, 5 ¢
Quote: dola04, dola02, 3 ¢
Tic Tac Toe: ashitaka05, busstop17, 10 ¢
Puzzle: nekobasu15, whenmarniewasthere05, starlight03, 10 ¢
Tombola (Medium): calcifer08, lin13, marcopaggot07, 8 ¢
Pumpkin Choice: movingcastle19, ashitaka01, setsuko06
Wheel of Movies: castleinthesky04, seita14, busstop05
Slot Machine: haku08, princejustin11, fearandanger07, 7 ¢
Secret Places: mf-favcharacter03, laputa20, baron01, 3 ¢
Freebies: nekobasu07, meisatsuki18, thecatreturns14, totoro11, 16 ¢
Vote: kiki07, whenmarniewasthere02, nekobasu02, 3 ¢
War: spiritedaway09, dola03, pazusheeta10, 7 ¢
Card Claim (November 1): lin02, meisatsuki12
Secret Number: sheeta13, castleinthesky02
Card Chain: spiritualshortcut11, graveoffireflies03
Scavenger Hunt: fujimoto06, spiritedaway02, meikusakabe14, mf-favanimal13, howlsmovingcastle17
Group Collect: anna08 -> fromuponpoppyhill15, fearandanger08, ashitaka09, 10 ¢
Price is Right (October): 1 choice, chihirokaonashi18, fiopiccolo11, calcifer08, totorocover01, laputa17, 50 ¢
Wish (Mirai): seita03, granmamare13, sheeta09, thecatreturns09, ponyo04
Trade with Hotaru: my milkandhoney08, sneakingout05, sneakingout14 for busstop05, busstop07, busstop18

October 30th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: jiji07, spiritualshortcut13, pazusheeta12

October 29th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: together11

October 28th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: spiritualshortcut20

October 27th, 2015
Distorted Card: baron14, howlsmovingcastle10, 7 ¢
Name the Movie: firstdelivery10, fireflies13, anna08, 3 ¢
Black Jack: seasidevillage12, sneakingout14, 8 ¢
Melting Pot: traded movingaway19 for seita17
Melting Pot: traded spiritualshortcut16 for graveoffireflies02
Pick a Partner: leavinghome17, marnie14
Wishing Well: satsukikusakabe03, seasidevillage07, 10 ¢
Card Puzzle: markl03, pazusheeta16, 4 ¢
Memory: setsuko02, spiritualshortcut12, mf-favcharacter05, 7 ¢
Wheel of Movies: haku07, yubaba19
Slot Machine: haruyoshioka20, tombo01, starlight18, 10 ¢
Freebies: movingcastle18, robot04, setsuko04, mf-favanimal20, 11 ¢
Vote: chihirohaku17, ashitaka05, seasidevillage06, 5 ¢
War: anna20, laputa19, ponyo19, 5 ¢
Card Claim (October 27): san15, seita13
Secret Number: milkandhoney08, kiki05
Memberdeck #14: 1 choice, graveoffireflies13, seasidevillage19, toxicworld13, 30 ¢
Memberdeck #13: 1 choice, fujimoto07, movingaway07, mf-favcharacter17, 30 ¢
Memberdeck #05: 1 choice, fromuponpoppyhill14, kiki06, fireflies19, 30 ¢
Memberdeck #01: 1 choice, dola05, yubaba04, sneakingout05, 30 ¢
Members Favourite Places: fearandanger06, baron13, 10 ¢
Group Collect: anna07 -> mf-favanimal05, setsuko09, 10 ¢
Pumpkin Choice: calcifer16, fromuponpoppyhill17, robot03
Wish freebies: starlight13, fireflies09, seita09 / fireflies01, graveoffireflies05, starlight16, chihirolin20
Update freebies: chihirokaonashi08, chihirokaonashi17, yakul05, yakul06

October 24th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: kiki10, yuki04, bathhouse06

October 23rd, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: markl04, mf-favcharacter10, together15

October 22nd, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: starlight06, together13, ashitaka06

October 21st, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: kaonashi19

October 20th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: ashitaka07, ashitaka04, fearandanger20

October 19th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: san18

October 18th, 2015
Mastered markl: seitasetsuko07, seitasetsuko20, madamegina13, markl09, fiopiccolo11, 20 ¢
Mastered setsuko: markl03, markl20, lin13, granmamare14, markl03, 20 ¢
Coupon Shop (Choice): markl11
Catch Me: mononokehime19, tombo02, madamegina15, 9 ¢
Rock, Paper & Scissors: meisatsuki19, granmamare04
Hidden Word: baron13, robot18, 7 ¢
Quote: yuki19, markl08, 3 ¢
Tic Tac Toe: seasidevillage04, sheeta12, 3 ¢
Roll the Dice: stolenidentity01, leavinghome18, 4 ¢
Puzzle: mf-favcharacter17, dola15, marcopaggot13, 6 ¢
Tombola (Small): movingaway19, 3 ¢
Slot Machine: kaonashi01, nekobasu12, chihirolin07, 6 ¢
Freebies: seitasetsuko14, meisatsuki02, fromuponpoppyhill13, totorocover12, 19 ¢
Vote: baron10, princejustin12, granmamare12, 7 ¢
Card Claim (October 18): graveoffireflies20, seita04
Secret Number: gardentomb12, ponyo10
Pumpkin Choice: tombo15, nausicaa08, howlsophie18
Wish freebies: setsuko04, markl15 / markl16, seita01, howlpendragon18 / seitasetsuko13, graveoffireflies19, starlight03, chihirolin08, markl02, howlpendragon05
Update freebies: gardentomb09, kaonashi11, pazu05, mf-favanimal20 / markl18, seitasetsuko16, starlight04, seita02, graveoffireflies10, howlpendragon17, chihirolin05 / event08, event09, event10
Trade with Ivy: my jiji05, jiji15, jiji17, kiki06, leavinghome15 for chihirolin13, howlpendragon04, seita06, seitasetsuko01, starlight14

October 17th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: 1 choice coupon

October 16th, 2015
Card Chain: kiki17, seasidevillage03
Scavenger Hunt: satsukikusakabe05, annamarnie02, leavinghome07, fiopiccolo04
Pumpkin Choice: jiji03, setsuko01, ashitaka05
Trade with Kriss: my chihiro05 for chihirolin03

October 15th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: princejustin08, 9¢

October 14th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: 19¢

October 13th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: seitasetsuko10, kiki06, meisatsuki19, 3¢

October 12th, 2015
Pumpkin Choice: 23 ¢
Group Collect: anna09 -> princejustin04, nekobasu14, 10 ¢

October 11th, 2015
Mastered sheeta: setsuko01, setsuko20, ponyo08, yubaba04, pazusheeta20, 20 ¢
Level Up: sheeta10, setsuko10, anna07, movingaway17, fujimoto11, spiritualshortcut16, 20 ¢
3 Questions: 1 special, howlsmovingcastle18, robot11, ponyososuke20, haku01, 11 ¢
Mirror Card: laputa18, sheeta04, totorocover11, madamegina07, 11 ¢
Find Totoro (October): 1 choice, annamarnie09, seitasetsuko15, haku14, graveoffireflies15, starlight01, 27 ¢
Distorted Card: mononokehime12, howlpendragon11, 7 ¢
Name the Movie: haku01, robot07, nausicaa20, 3 ¢
Black Jack: leavinghome15, bathhouse03, 3 ¢
Melting Pot: traded chihiro01 for setsuko19
Pick a Partner: ponyososuke06, princejustin12
Wishing Well: bathhouse05, markl06, 10 ¢
Card Puzzle: seasidevillage15, firstdelivery09, 5 ¢
Memory: tombo16, robot06, movingcastle12, 6 ¢
Pumpkin Choice: 12 ¢
Wheel of Movies: meisatsuki01, together20, 7 ¢
Slot Machine: fearandanger04, fujimoto02, yuki17, 4 ¢
Freebies: mf-favcharacter17, marcopaggot08, princejustin04, meisatsuki06, 15 ¢
Vote: seitasetsuko10, calcifer12, graveoffireflies13, 7 ¢
Card Claim (October 11): satsukikusakabe07, seita07
Secret Number: seasidevillage06, movingaway19
Price is Right (October - Jackpot): 1 choice, tombo07, toxicworld13, haku04, kiki05, jiji05, 50 ¢
Question of the week: sheeta03
Wish freebies: starlight07, starlight10, markl07, markl19, howlpendragon08 / markl08, sheeta11, graveoffireflies04, setsuko08, seita10, starlight19, seitasetsuko19, howlpendragon15 / sheeta06, setsuko11, starlight15, seitasetsuko05, markl17, chihirolin06 / markl04, graveoffireflies06, setsuko15, sheeta19, seitasetsuko02, starlight18 / chihirolin12, seitasetsuko04, lin07, graveoffireflies07, markl09, setsuko13, howlpendragon12, starlight20
Update freebies: howlsmovingcastle07, howlsmovingcastle09, fromuponpoppyhill02, fromuponpoppyhill20, yubaba10, yubaba16, truelove08, truelove09, layout06, layout07, layout08, layout09, layout10
Mastered castleinthesky: sheeta01, sheeta15, seita12, chihiro19, fiopiccolo11, 20 ¢
Mastered mf-favcharacter: sheeta02, sheeta16, seitasetsuko12, ponyo03, fiopiccolo06, 20 ¢
Mastered bathhouse: sheeta13, sheeta14, setsuko05, marnie11, jiji15, 20 ¢
Trade with Bunny: my laputa08, laputa15, laputa17, robot11, robot15 for bathhouse04, castleinthesky12, castleinthesky14, mf-favcharacter02, sheeta04

October 9th, 2015
Mastered totorocover: mf-favcharacter15, mf-favcharacter19, graveoffireflies17, setsuko18, mononokehime18, 20 ¢
Mastered movingaway: mf-favcharacter11, mf-favcharacter12, setsuko14, marnie14, meikusakabe20, 20 ¢
Mastered ashitakasan: mf-favcharacter03, mf-favcharacter07, anna09, meikusakabe10, chihirohaku06, 20 ¢
Trade Reward (without booster): totorocover19, chihirolin01, 10 ¢
Trade with Sabrael: my jiji05, kiki07, kiki18 for ashitakasan18, bathhouse10, bathhouse14 + membercards
Trade with Lucy: my spiritedaway08, spiritedaway18, spiritedaway20 for castleinthesky06, castleinthesky16, movingaway06 + membercards
Trade with Vermillion: my calcifer18, chihirolin14 for totorocover03, totorocover09 + membercards
October freebies: san14, markl13, stolenidentity10, nekobasu20, totorocover12, mf-favcharacter05, sheeta17, totoro06, nekobasu10, stolenidentity18, markl02

October 5th, 2015
Mastered mononokehime: ashitakasan05, ashitakasan06, bathhouse14, ponyo07, ponyo01, 20 ¢
Mastered spiritualshortcut: ashitakasan03, ashitakasan04, satsukikusakabe05, spiritedaway12, spiritedaway05, 20 ¢
Card Chain: graveoffireflies01, fujimoto13
Scavenger Hunt: toxicworld16, sheeta12, movingaway20, chihiro01
Trade with Fleur: my together12, chihiro01, chihiro09, jiji04 for mononokehime02, mononokehime11, movingaway17, spiritualshortcut14 + membercards
Trade with Ajisaitea: my jiji08, chihirohaku19, sophiehatter06 for spiritualshortcut06, spiritualshortcut16, spiritualshortcut18 + membercards
Trade with Effy: my chihiro06, lin07, totoro19, ponyososuke05, spiritedaway02, spiritedaway03, spiritedaway10 for ashitakasan07, castleinthesky19, mononokehime03, movingaway15, spiritualshortcut05, spiritualshortcut13, totorocover19 + membercards
Trade with Mary: my seita08, ponyo03, together15 for mononokehime14, mononokehime17, spiritualshortcut12 + membercards

October 4th, 2015
Mastered pazusheeta: movingaway10, movingaway13, totoro02, chihiro05, ashitaka14, 20 ¢
Mastered firstdelivery: totorocover05, totorocover16, spiritualshortcut17, stolenidentity16, mf-favcharacter14, 20 ¢
Trade Reward (without booster): castleinthesky02, totorocover10, 10 ¢
Trade with Chiisai: my kiki03, kiki05 for pazusheeta11, totorocover18
Trade with Shuu: my bathhouse18, jiji07, jiji19 for mononokehime12, totorocover13, totorocover20
Trade with Haleyrenee: my leavinghome07 for mf-favcharacter16
Trade with Ivy: my graveoffireflies08 for movingaway11

October 3rd, 2015
Trade with Hotaru: my howlsophie06, movingcastle03 for castleinthesky11, totorocover04
Trade with Fin: my meisatsuki09 for bathhouse08
Trade with Sorcha: my movingcastle19 for ashitakasan09 + membercards
Trade with Nox: my nekobasu06, nekobasu07, nekobasu16 for ashitakasan19, mononokehime05, mf-favcharacter18
Trade with Megumi: my nausicaa04, chihirohaku02 for firstdelivery04, pazusheeta20
Trade with Mysti: my calcifer17, seasidevillage10, toxicworld02, toxicworld18 for castleinthesky01, castleinthesky17, mf-favcharacter13, pazusheeta05
Trade with Lara: my kiki16, kiki18 for castleinthesky04, pazusheeta19 + membercards
Trade with Kriss: my totorocover07, totorocover10, totorocover14, chihiro02, chihiro03 for ashitakasan12, ashitakasan16, mononokehime04, mononokehime06, spiritualshortcut16 + membercards
Trade Reward (without booster): together12, granmamare10, 10 ¢
Trade with Osanity: my granmamare10, granmamare18, sophiehatter13, starlight05 for pazusheeta14, busstop20, castleinthesky07, castleinthesky13 + membercards
Group Collect: anna12 -> tombo09, satsukikusakabe09, 10 ¢

October 1st, 2015
Kaonashi's Group Collect (bonus): mf-favcharacter17
Card Chain: spiritualshortcut03, castleinthesky08
Scavenger Hunt: anna20, castleinthesky02, bathhouse12, tombo10
Trade with Ivy: my fujimoto13 for pazusheeta13
Trade with Nox: my chihirolin01, chihirolin02 for firstdelivery20, pazusheeta12
Twitter freebies: pazusheeta16, bathhouse01, firstdelivery02, spiritualshortcut10, bathhouse15, movingaway19, firstdelivery16, pazusheeta07, movingaway04

September 27th, 2015
Mastered tombo: firstdelivery03, firstdelivery12, seita19, sheeta07, sophiehatter06, 20 ¢
Coupon Shop (Choice): tombo11
Catch Me: fujimoto13, sheeta09, leavinghome18, 8 ¢
Tic Tac Toe: sheeta18, calcifer18, 7 ¢
Rock, Paper & Scissors: meisatsuki09, movingaway07
Hidden Word: jiji08, kiki18, 6 ¢
Puzzle: mf-favcharacter10, sophiehatter13, nekobasu18, 5 ¢
Quote: ponyososuke05, marnie18, 3 ¢
Tombola (Small): spiritedaway10, 5 ¢
Vote: spiritualshortcut15, nekobasu07, sheeta20, 4 ¢
Slot Machine: setsuko02, dola02, kiki07, 10 ¢
War: sheeta12, princejustin05, seasidevillage10, 5 ¢
Secret Places: movingaway14, anna16, leavinghome06, 7 ¢
Card Claim (September 27): san05, lin20
Freebies: kiki05, graveoffireflies18, movingcastle13, castleinthesky20, 19 ¢
Secret Number: nausicaa04, howlpendragon01
Wish freebies: firstdelivery11, bathhouse03, pazusheeta18, spiritualshortcut02, tombo18, ashitakasan20, bathhouse05, firstdelivery10, totorocover15, mononokehime20, ashitakasan13, pazusheeta08
Update freebies: movingcastle03, movingcastle19, howlsophie06, howlsophie19
Card Chain: chihiro01, toxicworld18
Scavenger Hunt: castleinthesky03, castleinthesky10, meisatsuki06, fearandanger12
Trade with Hotaru: my ponyososuke09, ponyososuke20 for firstdelivery01, castleinthesky09

September 20th, 2015
Level Up: tombo03, tombo06, spiritualshortcut09, chihirohaku02, madamegina09, pazusheeta02, 20 ¢
Mastered chihirohaku: tombo10, tombo20, markl12, annamarnie09, seita08, 20 ¢
Mastered together: chihirohaku06, chihirohaku18, chihiro09, marcopaggot05, mononokehime15, 20 ¢
Mastered ashitaka: together09, together12, graveoffireflies09, kiki16, granmamare18, 20 ¢
Distorted Card: madamegina14, kiki18, 3 ¢
Pick a Partner: spiritedaway05, howlpendragon13, stolenidentity04, 3 ¢
Name the Movie: spiritualshortcut01, lin17, movingaway18, 4 ¢
Secret Places: whenmarniewasthere03, laputa15, stolenidentity09, 4 ¢
Black Jack: spiritedaway20, fearandanger19, 6 ¢
Card Puzzle: meikusakabe05, san08, 5 ¢
Melting Pot: traded firstdelivery06 for ashitakasan08
Memory: lin12, castleinthesky18, robot15, 3 ¢
Wheel of Movies: 1 choice, 1 special, 5 ¢
Vote: seitasetsuko17, mf-favcharacter01, whenmarniewasthere04, 9 ¢
Slot Machine: howlpendragon20, totoro09, nekobasu08, 3 ¢
Wishing Well: kiki07, together20, 10 ¢
Card Claim (September 20): ashitaka18, mononokehime16
Freebies: marnie10, fireflies14, tombo19, firstdelivery17, 13 ¢
Secret Number: spiritedaway02, meikusakabe14
Wish freebies: together08, chihirohaku02, mf-favcharacter09, movingaway05, together16, firstdelivery19, chihirohaku15, bathhouse20, tombo01, totorocover02, ashitaka16, together18, firstdelivery14, totorocover08
Update freebies: laputa08, laputa17, toxicworld02, robot08, robot11, fearandanger13
Achievement - Active Member: madamegina19, leavinghome07, 10 ¢
Trade with Ivy: my ponyososuke12, ponyososuke18 for chihirohaku20, mononokehime01
Trade with Shuu: my calcifer04, ponyo06 for pazusheeta02, pazusheeta17

September 14th, 2015
Trade with Ivy: my annamarnie19, ponyo14 for bathhouse09, spiritualshortcut09
Trade with Bunny: my seasidevillage06, seasidevillage10 for together03, ashitakasan10 + membercards
Scavenger Hunt: ponyo06, marnie14, markl01, granmamare10
Card Chain: lin07, graveoffireflies01

September 13th, 2015
Mastered spiritedaway: ashitaka07, ashitaka14, tombo14, seitasetsuko10, mononokehime18, 20 ¢
Coupon Shop (Choice): spiritedaway05, spiritedaway17
Card Shop (Choice Medium): 3 choice
Catch Me: satsukikusakabe04, whenmarniewasthere10, ashitakasan01, 10 ¢
Rock, Paper & Scissors: seasidevillage10, firstdelivery07
Hidden Word: lin14, firstdelivery06, 5 ¢
Quote: ponyososuke09, seasidevillage06, 3 ¢
Tic Tac Toe: starlight12, calcifer04, 9 ¢
Roll the Dice: mf-favcharacter20, annamarnie08, 5 ¢
Puzzle: ponyososuke20, chihirohaku12, ashitakasan11, 6 ¢
Wheel of Movies: 1 choice, 1 special, 3 ¢
Slot Machine: whenmarniewasthere11, totorocover17, castleinthesky05, 3 ¢
Wishing Well: seita18, chihirohaku13, 10 ¢
Freebies: chihirohaku19, anna12, san01, chihirolin14, 18 ¢
Vote: marcopaggot19, leavinghome04, annamarnie18, 9 ¢
War: ponyososuke18, bathhouse06, movingaway18, 3 ¢
Card Claim (September 13): chihirohaku04, tombo16
Secret Number: ponyososuke12, totorocover10
Card Chain: mononokehime13, graveoffireflies08
Wish freebies: movingaway09, ashitaka20, spiritedaway07, tombo13, spiritualshortcut08, chihirohaku07, together07
Update freebies: lin01, lin15, mf-favcharacter04, mf-favcharacter06, mf-favcharacter08, tombo08, chihirohaku10, ashitaka12, spiritedaway16
Trade with Hotaru: my granmamare12 for bathhouse17
Trade with Shuu: my meikusakabe01, meikusakabe08, ponyo11 for ashitaka01, ashitakasan14, movingaway20 + membercards

September 9th, 2015
Members Favourite: together15, setsuko06, 10 ¢
Card Chain: bathhouse18, jiji19
Trade with Fin: my setsuko05, setsuko20 for ashitaka02, ashitaka11

September 8th, 2015
Card Chain: marcopaggot19, ponyo11
Scavenger Hunt: mononokehime18, chihirolin18, chihiro06, totoro10
Trade Reward (without booster): san13, spiritedaway18, 10 ¢
Trade with RedRarebit: my granmamare05, granmamare13 for tombo04, tombo09 + membercards
Trade with Ivy: my fireflies17, fireflies19, satsukikusakabe07, satsukikusakabe13 for bathhouse07, bathhouse18, chihirohaku01, chihirohaku19

September 6th, 2015
Mastered jiji: spiritedaway04, spiritedaway09, ponyo03, nekobasu16, sophiehatter03, 20 ¢
Coupon Shop (Choice): jiji15
Level Up: jiji03, jiji16, ponyo14, spiritedaway08, marnie05, chihirohaku11, 20 ¢
Mastered leavinghome: jiji02, jiji14, spiritualshortcut04, granmamare12, kiki03, 20 ¢
Coupon Shop (Choice): leavinghome11
Mastered sophiehatter: leavinghome09, leavinghome15, sheeta05, markl10, spiritedaway03, 20 ¢
Coupon Shop (Choice): sophiehatter07
Distorted Card: fireflies08, tombo07, 6 ¢
Name the Movie: princejustin10, satsukikusakabe03, starlight05, 4 ¢
Black Jack: stolenidentity14, firstdelivery06, 8 ¢
Melting Pot: traded satsukikusakabe06 for tombo15
Pick a Partner: pazusheeta04, fireflies15, movingaway12, 2 ¢
Card Puzzle: granmamare13, spiritualshortcut07, 6 ¢
Memory: granmamare05, firstdelivery09, stolenidentity08, 5 ¢
Wheel of Movies: nekobasu11, anna09
Slot Machine: totorocover07, setsuko12, chihirolin02, 6 ¢
Wishing Well: calcifer05, pazusheeta09, 10 ¢
Freebies: setsuko05, granmamare02, setsuko09, firstdelivery08, 20 ¢
Vote: setsuko17, movingaway03, nekobasu06, 8 ¢
Card Claim (September 6): mononokehime08, tombo05
Secret Number: calcifer17, ashitaka09
Update freebies: san11, san20, princejustin01, stolenidentity16, spiritedaway01, chihirohaku17, ashitaka03, together15, sophiehatter11, leavinghome08, sophiehatter18, sophiehatter13
Trade with Mysti: my calcifer19 for sophiehatter17 + membercards
Trade with Ivy: my ashitaka04 for chihirohaku05 + membercards
Trade with Nox: my calcifer19, granmamare04, madamegina15 for ashitaka15, ashitaka17, firstdelivery05

September 2nd, 2015
September freebies: leavinghome05, mononokehime10, spiritualshortcut20, bathhouse11
Achievement - First Master: tombo02, chihirolin11, 10 ¢
Kaonashi's Group Collect #01: kiki17 -> granmamare04, busstop01, 10 ¢
Scavenger Hunt: bathhouse19, chihiro03, meikusakabe01, spiritualshortcut17
Trade with Haleyrenee: my granmamare05, granmamare09, marnie04, marnie10 for jiji01, jiji06, jiji13, leavinghome20
Trade with Nox: my fireflies02, fireflies15, ponyo16 for bathhouse13, firstdelivery15, leavinghome10

August 30th, 2015
Mastered chihiro: sophiehatter08, sophiehatter16, spiritedaway13, leavinghome18, jiji04, 20 ¢
Mastered kiki: chihiro10, chihiro16, meikusakabe02, annamarnie02, pazusheeta06, 20 ¢
Coupon Shop (Choice): kiki06, chihiro09
Card Shop (Choice Medium): 3 choice coupons
Level Up: kiki15, kiki18, movingaway08, ashitaka08, seitasetsuko06, granmamare09, 20 ¢
3 Questions: 1 special choice coupon, satsukikusakabe06, pazusheeta06, madamegina09, leavinghome13, 12 ¢
Mirror Card: leavinghome06, fireflies17, spiritualshortcut11, markl14, 20 ¢
Find Totoro (September): 1 choice coupon, spiritedaway02, mononokehime09, busstop19, calcifer19, marcopaggot12, 26 ¢
Catch Me: annamarnie19, movingaway16, anna10, 8 ¢
Rock, Paper & Scissors: annamarnie14, chihiro01
Hidden Word: sheeta08, jiji05, 7 ¢
Quote: marcopaggot10, together19, 4 ¢
Tic Tac Toe: markl06, fireflies11, 5 ¢
Puzzle: granmamare05, starlight17, chihirohaku16, 8 ¢
Tombola (Medium): madamegina15, chihiro02, calcifer19, 8 ¢
Wheel of Movies: anna14, mononokehime07, 5 ¢
Slot Machine: chihiro18, starlight05, ashitaka04, 10 ¢
Wishing Well: spiritedaway10, meikusakabe08, 10 ¢
Freebies: firstdelivery13, madamegina13, sheeta20, totorocover14, 10 ¢
Vote: ashitakasan02, meisatsuki02, meikusakabe01, 9 ¢
Card Claim (August 30): jiji05, chihiro12
Secret Number: tombo19, satsukikusakabe13
Price is Right (August): chihirolin02, kiki03, 10 ¢
Wish freebies (Mysti): chihiro17, sophiehatter20, spiritedaway20, leavinghome16, kiki10, chihirolin17, together10
Wish freebies (Maron): spiritedaway11, chihirohaku08, together04, haku12, sophiehatter19, ashitaka13
Wish freebies (Sorcha): sophiehatter02, spiritedaway03
Wish freebies (Mirai): chihiro05, sophiehatter05
Wish freebies (Nox): sophiehatter09, chihiro04, leavinghome03, spiritedaway12, together14
Update freebies: howlpendragon01, howlpendragon10, ashitakasan15, ashitakasan17, haku04, haku11, starlight08, starlight09, spiritualshortcut19, markl05, layout02, layout03, layout04, layout05, event07
Trade with Nox: my pazusheeta07, sheeta02 for chihiro07, ashitaka10
Trade with Chiisai: my totorocover10 for totoro08 + membercards

August 23rd, 2015
Distorted Card: together01, movingaway02, 6 ¢
Pick a Partner: madamegina19, sheeta02, anna18, 3 ¢
Name the Movie: firstdelivery18, jiji09, chihirohaku03, 6 ¢
Black Jack: totorocover14, bathhouse02, 3 ¢
Card Puzzle: firstdelivery06, seita18, 4 ¢
Melting Pot: traded ashitaka19 for chihirohaku09<